Best Scuba Diving Watch Reviews

Top Scuba Diving Watches in 2019


Dive watches are designed for extreme underwater exposure. One of the best things about a diver’s watch is its versatility and durability. Great diving watches must be able to withstand a pressure of at least 20 atm, or approximately 200 meters below the water surface. Its water resistance is a convenient necessity. Apart from that, it definitely has the neutral look that can be stylish, rugged, or sexy in a paradoxical way. There are a lot of luxury watches that stand out on the market, but they cost a lot of money. For those who wish to find budget diving watch models that has great qualities, the best scuba diving watch reviews have some suggestions. We have compiled the mentioned watches in this list to make the search easier.


St. Mortiz Momentum M1 Deep 6 Dive


Best Scuba Diving Watch ReviewsThe St. Mortiz Momentum M1 Deep 6 Dive watch wowed the consumers not just with its features but also with the unbelievably affordable price it comes at. It features the very accurate Quartz movement. The watch works well up to 600 feet below sea level. It securely fits in the hand with its polyurethane strap and tight buckle closure. The dial is large enough to display easily readable numbers, but is not too large to sacrifice its aesthetic value.

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SuuntoZoop Air/Nitrox Scuba Dive Computer


This diving watch is a lot more expensive than the previous model, but it does have really impressive features. The watch looks modern and futuristic, but despite its sophisticated appearance, its menu system has been simplified for smoother navigation and ease of use. Aside from telling time, it records and analyzes diving performance. It has Nitrox abilities, which means reduced exhaustion, shorter description, and longer bottom times. Performance-wise, this is the best scuba diving watch in 2019.

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Cressi Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer


With the underwater conditions, reading numbers on a watch can be challenging, but not with the Cressi Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer. The computer interface is the highlight of this watch, and basically why it was mentioned in the top scuba diving watch reviews a couple of times. This watch is designed for easy readability and accurate analysis of diving data, such as temperature, depth, and time. It does not require any decompression stops. It looks great and works great.

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Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer


This impressive diving watch is a mid-range model that has high-end watch features. It is like a wristwatch computer with extreme durability that endures the pressure up to 492 feet of depth. It features a full function nitrox dive computer for better analysis of diving data. It works both for fresh and salt water diving. The dial is large and displays readable numbers.  It is also designed with audible alarms and amazing backlight. Considering its price, this watch is quite exceptional.

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Freestyle Watches Hammerhead XL Watch


This watch is the cheapest in this list, but it is not inferior when it comes to performance. It is really affordable but it looks, feels, and works like a high-end diving watch. It is extremely durable and works well up to a depth of 100 meters. It has a Night vision display feature and luminous hands and markers. The strap has a snug feel to it and weighs comfortably on the wrist. The buttons are large, in fact too large for some people. But overall, it works and looks great and the price is almost unbelievable.

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