Best Scuba Diving Knife Reviews


Top Scuba Diving Knives in 2019


The best scuba diving knife reviews are consulted for information on which tools work best to cut through seaweed, kelp or fishing lines that the diver may encounter underwater. A dive knife can also be used to open oyster shells, pound or hammer items and loosen or tighten screws. The blade may either be serrated or straight and blunt or pointed.


U.S. Divers Titanium


Best Scuba Diving Knife ReviewsThis 5-inch diving knife earns a lot of praises in many best scuba diving knife reviews thanks to its one-piece blade and tang assembly, which ensures that everything is secure and watertight. The serrated top edge works great to cut through tough materials including rope and fish bones. The jagged edge also stays sharp longer compared to knives with straight blades. The knife comes with a line cutter for safety. The knife completely disassembles to enable cleaning. The stainless butt cup holds the blade, rubber leg straps and quick-release sheath in place for seamless assembly.

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Cressi Orca Stainless-Steel Professional


The Cressi Orca Stainless-Steel Professional Scuba-Diving Knife has easily become a collector’s item and the best scuba diving knife in 2019 thanks to its high-quality Italian 400 series stainless steel construction that ensures long-term durability and resilience against corrosion. It is made relatively large and heavy to serve as a perfect work tool. The blade is partly serrated on one side and smoothly straight on the other for multiple functionality. The line cutter at the handle end of the serrated edge offers safe cutting. The non-slip ergonomic handle is made from soft-grip substance to ensure a firm yet comfortable hold.

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Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium


Cutting through tough or fine materials is never a problem when you have the best scuba diving knife in 2019: the Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife. This knife comes in two designs to suit any cutting need. The blunt tip is perfect for recreational divers who require something convenient for tightening and loosening screws and prying safely. The pointed or sharp style lets you easily butt the prey. The knife requires little to no maintenance, as all you need to do is to simply rinse it and air it dry.

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Seavenger Titanium


With its titanium alloy construction, the Seavenger Titanium Dive Knife with Knife Strap is guaranteed to be strong, durable, corrosion-resilient and lightweight. The specially designed ergonomic handle is injected onto the tang to ensure a seamless and watertight assembly. Extreme comfort is provided with the featherweight molded nylon grip. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant construction of this knife, you enjoy trouble-free maintenance. This well-balanced knife comes with two rubber straps for easy attachment to your scuba diving belt or pack. The titanium butt can be used for underwater signaling. Designed by scuba divers, this knife is highly useful.

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Promate Sharp-Tip Knife


Made from premium quality Grade 420 stainless steel, the PROMATE Scuba Diving/Snorkeling Sharp-Tip Knife stays resistant to rust and remains durable through the years. Clean up and maintenance are always hassle-free thanks to the way the knife disassembles easily. The scuba diving knife comes with a stainless steel butt cap on the bottom of the handle, which threads onto the end of the tang and draws the entire handle up tight. The sheath comes with adjustable straps and quick-release for convenient attachment to your diving belt. The handle is built with a lanyard hole that enables you to easily carry the knife along.

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