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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best scuba diving fins money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best scuba diving fins on the market by looking at owner feedback, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Oceanic Vortex V-12 are the best scuba diving split fins out there, without a question. Made of Duroprene and natural rubber, these fins are great at what they do and they are very durable, so you will have plenty of fun with them. Due to the large side rails, you will get increased lift and improved efficiency, so you will move through water with great ease. The foot pockets are ergonomically designed so that they accommodate all types of feet and boots. If the Oceanic Vortex V-12 is unavailable or out of stock, you could also consider the Cressi Frog Plus as the second best option.



How to Buy New Scuba Diving Fins


If you are just beginning to consider the idea of doing a bit of scuba diving on your next trip, or you are already in love with this challenging and rewarding water related activity, this buying guide will offer you just the needed information for getting a good pair of fins. Besides a mask and a snorkel, the fins represent the required basic package needed for getting into the water. While you can always rent equipment from scuba diving commercial spots, you are better off with your own equipment, because it will be more comfortable, and it will allow you to save some money during your trips to such spots. if you are looking for a good pair of fins for scuba diving, get ready to learn all the essentials about how to choose a pair that will be great for you.

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Full foot or open heel?

Since fins come in two major varieties, as far as their outward design is concerned, you need to learn first about these two different types. The full foot variety is more lightweight than the open heel variety. Because the fin practically goes around your foot, you will not experience any drag from this area, so you will move through water with better ease. Another thing about full foot fins is that you do not have to get a pair of booties to work with them; you only need to introduce the bare feet inside and you will be ready for some scuba diving. You will also feel like you are consistently transfer energy from movement directly to your feet, like they have natural extensions, allowing you to move naturally through water. However, in case you are wondering about downsides, these ones need to be a good fit, because they cannot be adjusted. Open heels, on the other hand, offer everything the full foot models cannot. They can be adjusted, so you do not have to find exactly your size when you are shopping for a pair. Also, you can wear booties, which means that your feet will receive more protection. Experts say that in cold water, open heel fins are a better choice than full foot models.


Top 5 models to consider:


ProductOther colorsSizesPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Oceanic Vortex V-12 Split Scuba Fins
Cressi Pro Light Open-Heel Diving Fin
Yellow, blue and moreX-Small to XXL$$$AAMAZON
Cressi Frog Plus Open-Heel Scuba-Diving Fins
Pink, white and moreX-Small to X-Large$$$$BAMAZON
IST Deep Sea Scuba Diving/Military Fins
NoMediul to XXL$$$C+AMAZON
U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins
NoSmall - X-Large$$B+AMAZON



Split or paddle?

Another element of design that you are going to notice when you run a simple comparison between different models is the way the paddle is designed. Some look exactly like full paddles, while others have a split right in the middle. Split models are considered more convenient for beginners, because they can slice through water with greater ease. They do not push against water, but they go through it, and what you will experience will be something akin to how a boat propeller works. Fast flutter kicks will propel you further and further, so, if this is your style, a pair of split fins is perfect for you. However, if you would rather go for a more traditional approach, the paddle type may be more convenient for you. When diving with a pair of paddle fins, you will get more feedback from your kicks. While normally paddle fins tend to be stiffer, modified modern models provide the diver with more flexibility. So, it mostly depends on your style of diving what kind of fins you should get.

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In case you are looking for scuba diving fins with more features, you should go for models that have some kind of buckles or straps. These will allow you to put the feet inside the fins with great ease and fit them snugly, and they offer quick release when you want to take them out. Rubber straps are quite common, but more heavy duty springs are now used. Because they stretch exactly how much you need, and you do not have to adjust them, they are today preferred to other models. In case you go for a model with straps, be aware that these tend to wear out over time, so you will have to replace them once in a while.

See showcased below the best scuba diving fins currently available for sale. Selected based on their popularity and performance, they are a good fit for anyone looking to start scuba diving and in search of proper equipment and gear for this water sport.



Top Scuba Diving Fins in 2019


Experienced and novice divers consult the best scuba diving fins reviews to get the best product that can propel the human body through the water. Human feet are not designed to do that, so you’ll need scuba diving fins that either have full-foot or open heel design. The fin blade design should provide consistently powerful propulsion.



Oceanic Vortex V-12 Split


Made with exclusive Nature’s Wing propeller fin technology, the Oceanic Vortex V-12 Split Scuba Fins carry a split fin design that lets you move with less effort and with a shorter kick. These best scuba diving fins in 2019 are ideal for people who have weak kicking and ankle problems, with less air being used for every stroke of the legs. The fins are made of Duroprene and natural rubber materials for superb memory and flex. The oversized side rails provide rigidity for the blades, ensuring better efficiency and lift.



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Cressi Pro Light Open-Heel


Designed not only for scuba diving but for swimming, free-diving and snorkeling, this pair of the best scuba diving fins in 2019 are ideal both for novice and professional divers. They are a favorite choice among technical divers and diving instructors who want nothing less than awesome performance under water. The fins carry a highly-advanced design molded from two different materials. The blade is made of strong polypropylene while the foot and protective inserts are constructed of soft thermo-rubber or elastomer, ensuring flexibility. You get extremely light and well-balanced diving fins with superior reaction time.



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Cressi Frog Plus Open-Heel


Combining the superb characteristics of a typical paddle fin with a state-of-the-art new blade material, the Cressi Frog Plus Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins are extremely durable and virtually indestructible. Optimizing patented three-material injection molding process, the fins consist of a foot pocket made of comfortable rubber, which extends up the side rails of the fin blades. The revolutionary dual density techno-polymer that makes up the second material forms the blade. This, together with the third silicone-based material, produces a channeling effect that provides a high level of energy for amazing propulsion.



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IST Deep Sea


The IST Deep Sea Scuba Diving Military Fins carry a proven traditional fin design with vents, which offer reactive efficiency and water flow. The special curvature of the blade coupled with the different levels of blade flexibility ensure a positive thrust and reliable transfer of energy with every kick. These fins have been used by the military, as it provides all the power and flexibility needed for underwater action. The fins are comfortable and durable, ensuring long-term functionality. Made of high-quality rubber, the fins are easy to move with and can propel you to your destination effortlessly.



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U.S. Divers Proflex II


Available in a range of sizes from Small to Extra Large, the U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins are geared with a modern design that improves on the way traditional fins propel the human body through water. Because of the way the dual-composite fins offer remarkable propelling power and styling, they have regularly been part of the best scuba diving fins reviews. With an enclosed heel and a soft foot pocket, the fins ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. The fins also have a long blade with dual composite fin rails that offer enhanced thrust and snap.



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