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If you’re here just  to find the best running shorts and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best running shorts on the market by looking at owner feedback, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Men’s Nike 7″ Challenger Dry came up as the best one can find right now. Nike is a company well known for making high quality sports gear, and these shorts are no exception to the rule. Because they are made of a special type of fabric, called Dri-FIT, these shorts will remain dry and will keep you comfortable, while you exercise. This model is clearly designed to enhance comfort, as the side panel meshes increase ventilation, so you can keep cool and comfortable during your practice. The liner is created from a material that absorbs moisture, so you can work out to your heart’s content without the need to change your clothes. If the Men’s Nike 7″ Challenger Dry is unavailable, you could also consider the Time to Run Men’s Pace as the second best option.


How to Select a New Running Short


Getting the right pair of running shorts can be essential for a jogging enthusiast, as well as for an athlete. These shorts are not just a simple piece of clothing; they are designed to offer you proper comfort while you run. The material used is very important, as it must be both comfortable and practical. With so many aspects to keep in mind when you are shopping for a pair of running shorts, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. We want to help you with a short and to the point buying guide that will make your decision easier.

1.Men's Nike


While shopping for running shorts, you may notice that some of the models available for sale are quite different from the rest. There are basically three major styles for running shorts that you need to know about. One is represented by compression shorts. These are tight fitting and they take after your anatomy. You can tell them apart from the rest of the pile, because they look pretty much like cycling shorts. However, these do not come with the same padding as cycling shorts come, and this is an important aspect. Runners prefer them because they provide more warmth in chillier weather and they also offer great muscle support and they provide good protection against chafing. For big thighs, they can be a good fit, because they stretch quite a lot.

Another style you will find readily available on the market is represented by V-notch shorts. The V-shaped cutout on the sides is what gives this style its name. They are very popular and widespread and it is safe to say that they represent the definition of running shorts. They offer a loose fit and they are very comfortable. Women tend to wear running shorts that are a bit shorter, since this design fits their anatomy better. Split shorts are the last common style for running shorts that you can find right now. Loose fit is among the benefits offered by these shorts, so they are very similar to V-notch models. However, they are still different and the main difference is that the V cutout creates the shape and actually splits the shorts on the sides. They are considered to be performance running shorts, and they are the type you see worn by athletes in competitions.


Top 5 models:


ProductInseam (inches)Other colorsPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Under Armour Men's UA Flex Shorts
10Red/white and more$$$$
New balance Men’s Go 2 Shorts
Nike Women's Running Tempo Track Shorts
3.5Game Royal/White/Black and more$$$
Asics Men's Core Pocketed Short
Time to Run Men's Pace Running Short



About liners

Running shorts have a specific construction, because they need to provide proper comfort for someone performing a strenuous physical activity. That is why they usually come with a built-in liner. It is not advisable to wear underwear when you are using running shorts, so you can avoid unnecessary friction and chafing. It can be said that running shorts come with built in underwear, in order to be more comfortable and help you achieve better performance. These liners are designed to wicker sweat and they will keep your thighs cool and dry. In models for men, they are built for additional support, so there is no need for a jock strap. If you are getting a pair of running shorts without liner, you may not feel so comfortable in them, so the best advice is to get a pair specifically designed for such activities.

2.Time to Run Men's

Additional features

Running shorts are pretty straightforward, so they do not need a lot of additional features. One important accessory, however, is represented by pockets. A model with pockets is more convenient for those who need to leave their home unattended when they go jogging; they can keep their keys and other essentials in the pockets offered by the design of the running shorts. Another additional accessory offered by some sportswear manufacturers is represented by reflective strips. These strips are designed to offer more visibility for runners. Especially if you plan to go jogging at night, it would be a good idea to get a pair that can offer better visibility. This way, you will be exposed to less risk when running alongside more circulated motorways.


Now you have more information about this essential sportswear and what it can do for you. You will find the best running shorts showcased below, so you can choose the ones you like best with great ease.



Top Running Shorts in 2019


People are becoming more and more conscious everyday with all the social media hype these days. Even working out requires both comfortable and stylish apparel. It’s a good thing running shorts which are stylish and comfy are available on the market. Here are some of the favorite best-sellers which are mentioned by the best running shorts reviews by consumers who were impressed by these products.



Men’s Nike 7″ Challenger Dry


1.Men's NikeRunning can be quite a strenuous activity, which means that you need to have the perfect means to stay cool. The importance of good equipment cannot be replaced by anything, which is why Nike creates sportswear with this in mind. The Men’s Nike 7″ Challenger Dry comes with liners whose main role is to supply you with great sweat wicking support. Good ventilation makes these running shorts a great choice, regardless of your level of fitness, and the overall sleek appearance recommends them as a great buy. The special Dri-FIT technology used makes these shorts among the best for men right now.




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Under Armour Men’s UA Flex Shorts


Workout shorts made of polyester with excellent moisture management are the top running shorts in 2019. The Under Armour Men’s US Flex shorts are one of the best-selling products on the market in this category. They are made using lightweight polyester with flatback mesh for better breathability. They feature an impressive HeatGear technology that provides maximum comfort by keeping the moisture away from the body. They are very stretchable and the side pockets are deep enough for a more secure storage.




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New balance Men’s Go 2 Shorts


Not a lot of men can pull of shorts that are above knee length, but the new Balance Men’s Go 2 shorts work for anyone. These shorts have just the right length – it is not uncomfortably long and not too short for casual runners to be conscious. The fabric is very lightweight and has a really nice feel to it. The shorts are made out of 100% polyester and have impressive moisture management properties. Based on the best running shorts reviews, this model is good for short runs and a quick session at the gym.




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UA Women’s Perfect Pace


2.Women's Under ArmourA model of running shorts for women, the UA Women’s Perfect Pace provides the best gear for those who love to jog in order to keep in shape. The material used is lightweight and comfortable, and the perforated fabric allows air circulation, so excessive sweat does not get in your way when you want to practice for hours. The ladies will surely appreciate the built-in briefs with anti-microbial properties that offer great protection against chafing. The shorts will sit well on your hips, as the elastic waistband is designed to keep them in place and it is also a nice stylish touch to the overall design.




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Nike Women’s Running Tempo Track Shorts


Yoga pants may be trendy but track shorts are more comfortable. The Running Tempo track shorts from Nike, for example, feature an innovative fabric technology that has impressive moisture management. The polyester fabric is sewn into a stylish and breathable design with mesh panels at the side seams.  The elastic waistband can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit. These are the best running shorts in 2019 that are both stylish and affordable.




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Asics Men’s Core Pocketed Short


Pocketed shorts are really convenient as they allow runners and athletes to carry important stuff with them as they run or workout. This is basically the reason why the Asics Men’s Core pocketed shorts are one of the best running shorts in 2019. The fabric of the shorts is durable and it feels really comfortable against the skin. The material is very lightweight and wrinkle-free. Some owners have sometimes complained about really shallow pockets. That aside, these are very decent running shorts which are very comfortable to wear.




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Time to Run Men’s Pace Running Short


Running shorts that have just the right length and are not too baggy are the best – just like the Time to Run Men’s Pace Running short. It is made of polyester and spandex which results in a water resistant fabric. It has an inner lining made of 100% polyester for added comfort. It is very light and comfortable to wear. Its length allows maximum mobility. The shorts fit nicely and the elastic waist can be easily adjusts for a more comfortable fit.




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