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Everything You Need To Know About Running Compression Socks:

Compression socks have been helping to improve circulation in the lower legs for years, and are commonly worn by diabetes suffers and pilots. While these innovative socks are not new, they have only recently been discovered by runners. By improving the circulation in their legs, runners are finding that they have faster recovery times after a long jog. It’s not only runners that are benefiting from compression socks, but other athletes as well. To find out if these socks can help shorten your recovery time and reenergize your calf muscles we have put together this informative buying guide. We’ve included helpful tips so you can find the best running compression socks in 2019.

Amount of compression

According to the best running compression socks reviews one of the first things you need to consider is the level of pressure that you need. In some cases your health care provider will let you know how much compression you need to improve blood flow in your lower legs, otherwise there are 4 levels too choose from. Ranging from mild to extra firm compression, you will also want to consider any preexisting health conditions. As stated in the best running compression socks reviews higher numbers equal more pressure being applied to your legs.



The  best running compression socks in 2019 will not only fit your feet, but also your ankles and calves. To find your exact size most experts recommend measuring your feet and lower legs in the morning, before any swelling appears. To ensure that you get the best fit, it is important that you measure the circumference around your calves, ankles, along with the length and width of your foot. This will ensure that the socks are able to provide the amount of compression you need to reenergize tired and sore leg muscles.



Simply because these are considered medical or athletic socks doesn’t mean that you can’t also have fashion and style. These knee high socks are available in several colors and patterns, and you can easily find the perfect pair to match any of your athletic outfits. Find running compression socks to prevent leg fatigue from standing or sitting all day that will also match your work uniform. With so many styles and colors to choose from, it will be easy for you to find the best pair for you.


Top Running Compression Socks in 2019



Choosing a pair of compression socks will depend on any medical conditions, and your personal taste. While we can’t help you pick the best pair for you, we can help you learn what to look for. Here are three of the top rated running compression socks in 2019 that will energize you legs while improving circulation.


Vitalsox Graduated Compression Recovery


According to the best running compression socks reviews this pair is comfortable to wear, and features a patented manufacturing process. This stylish pair of running compression socks will energize tired leg muscles, while also improving circulation throughout your body. Each pair of compression socks is individually manufactured in Italy to give you a superior product.

The running compression socks are comfortable, and moisture absorbent. Not only will your feet stay comfortably dry, but it also inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. While the socks keep your feet cool and dry, it also works to improve blood flow from your feet to your heart. The improved blood flow helps to reenergize tired and aching leg muscles that can occur after a long day at work, or a strenuous workout. You also get the benefit of mild arch support, which can help to prevent some running related injuries.

The improved circulation helps to shorten your recovery time after a run, and these compression socks can help treat and relieve other minor injuries. Painful shin splints can be relieved, along with blisters and lower arch pain. These running compression socks can also help to reduce problems with blood pooling in your lower extremities.

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2XU Women’s Compression Run


You’ll love the lightweight and silky feel to these running compression socks, and its comfortable fit. The lightweight nylon and elastane material is designed to give your lower legs comfortable support, while also being able to be worn with your office attire. The silky nylon material can easily be worn with slacks and dress flats, to keep your legs comfortable while looking completely professional.

Along with the silky texture, these running compression socks are also moisture and odor absorbent. You’ll enjoy the comfortable benefit of the breathable panel that promotes cooling air flow, and the compression material that keeps your blood circulation without pooling. Energize tired and aching muscles, and improve your recovery times after a workout.

Along with the durable knit construction, you also have the added benefit of Lycra for a gradient compression that is safe, comfortable, and certified. You’ll feel better after a long day on your feet with these socks on, and recover faster after your daily runs. As stated in the best running compression socks reviews, this is also the most innovative and advanced pair.

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CEP Women’s Progressive Run


With its bright and fun colors you are sure to find one that makes you smile through your daily jogs and workouts. While the bright, neon colors may not be well suited for some workplaces, it is ideal for mixing and matching with your exercise clothes. These running compression socks are rated for medical grade compression, which is something to consider if you are experiencing problems with lower leg circulation due to a health condition.

The socks are specified for your right and left foot for more comfort, and each one is also designed for a specific gender. This lets men have wider socks for their feet, while this pair of running compression socks is designed to fit a woman’s typically narrower foot. Enjoy exceptional support whether you are sitting or standing, and have less leg pain throughout the day.

With its extra firm compression these knee high socks can relieve pain from shin splints and varicose veins. As blood flow is stimulated diabetics can reduce their risk of poor circulation, and the complications that it can bring. Recover faster from your runs and workouts, and look great when you are wearing a pair of these compression socks in one of the fun neon colors.

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