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The best yoga bolster will support your back during yoga, and can give you the stability you need during certain poses. Yoga is designed to help you relax, ease tension, and stretch sore muscles, and you don’t want to worry about falling over while you are trying to center yourself. There are several types of yoga bolsters to choose from, and finding the right one can help you get the most out of your classes. With this informative buying guide, you will find helpful tips so you can choose the right bolster for your yoga class.

A. Round Yoga Bolster

What to look for when buying a round yoga bolster?



When you are looking for a yoga bolster pillow one of the first considerations is the shape. Bolsters that are round are able to give you a higher lift, and allow your chest to open up for deeper, relaxing breaths. Rectangular bolsters are just as comfortable to lie back on, and will give you a slight lift that is often more relaxing for beginners. Round and rectangular yoga bolsters can also be used behind the knees, and the best one for you is usually a matter of personal preference.



You want to feel comfortable and relaxed during yoga which is why stability is so important. Round bolsters are often considered softer and more comfortable when used behind the knees, but many experienced yoga instructors prefer the stability they get from a rectangular pillow. The best rectangular yoga bolster will support your back, while providing you with the stability you need during some of the relaxation poses.



Many of the various yoga poses require some type of lift, and a bolster can help lift your hips without straining your legs or back. The best round yoga bolster will give you the higher lift that you need to fully stretch out your leg muscles, while still supporting your lower spine. For those who are not ready to stretch their legs straight up in the air, a rectangular yoga pillow might be the best choice. Whichever yoga bolster you choose, it is important to ensure that you are comfortable and able to fully relax.


Top Round Yoga Bolsters in 2019


Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster


1. Hugger Mugger Round Yoga BolsterThis round yoga bolster is proudly manufactured in the United States, and features a soft and durable construction. The elongated size is ideal for restorative yoga exercises, and will provide you with the support you need while you are healing. The soft cotton fabric cushions your legs or lower back, and gives you the stability and lift that you need.

The inner foam core helps to raise your hips without aggravating any injury, and the cotton cover can also be removed for easy cleaning. The bolster is constructed from environmentally friendly materials, and does not include any phthalates. This round bolster is designed to help you relax so you can get all of the healing benefits from the various yoga poses.

Lift your hips and legs without straining any tendons or muscles, and get the support you need for higher lifts. The convenient carrying handle makes it easy to take the yoga bolster with you, and it is also designed to be comfortable and supportive to sit on. With a lifetime warranty included and durable construction, this round yoga bolster will support you through all of your restorative yoga classes.

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YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster


2. YogaAccessoriesThis long yoga bolster features a round design that will support and lift you, while still providing you with a stable base. It is designed for most restorative yoga positions, and its comfortable construction will help you relax. The round bolster will gently raise your hips or legs, and it also will provide you with a stable base to sit on.

The cotton covering provides a soft base for your knees, and the sturdy core safely supports your lower back. Enjoy the relaxing feeling as your chest opens up, and stretch out tight tendons and muscles. The soft covering can also be removed for machine washing, or left in place for quick spot cleaning. You also have the advantage of the attached handle, which makes taking the yoga pillow with you conveniently easy.

The extended length is ideal for taller adults, and the yoga bolster is designed to support you through a variety of restorative positions. Available in several fun and stylish colors, the bolster also features the same design as the pillows used in many yoga studios. Ideal for yoga practitioners who are recuperating from injuries, you will love the comfort and support you get with this round cotton bolster.

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Yoga Direct Supportive Round Yoga Bolster


3. Yoga Direct Supportive Round Yoga BolsterThere is very little not to love about this supportive yoga bolster, and it features the same design as the pillows used in class. The round design provides your hips with plenty of lift to opening up your chest, and promote healthy breathing exercises. The round pillow will support your lower back while stretching out tight muscles and tendons, and it can also be used for soft cushioning behind your knees.

The yoga bolster is longer than other models making it ideal for taller adults, and you will also appreciate its easy to clean construction. The cotton cover is removable for quick and easy washing, and it is designed not to shrink when it is line dried. The two included handles make it easy to take the yoga bolster with you to class, and it also features a lightweight construction.

This round yoga bolster is designed to be used with any position, and will provide you with the stable and supportive base you need to fully relax. With a 10 inch width and 28 inch length, this yoga bolster is designed to be comfortable and supportive for almost anyone.

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While there are several top round and rectangular yoga bolster to choose from, there are two models that can provide you with exceptional comfort and support. The Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster and the YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster are both designed to be soft, supportive, and stable through all of your relaxing positions.



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