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How to Choose the Best Reloading Press


Buying factory-made bullets is less cost efficient than simply getting yourself any one of the machines featured in the best reloading press reviews. With a reloading press, you can improve and finely measure your gun’s performance. These are the elements to take note of when buying this type of equipment.

Best Reloading Press

Suitability to Equipment

When checking out the best reloading press reviews, you must first determine the suitability of the unit to the types of guns you will be reloading. If you plan to reload for pistols, make sure the unit can quickly load ammunition. Rifles require precision reloading. You will want the tool to accommodate both short and long cartridges.

In addition, you have to take note of the number of calibers you will be loading for. This ensures that you can purchase the appropriate set of reloading dies, shell plate or shell holder along with some press accessories including priming related parts, die bushings and die rings. The changeover procedure for the press should match the calibers you load for. Some devices need a greater amount of effort and time to change over calibers compared to other models.


Suitability to User

If you’re not the type who is mechanically inclined, the best reloading press 2019 that requires a lot of patience and tinkering and a lower price may not be for you. The higher priced models offer quick reloading performance that people who want to maximize their time find extremely attractive.

Loading for personal defense practice may not come with enough interest in consistency and tolerances for ammunition. However, a benchrest rifle shooter or Bullseye pistol user will want the most consistency and tightest tolerances for reloaded ammunition.


Space and Possible Changes

Owning a large workspace is a blessing but for those who are not quite blessed, there will always be top rated reloading presses 2019 that are built to be used on the kitchen countertop or any other free space. Plenty of modern progressive reloading presses are equipped with motorized case collating units as well as feeders, which require plenty of space of over six feet or higher. A cramped basement may not be the perfect area to have the machine in. A reloading press also requires a strong and stable mounting structure.

When you invest in a reloading press, do establish if you plan to change your shooting needs in the future. A balance between your near and long-term needs should be determined early.


Top Reloading Presses in 2019


If you’re the DIY individual who wants to minutely evaluate your gun’s performance and enhance it, getting a reloading press is always a sensible decision. You can’t purchase this kind of equipment off the shelf without doing your share of reading and research. To help you along, we present three different products that you can choose from to ensure a reliable ammunition reloading experience.


Hornady Lock N Load 095100


1.Hornady Lock N LoadThe Hornady Lock N Load Reloading Press is one of the best progressive reloading presses you can get on the market. This model works fast. It can change from .223 to .45 in its five-station bushing system in less than five minutes. The EZject system ensures that every cartridge is ejected instantly every time without the need for any adjustments. You can also change the metering inserts quickly. The automatic indexing system is a great complement to the retainer spring on the universal case. The large capacity hopper ensures less frequent refilling. The Hornady Lock N Load Reloading Press is perfectly designed for heavy reloading tasks, as several operations happen at once with every pull of the handle.

Brass cases are de-primed and resized in station one. In station two, the cases are primed, the bullets can be put in, the powder is charged and the mouths of the cases get flared. In station three, the mouths of the brass cases are manually outfitted with bullets, which are subsequently seated. Crimping of the cases is carried out at station four. The result: a bullet that is ready to fire. The Hornady Lock N Load Reloading Press is a highly efficient machine that can churn out a large number of bullets per hour.

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Lee Precision 90050 Reloading Kit

2.Lee Precision Reloading KitThe Lee Precision Reloading Kit is one of the best reloading presses of its kind on the market. It is usable with a set of dies by Lee for out-of-the-box functionality. This turret press has a base constructed of durable, heavy-duty cast iron. It is also compatible with dies sets from other manufacturers. This revolving turret press enables multiple die installations, ensuring that once each step is completed, the turret rotates to the next step. This means you won’t have to change the dies during the reloading process. The crank is just pulled and once the first step is over the turret revolves till the second station is reached. This goes on until the entire bullet is completed.

The Lee Precision Turret Reloading Press eliminates the need to measure out powder on a stand. Instead, you can utilize threaded powder measures. Expect nothing less than maximum hand clearance thanks to the 30-degree angled opening on the strong O-frame press. Full-length sizing is carried out with the compound leverage that works on even the largest magnum cases. This reloading press doesn’t require plenty of maintenance and can be purchased at moderate cost. This kit includes everything you need for successful ammunition reloading such as an inside/outside case mouth chamber tool, a cutter and lock stud for trimming cases, a primer pocket cleaner plus a tube of premium sizing lube and one Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing.

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RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme


3.RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme PressThe RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press helps you start loading like a professional. This single stage press is solidly built. The linkage links are in double shear, with the pins supported on both sides of the link. This results in a stronger and more rigid joint. This reloading press allows you to load lots of very good rounds. Designed to last a lifetime, the Rock Chucker Supreme Press is also equipped with easy operation. The ambidextrous handle enables use by both left- and right-handed reloaders. The Uniflow Powder Measure mechanism ensures that cases are filled precisely every time.

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press offers a simple solution to both beginners and professionals. To debur and chamber the case mouths of .17 to .60 calibers, a deburring tool comes in the package. The included Universal Case Loading Block holds the cartridges under process. The Nosler Reloading Manual offers useful data for the use of this single stage reloading press. The M500 scale ensures that each powder charge is always the correct weight. The hand priming tool enables faster priming of big batches with both large and small primer plugs to accommodate various types of ammunition.

This tool is specifically engineered for heavy-duty reloading, bullet swaging (the system used to produce many types of projectiles) and case forming.

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