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Top recumbent exercise bikes in 2019


The road to a long and healthy life starts when we decide to take better care of our body. Thousands of physicians underline the importance of exercising on a daily basis for around 30 minutes, in order to get the blood pumping and strengthen the muscles tones. The best way to exercise in the comfort of your home is by having inside a professional recumbent exercise bike, a fitness device which people seem to love more and more. Getting the proper information from the latest best recumbent exercise bikes reviews represents an important step in discovering the most efficient model, from the thousands available on the market.


Exerpeutic Magnetic


Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes reviewsIf you want to use a professional and high quality exercise bike then you need to test Exerpeutic Magnetic 250 XL recumbent bike, a model designed to fully challenge the body. Every workout session with this bike can be customized, in order to accommodate to your requirements. This model features a 3 piece crank system, a magnetic resistance system and also a general monitoring system which shows your pulse while exercising. Furthermore, the bike has a unique and modern design which lets you use it with more freedom. It can hold by up to 300 lbs and can fold in order to be stored with ease.

“My work doesn’t allow me to go to the gym, so I have to bring the gym to me. A centre piece of my fitness collection is the Exerpeutic exercise bike to burn off excess fat. I like the fact that it has multiple exercise programs but I also have the option to costumize them.” Emily King

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Exerpeutic 900XL


The majority of latest best recumbent exercise bikes reviews, drafted by gym users and fitness trainers, underline the great efficiency of Exerpeutic 900XL, a model very popular in the US today. This bike has a step-though design which allows the user to get on and off, thus setting the proper conditions for a great workout session. The exercise device has leg stabilizers that provide and maintain a rock-solid platform during various workout sessions. Furthermore this recumbent exercise bike from Exerpeutic has a user-friendly on board LCD display that will help you manage better the program, because you will know distance, time, speed, heart rate and calories burned.

“I spend almost one hour each day on this exercise bike so I keep in shape and I take care of fat I pick up along the day. It is a really useful machine for people who like to exercise at home, like me and I recommed it for whoever is intrested in it.Christine Worms

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Exerpeutic 400XL


Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent exercise bike is ideal for small apartments, condos and small homes, a model which you can safely fold and store. Powerful and packed with a balanced flywheel and pretty quiet due to the presence of a stabile V-belt double drive transmission technology. In addition to its modern and sturdy design, the bike features 8 level magnetic tension management systems which allow you to use the right resistance, thus creating the prospects for a high quality exercise program. On the LCD display you will be able to carefully track the distance, time, speed, scan, calories burned and also heart rate.

“I like everything that the Exerpeutic 400XL brings to my workout time. With its LCD I see clearly my speed, heart rate and calories burned so I know exactly where I’m at during my exercise. A nice exercise machine to have in one`s house, no doubt.” Andy Stevens

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Sunny Health & Fitness


The majority of the latest best recumbent exercise bike reviews emphasize on the functionality of Sunny Health & Fitness model. With this powerful exercise bike you will be able to experience a great exercise program, right in the comfort of your home without anyone troubling you. Equipped with a 40-pound flywheel, a smooth and solid chain drive mechanism, this exercise bike represents your health tonic, which you can “take” day or night. You can customize the whole workout experience, because of the adjustable seat, handlebars and actual programs. It can support by up to 275 pounds and weighs around 108 pounds.

“I find this exercise bike to be very useful and at the same time being very cheap. My exercise time with it passes very smoothly, without anything deterring it. In this way I always am in shape, even from the comfort of my home.” Jane Harris

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Marcy Fitness ME708


If you are looking for the best ways to get fit and strengthen your body then ME708 recumbent exercise bike from Marcy Fitness represents a reliable option to achieve heightened physical strength. This bike provides a great workout session through the smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system which proves to be quite a challenge. Furthermore the device has a large console display which lets you know exactly how you are doing: distance, speed, time, calories burned and goals. You will be seated in a comfortable environment, working to enhance the quality of your health, by touching those areas of the body neglected.

“I couldn`t ask more from an exercise bike, so I can say that this one is very reliable and will do exactly what it is ment to do. The LCD display shows me everything I need to know  about the state of my exercise. Also it doesn’t produce any loud noise when I use it, unlike my old bike.” Amanda Doyle

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