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If you are interested in finding the best rear tine tiller, but your schedule does not allow you to read the entire buying guide offered by our researchers, this short paragraph will provide you with the needed information. According to reviews from buyers and experts alike, the Southland SRTT196E is the unit that should comfortably sit on top of your list. With its 10-inch tilling depth, this model will help you with any project, and you will appreciate its convenience and efficiency. The tines can sharpen themselves by counter rotating, so you won’t have to remove them for this purpose, which saves you time and effort. Working over rugged terrain is no issue, as the 13-inch pneumatic tires can handle about anything. In the unfortunate event that you can no longer find the Southland SRTT196E, consider purchasing the Yard Machines 21AA40M8700, as this model offers almost the same amount of features.


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Among a variety of garden tools, the best rear tine tiller 2019 remains one of the top investments that you can make. The major task of preparing the soil becomes simpler with a rear tine tiller. Enabling you to loosen and aerate the soil effortlessly, this type of machine eliminates backbreaking labor using a spade or shovel. Here’s what to check out when making a purchase.

 Best Rear tine tiller

Type of Rotating Tine

When checking out the best rear tine tiller reviews, take note of the configuration of the machines’ rotating tines.

A standard rotating tine tiller comes with tines that rotate forward in an identical direction as the wheels. This type of unit is great for tilling ground 5 inches deep or shallower.

Machines with tines that go on counterclockwise motion are counter rotating tine tillers. The pull of the wheels is frontward, which combines with the counter rotation to work on compact soil more easily. These types are perfect for loosening clay or hard soils.

A dual rotating tine tiller can serve both as a standard rotating tine or a counter rotating tine unit, which provides versatility and flexible performance.

A machine with vertical dual rotating tines employs the benefit of dual rotation to ensure reliable soil churning, plus vertical tines that point down and move along like beaters on a kitchen mixer, for quieter, smoother and more efficient performance compared to standard rotating tine tillers.


Great Tires

Machines that have large and heavy-duty tires featured in the best rear tine tiller reviews should also come with large treads on those tires to ensure good traction in cultivated or muddy soil. Rear-tine tillers transmit power from the engine to the wheels, which enables them to handle larger jobs in construction, professional-grade gardening and landscaping. With quality tires, the operator just needs to guide the tiller while working, ensuring that the machine muscles through large gardens, sod and tough soil.


Tiller Transmission

A transmission with both forward and reverse speeds is a cool feature in the top rated rear tine tillers 2019. With this feature, one can do re-tilling with safe backup. Some machines are equipped with multiple forward speeds that allow easy adjustment to your tilling pace.



Top Rear Tine Tillers in 2019


Like any other major investment, purchasing a rear tine tiller needs careful consideration plus patient reading and research to ensure you stay informed about this particular kind of garden device. There are plenty of sources for information out there, but if you’d rather not go through all the hard work, we recommend three exceptional machines that should be in your list of options.



Southland SRTT196E


2.Southland SRTT196EThe Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller is equipped with a 196cc, 4-cycle overhead valve engine, which offers better fuel economy, more power plus a longer lifespan. The machine is also able to operate at lower temperatures while giving off less exhaust thanks to the OHV engine. The rear tine tiller helps in preparing the soil for annual maintenance of your garden and handling uncultivated plots. The manual recoil start fuel delivery system provides effortless starting and problem-free operation every time. The 11-inch tine diameter provides quicker task completion in the same way as the 10-inch tilling depth.

Thanks to the forward and reverse gear drive system, the transmission is protected from possible damage caused by contact with a large rock or other object that could block the tines from turning fully. The counter rotating tines feature self-sharpening capability to eliminate the need to detach them for manual sharpening.

The machine also boasts heavy-duty 13-inch pneumatic tires that ensure effortless maneuverability over tough terrain. The tires also ensure easy portability across the garden. With just a slight upward pressure on the handles, the machine keeps moving. It can even climb out of holes effortlessly whether backward or frontward, with just a lift of the handles.


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Yard Machines 21AA40M8700


1.Yard Machines 208cc

If you have a small or medium garden, you will find the Yard Machines 21AA40M8700 to be exactly what you need. Powered by a 208cc engine, the machine will help you maintain your garden in great condition, the only prerequisite being that the garden bed must have been tilled before. Because of its small size, the machine is easy to store away when not in use, and you will love how straightforward and simple it is to operate it.

The tiller has 18 inches in width, so you will not have to make an awfully high number of rounds in order to cover the entire garden, provided that it is not really large. The tilling depth is adjustable and it can go as deep as 6 inches which is enough for making sure that your garden will be perfectly tilled.

Another great advantage offered by this machine is its easy maneuverability. The handle can be adjusted with ease, so that different people can use it. The tines are made of steel and are very durable, while the 22 inch shield makes sure that nothing will damage the tines. Anytime you need tilling work done, this is the machine you should get.


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Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026


1.Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026The Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026 17-Inch Rear Tine Tiller simplifies the job of loosening and aerating the soil to make it ready for planting. It is built with a 17-inch working width that proves to be perfect for ridging, cultivating and ploughing. The 17-inch width also ensures fewer passes and easy task completion. The Husqvarna CRT900L is ideal for frequent use. It is outfitted with counter-rotating tines that work with the high rotational speed to make easy work of the toughest gardening projects every time. The counter rotating tines work smoothly with the frontward pull of the wheels to loosen compact soil more easily.

The tiller is geared with a robust, dependable and easy-start Briggs and Stratton 900 Series overhead valve (OHV) engine equipped with forward and reverse gears to ensure consistent maneuverability across your turf. This machine works well in loosening hard or clay soils. The chain/gear transmission does not creep or slip, proving to be more efficient and more compact than a regular belt drive. It also operates effectively even after extended periods of machine use, withstanding abrasive and wet conditions. The Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026 is equipped with forward and reverse gears for greater control, flexibility and easy switching of the tine direction.


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Troy-Bilt 21A-665B766 Pro-Line


3.Troy-Bilt 21A-665B766Geared with a robust 160cc Honda Overhead Valve GX engine, the Troy-Bilt 21A-665B766 Pro-Line FRT Mid-Size Rear-Tine Garden Tiller is very capable of running at lower temperatures while ensuring less exhaust during operation. The overhead valve engine also ensures a greater level of power, more efficient fuel use plus a longer lifespan. The forward-rotating tines are designed to provide premium garden soil preparation. The cast-iron transmission with bronze gear drive provides durability and strength to make the tiller a lifelong gardening companion for the avid and constant gardener. The 16-inch tilling width ensures easier and quicker completion of your gardening tasks.

The 12-inch tine diameter makes short work of handling unworked plots and loosening and aerating of the soil. Enjoy adjustable tilling depth up to eight inches so you won’t have to do manual re-tilling every time. The 13-inch by 5-inch Silver tires provide easy mobility, maneuverability and superb traction. The rear tine rototiller is great to use on gardens up to 1,500 square feet and for large-scale commercial groundbreaking purposes. It can handle preparation of nicely aerated, well-milled and plant-ready garden plots. To increase your productivity, the Troy-Bilt 21A-665B766 accommodates optional attachments. The two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty ensures dependable quality and craftsmanship.


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BCS Tiller #712GX



This rear tine tiller comes with a powerful and durable Honda motor so you can rest assured that it is capable of providing you with the performance you need. The tines measure 20 inches so you can cover more ground and have a tilling depth down to 8 inches. Perfect for breaking up soil for gardens and flower beds.

The clutch is “automotive” style so it is easy and familiar to use. It also comes with an all gear transmission for addition ease of use.

The wide tires make it easy to maneuver across the yard, and they can even handle ruts and bumps without any problems. Best of all this rear tine tiller is also comfortable to use thanks to the wide handles.





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