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Top RC airplanes in 2019


Thousands of people have hobbies, which come with hours of dedication and patience. A special passion that seems to be present in the hearts of children and adults alike revolves around flying model airplanes. Today, we noticed that there are hundreds of interesting models which people seem to appreciate. After consulting some of the best RC Airplane reviews, we narrowed a list of 100 top airplanes down to only 5. These are considered to be the best available on the market and perfect for new comers in the world of flying but also experienced individuals. We consider them to be a great addition to anyone that has this hobby!


HobbyZone Champ RTF


Best RC Airplane reviewsShopping for the best RC Airplane in 2019 is a challenging task, taking into consideration the fascinating design of some models. Now, you have the possibility to opt for HobbyZone Champ RTF airplane which delights through form and flying power. This model offers everything you might need in order to learn how to fly without any restrictions. The plane is fully assembled and ready for use from the first moment you take out of the box. It has a high-responsive 2.4 GHz transmitter and Spektrum DSM technology which maintains the plane in the air under your strict and precise control.

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HobbyZone Firebird Stratos RTF


If you love flying model airplanes from time to time then HobbyZone has something special for you to use: Firebird Stratos RTF. Regarded as top RC Airplane in 2019, this model has everything you need in order to roam the sky in complete freedom. It comes with a proportional 3-channel control system with rudder, throttle and elevator. This model is kept in the air through the interference-free 2.4 GHz radio control system. You can control the airplane at an impressive range of around 400 meters. In addition, the airplane includes an advanced electronic Virtual Instructor which helps you fly, turn and land better.

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Top Race Cessna 172 Full Function Electric 3 Ch Remote


Flying a model airplane is a thrilling sensation that kids need to experience at least once in their lives. According to the present best RC Airplane reviews it seems you can opt with confidence for Top Race Cessna 172 model. This stunning mini RC airplane will roam the sky at your command. You will control the plane through the large and user-friendly remote control. It uses an advanced interference free 2.4 GHz frequency transmitter which keeps your commands from going back and forth to the airplane. The model is very easy to install, taking only 5 minutes from your time.

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Amazing Tech Depot Firstar 2.4G FPV


A great model airplane can provide great moments of fun and joyful thrills in the big blue sky. Now, you have the possibility to opt for the best RC Airplane in 2019 from Amazing Tech: Depot Firstar 2.4G FPV. This airplane is ready for your first flight lesson straight from the box. It includes complete 3 channel flying components, elevator, throttle and rudder, needed to fly without restrictions. This airplane uses 2.4 Ghz technology with precise anti-interference system that gives you better control over it. It reacts fast to your commands thus preventing the appearance of problems. Due to its lightweight design, the airplane is perfect for a beginner.

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Air Earl RC Airplane Twin Engine Ready to Fly


There are thousands of Americans, young and adults that want to find a great model airplane to fly. As you probably already saw there are many models available on the market which could be yours but in particular is special: Air Earl RC Airplane. This fully functional radio controlled airplane can help you experience the thrills of flying safely. It takes only 5 minutes to install and can fly for 3 hours straight. This airplane can reach impressive speeds of 28 mph. Furthermore the model has an operating range of around 295 feet flight time, which is quite impressive to say the least.

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