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How to Select One of the Best Rated Weed Trimmers


A weed trimmer is an essential tool if you want to keep your lawn neat and well kept, without spending hours in the hot sun. It can easily remove long grass and thick weeds that might have been missed with a lawn mower, and some string trimmers are even powerful enough to cut back thick overgrowth. While a weed trimmer can make your yard work quick and easy, there are some factors to consider before you make a hasty decision. There are several models to choose from and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best weed trimmer for your yard.

A.Best rated weed trimmers


There are several types of weed trimmers and the right one for you will depend on your individual needs. Battery powered models are the least expensive, but do have an extremely limited running time. Some of the best rated weed trimmers are electric, and while you are limited by the length of the cord most are powerful enough to easily cut through tall grass. While gas powered models are priced higher, these weed trimmers are ideal for larger areas. It should be noted that gas powered models might be too loud for some neighborhoods, and these weed trimmers do emit some exhaust fumes.



The shaft on the trimmer is important for your comfort, and to make it as easy as possible to remove tall weeds and grass. Weed trimmers with curved shafts are generally lighter in weight, and can be easier to maneuver around corners and edges. Models with straight shafts are designed for taller adults, and feature a longer reach that is ideal for trimming under bushes. You can also find weed trimmers with split shafts that can be used with additional attachments.



There are several features to consider on a weed trimmer that can make it easier and more convenient to use. Models with a rotating head can also be used to edge along sidewalks and driveways, and a shoulder strap is always welcome with heavier gas models. You also want to consider the width of the cutting line to ensure that it is thick enough to effectively remove tall grass and weeds.


What Are the Top Rated Weed Trimmers in 2019?


While we can’t choose the right tool for your lawn, we can show you some of  the best rated weed trimmers. Each of these models is easy to use, and will help you quickly finish all of your yard chores so you can get back to enjoying your day.


Black & Decker LST136W Weed Trimmer


1.Black & Decker LST136WDesigned to be lightweight and easy to use, this weed trimmer will keep your lawn neat and well maintained without a lot of hard work. Featuring a powerful 40V lithium battery and a long running time, you can easily keep your small yard trimmed and weed free. The battery is designed to last for years, and you will also appreciate its short one hour charging time. With a transmission that is designed to deliver maximum power to the cutting string, you will love not having to spend hours taking care of your yard.

The cutting string also advances automatically so you don’t have to stop working to bump it forward, and you also have the advantage of being able to choose between more power and a longer running time. Increase the power so you can cut through tall grass and weeds without any effort, or conserve the battery to ensure you finish trimming before it needs to be recharged.

This weed trimmer also features a straight shaft which is always convenient when you are trying to reach under low bushes and shrubs. The controls are conveniently placed and the handle, and this trimmer can also be converted into an edger. Remove weeds and grass that your lawn mower missed, and keep your lawn neat and trimmed with this cordless model.

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Toro 51480 Weed Trimmer


2.Toro 51480Not only is this weed trimmer affordably priced, it also includes a two year warranty. The 5 amp motor provides plenty of power, and since it is electric you never have to worry about having to stop and recharge. Designed to be easy to operate and maneuver, you won’t mind doing yard work with this weed trimmer.

With the ability to cut a 14 inch path through thick weeds and tall grass, you can quickly finish your chores and still have plenty of time to enjoy the day. The trimmer also features an automatic line feed that advances the cutting string when you press on the trigger, and the straight shaft makes it easy to get into hard to reach places. It can also be adjusted to the perfect height, and the convenient handle provides additional comfort.

You will also appreciate being able to convert the trimmer into an edger, so you can keep working without having to stop and switch to a different tool. Featuring a durable construction that includes the rust resistant aluminum shaft, there is very little not to like about this powerful lawn and garden tool.

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GreenWorks 21212 Weed Trimmer


3.GreenWorks 21212Weighing 5.2 pounds and designed to be easy to use, you will love how quickly you can finish your yard chores with this cord weed trimmer. The 4 amp motor is powerful enough to cut through thick weeds and grass without any problems, and the lightweight construction makes it easy to maneuver. You will also appreciate how easy it is to start, and with a 13 inch cutting head this weed trimmer is perfect for almost any small or medium size lawn.

This trimmer also features the convenience of automatic line feed which eliminates the need to stop working every time you need to advance the cutting string. Affordably priced and with a four year warranty included with your purchase, you will also appreciate its environmentally friendly design.

There is not any carbon emissions associated with this weed trimmer so you can feel good using it in your yard, and you will also appreciate its comfortable design. The straight shaft is perfect for taller adults, and it can also be adjusted to the perfect height. Easy to use and maneuver, you will love how quickly you can finish your yard work with this lightweight and eco friendly weed trimmer.

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