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Increasingly popular, today’s racing and driving games reach new levels of realism delivering one of the most intense and fun experiences a gamer can have on their console or desktop. Next gen graphics, excellent car models and superb rendered maps make racing games a must have. In order to enjoy them to the max, a driving game is best played using a good racing wheel. Read ahead and find out what to look for when choosing the perfect racing wheel for your gaming needs.

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Gaming experience

Getting the best racing wheel is all about sensations and feelings during the game. A good game racing wheel will feel and function just like a real racing wheel, offering the best possible immersion. Keeping the player happy and in control of the car, the racing wheel must come with as many options as possible. Every extra button and option gives the player more control and helps them play the game at its maximum capacity. The best racing wheel reviews praise models that show increased functionality and deliver a perfect game experience. In order to get the best racing wheel for you, focus your research on steering comfort, force feedback, pedal resistance and any available additional buttons or controls.



The second most important aspect to look for whenever purchasing a new racing wheel is its durability and resistance to abuse. Most often, during intensive gaming sessions, players tend to use extra force on the controls. Top rated racing wheels 2019 focus on durability and use resistant materials and special designed parts that absorb most of the player’s force. A durable racing wheel will provide the best fun and value on the long run.



Brand models usually come with better controls, higher durability and more comfort. They are designed to provide a better gaming experience and they are tested by many players before released on the market. Cheaper models may have fewer functions but they can be purchased for less. All the best racing wheel reviews point out the great diversity and price range and encourage buyers to weight in the model’s price before purchase.


Top Racing Wheels in 2019


While reading all the best racing wheel reviews we noted three models that come on top of the rest by offering the best possible gaming experience and gaining praises from all. Read ahead and find out about these excellent racing wheels and what sets them apart from the rest, making them ideal buying choices.


Logitech G27


1.Logitech G27Making the top of the list, this racing wheel is one of the most highly regarded models by both users and reviewers. Delivering one of the most accurate and intense driving experience possible the Logitech G27 keeps the player immersed into the  game offering at the same time, a superbly high level of accuracy and control.

Using its newly designed dual-force feedback system, this racing wheel can simulate the vibrations produced when an actual traction loss occurs during drifting and power shifting. Its excellent gear shifter keeps you in full engine control allowing you to decide the right power ratio needed during the race. For a perfect experience, the leather steering wheel and metal racing brake, gas and clutch pedals replicate the controls available on board of real racing vehicles.

Easy to adjust and balance, the Logitech G27 will always deliver the optimal level of force feedback and control desired. Built from real steel and designed to be as sturdy as a real racing wheel, this model is called by many the best racing wheel 2019.

Designed to offer the best possible driving experience, the Logitech G27 is one of the most wanted and praised racing wheels available on the market right now. Easy to use and configure while offering plenty of additional functions and options, this racing wheel is a dream for all the diving gamers out there.

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Thrustmaster T500RS


3.Thrustmaster T500RSCreated by Thrustmaster, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for both PC and console accessories, this racing wheel is specially designed to accommodate any possible car driving game. Delivering the best driving and racing experience, the Thrustmaster T500RS replicates with perfect accuracy the driving controls and style of a real life racing dashboard, as many best racing wheel reviews acknowledge.

Built from hardened steel and capable of withstanding extreme abuse and force, this racing wheel offers a perfect real life like driving experience. Adjustable controls, pedals and gear shifts make it uniquely adaptable to any driving style. Capable of delivering the best possible accuracy regardless of the game, the Thrustmaster T500RS is wanted and loved by both casual and hard-core gamers.

Using a strong and powerful motor that can deliver up to 3000 rpm, its force feedback system is one of the best and most responsive of any other racing wheel. Simple to set up and configure, this racing will easily adapt to its user delivering the best possible driving experience each time.

Named the best racing wheel 2019, this racing wheel has it all. With excellent power, durability, comfort and accuracy, the T500RS is by far the best buy of this year. When quality, durability and excellence matters, this is the best choice and the most wanted racing wheel at the moment.

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Logitech WSPG27


2.Racing Steering Wheel Stand for LogitechKeeping the game playing while delivering the optimal support for all the driving controls, this racing stand from Logitech is one of the most wanted equipment by all the car gamers today. Sturdy and balanced, this steering stand offers the best possible stability, keeping the controls in a firm and steady position during the entire gaming session.

Praised by all its users for the perfect comfort and stability it delivers, this racing steering wheel stand can greatly increase the driving accuracy and comfort during the play. Helping to create the best racing experience possible while keeping all the driving controls securely in place, this racing wheel stand is a perfect addition to a driving gamer’s arsenal. Using its full metal frame, this racing stand is extremely durable. Capable of taking years of abuse, it will remain as stable and solid as during the first day.

When it comes to customization, the entire frame has easy to use controls that allow it to adjust perfectly to its user’s body frame. Keeping the user happy and in full control, this racing stand is an ideal choice for all racing fans, both new and experienced. Rated highly by all the reviews and loved by its users, this Logitech racing stand is by far the best wheel stand money can buy today.

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