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When you are all tucked in your comfy bed, you will be covered in a quilt, so you don’t get cold at night and get a good night’s sleep. To make sure you will have the right quilt on your bed, you need to read the models presented below, which are recommended the best quilts reviews. All of them have the quality to ensure you a nice and comfy sleep.


Greenland Home Fashions Esprit Spice Set


Best Quilts reviewsGreenland Esprit quilt set is well suited for all types of beds and won’t slide off the mattress. The whole set consists of a quilt and two pillow shams which have a modern art design, to integrate itself perfectly in your modern bedroom decor. All the parts are made from high quality cotton and are very soft to the touch. All of the set’s pieces are machine washable. The top quilts reviews believe this is the best quilt to have on your bed this year.

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Greenland Home Antique Chic Bonus Set


For a king size bed, this Antique quilt coming from Greenland is perfect, managing to keep you warm through a deep night sleep or an afternoon nap. The quilt and pillow shams are filled with 100% cotton, to ensure the set is soft. Because it is oversized, the set will retain heat better, so you will never wake up in the middle of the night cold. The design is also wonderful, having floral prints and paisleys. This is one of the most popular quilt sets around and all its qualities combined, make out of  it one of the best quilts in 2019.

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Greenland Home Bella Ruffle Set


If you want a pleasant style for a quilt set, you should get this shabby chic set made by Greenland. The King sized set has an affordable price range and comes in a wide variety of colors and themes, so surely you will manage to find the model which suits your bedroom the most. All the set’s parts are made of cotton, the face, the back, plus the filling. If you have a deeper mattress, don’t worry, because this oversized set will cover all its surface. The best quilts reviews recommend it for its style and features.

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Star Patch King Patchwork


Star Patch King quilt can prove to be perfect for your bedroom with its modern design and its high quality features. The King size with 105 x 95 inch dimensions will cover even the biggest beds, so everyone is nice and comfortable underneath the quilt. It is made out of 100% prewashed cotton, which will allow you to machine wash it, plain and simple. The nice-patch motif gives this quilt set a special aspect, which makes it a very successful model in the US and Canada.

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Greenland Home Larraine Set


If you are looking for a 100% cotton quilt set with a nice design, then look no further than the Greenland Home Larraine set. The black outline is combined with flower blossoms set on a red and white ground, creating a very modern and pleasant style which will integrate itself perfectly in a bedroom with a modern decor. The Lorraine quilt and shams don’t have just a pleasant aspect, they will make sure you sleep deeply, feeling comfortable and warm underneath.

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