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What to Consider When Buying a Punching Bag


You can’t have a real boxing gym without a collection of products described in the best punching bag reviews. A punching bag helps develop speed, stamina, endurance and strength. Without it, a boxer won’t have anything to test his punching power on, except if he’s got a regular sparring partner.

Punching Bag Types

The traditional type described in plenty of best punching bag reviews is the heavy bag. Typically hung via a free-standing system or a wall-mounted bracket, a heavy bag is tightly packed with torn-up fabrics, giving the boxer a satisfyingly realistic impact when striking. Usually made of high-wear leather, a heavy bag is cylindrical and is available in different weights and sizes.

A maize bag is a heavy tear-shaped bag packed with maize. It helps develop exceptionally powerful uppercuts and hooks executed at short range. Classed as a small bag, this type comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

The angled heavy bag is a composite of the maize and the heavy bag. It allows a variety of hooks and uppercuts, along with long range punches. The unique shape of this kind of bag comes from it being packed the same way as a typical heavy bag and not being as dense and solid as a maize bag to enable intense use for a number of rounds.


Punching Bag Filling

When you go over the best punching bag reviews, you will know what kind of material is used to fill up every unit. Three general types of filling exist. Hard fill is a shredded fiber fill encased in a one-inch cell foam liner. Soft fill bags offer slightly more give, as they are encased with a two-inch liner. They are a lighter version of the hard fill bag, and offer a tad more give to lessen the impact of every punch on the joints and bones of the boxer, making them easier on the hands.

Water-filled bags provide a unique workout. They provide plenty of give, making them easy on the boxer’s joints, while still being able to retain their shape. Hitting a water-filled bag is very much like punching the human body, which is mostly water in composition.


Covering Material

The best punching bag 2019 is covered with a composite material called nevatear. Some units are covered in leather while others are enclosed in canvas. Outlasting all the other types of covering, even the boxer himself, is a good quality leather bag. This kind of material won’t crack or tear, and is guaranteed to last.

Canvas bags are a good second option. Extremely durable, a canvas bag is long lasting, as well. There are extra cheap vinyl bags, but it is best to steer clear of them. They are not made to withstand the heavy kicking and punching that heavy bags are normally subjected to.


Top Punching Bags in 2019


With so many top rated punching bags 2019, it can be difficult to select just one. You will just have to do your fair share of reading and research to narrow down your choices to a single one. Here, we have described three top selling bags on the market.


Outslayer Boxing MMA


This is a US-made training aid that is guaranteed to be made of quality material and that can offer reliable use through the years. This is the best punching bag 2019 thanks to its functionality in the field of martial arts, fitness, boxing and MMA training. The 55-inch heavy bag is constructed with an extra half-foot length of the straps, enabling you to hang it at a prime position in the gym or at home.

Release your stress by striking this hundred-pound boxing and MMA heavy punching bag that comes with a ten-year warranty, serving as proof of the manufacturer’s confidence in the integrity of the product. It comes to you in a heavy duty reusable vinyl cover, so you can move it and store it without worrying about damaging it. You can even add extra weight to the bag, if you choose to. Built solid, strong and well-stitched, the Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag is as heavy as a real opponent, giving you a realistic training aid.

The Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag can take a beating, thanks to the right level of filling it has. You can ask for the D-ring at the bottom at no extra charge. The material capacity of the heavy bag is 300 pounds. The heavy-duty straps are sewn onto the punching bag, eliminating the need for chains.

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Century BOB Body Opponent


This terrific training aid certainly deserves some of the best punching bag reviews thanks to its unbeatably realistic armless human form in the upper section, which approximates the mass and size of an average adult male. On the stand, you can easily adjust the height to simulate a range of sizes from 78 to 60 inches or tall to short. This is a US-made product, guaranteed to be of superior quality and workmanship.

The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag comes with a one-year limited warranty, proof of its durability and great quality. This MMA training aid can be filled with water for slightly greater rebound on impact, perfect for training. The low profile base can also be filled with sand. The entire unit weighs around 270 pounds when completely filled. The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag is relatively easy to move around by rolling and tilting.

The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag is easy to use, as it rocks and moves when you hit it, allowing you to do close work while watching your moves. It can give you great practice on lower kicks and knee strikes when integrated with a kick shield. The BOB can serve as a great focus target when you want to develop perfect strikes and accuracy in hitting the human anatomy.

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Everlast MMA Kit


This exceptional heavy bag kit ships with everything you need to get a full boxing workout. It comes with a 70-pound heavy bag, perfect for realistic and powerful punch training. The heavy bag gloves are a perfect companion to the heavy bag, giving you more control and developing your punching talent. The 108-inch hand wraps protect the wrists and hands against injuries that result from punching.

The hand wraps are pretty useful for maintaining the alignment of the joints and for compressing and giving strength to the hand’s soft tissues during punch impact. The heavy bag is stuffed with a custom filling of both synthetic and natural fibers mixed with sifted sand. The heavy bag gloves and hand warps also serve to protect the hands against abrasion from the bag. The heavy bag kit also includes a bungee cord to provide greater resistance to the heavy bag.

The filling is enclosed in super strong and rugged poly-canvas material. The specially blended filler serves to endow the bag with robust shock absorbency. The gloves are made of premium quality synthetic leather and feature a supportive hook-and-loop wrist strap. The kit comes with an adjustable height customization chain. The chain enables easy height adjustment according to your needs.

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