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A Professional Pulse Oximeter Buying Guide


As in the case of any other product that you might be tempted to buy at some point, even if you’re looking for the best pulse oximeter of 2019 you have to do your research. Oximeters are different in features and speak to various needs of various people.

Try to estimate your own before choosing a model over another one, and make sure you always check out the best pulse oximeter reviews. Remember, time spent on reading buying guides and people’s opinions is never wasted. All this will help you make the right call.

What to look for when shopping for the best pulse oximeter in 2019



Since pulse oximeters are known to be destined for people that also suffer from chronic respiratory conditions, you might need to look for a sturdy device. If the product you intend on buying is destined to go through rough treatment, our advice to you is to pick the most durable one as possible.


Using your pulse oximeter at home

If you want to use the device while you’re in the comfort of your own home, what you need to get is a fingertip oximeter. Some models can be easily adjusted to fit on the end of any finger and can be turned on automatically, thus indicating oxygen saturation level and pulse. When removed, most of these types of products usually turn themselves off.


Additional desirable features

What do you think makes the difference between a top-quality pulse oximeter and an average one? The level of accuracy matters the most when looking for such devices, because people need to know the exact number of their oxygen levels. Devices that are equipped with alarms are useful because they automatically notify users of any drastic change.

Increased readability is also a feature you need to look for, particularly if the person who will be using the device is experiencing sight problems.



Models vary in characteristics and in prices. Basic finger pulse oximeters can sometimes even be purchased for as little as $50, whereas more advanced models can cost up to a couple of hundred of dollars.


Based on the best pulse oximeter reviews we’ve read during our research, we have concluded that the following three models are easy to use by anyone who requires the assistance of a pulse oximeter. Most of the items are small and lightweight and can be used on the go.


Top Pulse Oximeters in 2019


Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110


Designed and developed by the well-established company Santamedical, this model is among the top rated pulse oximeters 2019. It comes with a display that’s easy to read even for people that experience issues with understanding figures from electronic devices. It’s lightweight and compact and can be easily carried around.

The neatest thing about it is that its batteries can hold up to 30 hours, if you intend on using it continuously. Since nobody actually does that, its battery juice can last up to a couple of weeks or even more.

It expresses oxygen saturation level and pulse, making it the perfect choice both for people suffering from various conditions and for hardcore sports enthusiasts.

To make sure that users carry it around conveniently, manufacturers have equipped the model with a neck or wrist cord.

The item comes with a one year warranty.

Having received some of the best pulse oximeter reviews out there, it’s one of the must-haves of its line. With a whopping 1,900 people that thought it was worthy of a 5-star rating, this one clearly is a top-notch product. In fact, some delighted customers were so impressed that they stated they would buy the exact same model in case the one they owned broke down.

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Aside from the fact that it’s among the smallest-sized products of its line, this one also comes with a decent number of features and a truly amazing price. When compared to the model we were mentioning above, this one even comes with a longer battery life. In fact, people can use it continuously for 40 hours. Therefore, it has one of the lowers power consumptions out there.

An advantage of choosing the model is the fact that it automatically powers off, in case it isn’t used at that time. To make sure that you use it at any time of your convenience, the model even features a battery low indicator.

Yet another plus of buying this device is the fact that it accommodates both fingers of adults and fingers of children.

The pack it comes in also contains a belt and a hanging strap.

Contec Medical Systems have been manufacturing pulse oximeters for more than 20 years and have a solid reputation in the field. With more than 1,800 5-star ratings, it would be difficult to think that this model has not received the best pulse oximeter reviews. In fact, the device is so popular that it is even being used by physicians.

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Pulse Oximeter Finger by TempIR


This is one of the most cutting-edge models we’ve stumbled upon until now. It’s very easy to use and comes with operating instructions which will explain to any user how they’re supposed to make use of their pulse oximeter. Moreover, the pack contains many accessories, such as a pouch, a set of batteries, and a lanyard.

The TempIR model is known for measuring oxygen saturation and pulse rate both accurately and quickly. The pulse rate can be displayed as a graph. The model comes with its own alarm, which lets users know of any dangerous shifts in heart rates or oxygen levels.

It’s said that this model comes with batteries that are resistant to thousands of uses.

As for the recommended finger size, it’s known to accommodate both the fingers of parents and the fingers of children.

The item is lightweight and small-sized and can be conveniently carried around, even in a purse. Featuring a beautiful design and an breathtaking display, this model is definitely a must-have. Don’t trust our word for it, trust the opinions of more than 200 people who have given the item 5-star ratings. Users all over the world claim that it’s very easy to use and seems to be remarkably exact.

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