Best PS4 games reviews


Top PS4 games in 2019


The new PS4 is out and with its improved graphic details, games look a whole lot better and the game play in unquestionably better as well. With so many games you can play nowadays, you have to be wondering which one to play first. The best PS4 games reviews have made a short list of the top five games you should try first.  These games offer you everything you want from a nice game play to excellent visuals and a captivating background story.


Call of Duty: Ghosts


Best PS4 games reviewsIf you love the Call of Duty series of PlayStation games, then you will love their latest release, called very mysteriously Ghost. This new Call of Duty universe continues the story line and has a single player campaign mode and an widely anticipated multiplayer option as well. Also, in multiplayer you will be able to play with whole squads of 6 different characters, which brings forth a whole new world of possibilities. These new innovations make the best PS4 games reviews give it excellent marks.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall


If you are searching for next generation gaming, you should take a closer look at the Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 game. This cold war sci-fi game will provide you with a whole new set of gaming options, making the game play of this first person shooter that much interesting and mesmerizing. Your arsenal will consist of a huge variety of options and they will surely be a part of the game which will prove to be very enjoyable. So, Marshal Lucas Kellan, all that is left for you to do is try to maintain the peace between the ISA and the Helghast. Also, the top PS4 games reviews highly recommend this game.

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Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag


The Assassin Creed franchise has been one of the most successful video game series in history and their last game, Black Flag doesn’t disappoint at all. If before you had an incredible number of opportunities in the gaming world, this new game manages to improve this number. You will become a pirate in the Caribbean, take command of a ship, plunder you enemies and other commercial vessels. The multiplayer game allows you to take characters from the game and compete against friends or other players. Gamers from all over the world believe Assassin’s Creed IV is one of the best PS4 games in 2019.

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Need For Speed Rivals


If you enjoy fast action games and you love car racing a good idea would be to try the new Need For Speed game called simply Rivals. The great innovation of this new game from this successful series is the AllDrive feature, which allows you to join your friend’s single player game progress, so you actually turn it into a multiplayer game. A lot of new technologies and upgrades are included in the game, to make the whole gaming world that much interesting.

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NBA 2K14


For basketball enthusiasts all over the world, NBA 2K14 is a must have game, giving you the chance to play with the best players and teams only the NBA  can offer. The Park multiplayer zone has been upgraded for this game, managing to hold now up to 100 players. Manage your personal career with the MyCareer mode, so you can become an All Star just like your favorite players. The game feels and looks real, giving you that authentic NBA feeling. You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase this game.

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