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Buying Advice for Professional Facial Steamers


Pollution and daily stress can cause the cells of your facial complexion to lose their elasticity and vitality, leading to a rough, dull appearance. This makes it important to get yourself the best professional facial steamer to help restore the skin’s lost luster and vibrance. However, you should not grab the first facial steamer that you can find. An extra minute of reading and research could potentially save you the heartache of having to throw away a bad product.

You should patiently check out different types of products, their details and the benefits they can give you. Here are things worth considering in your purchase.

What to look for when buying a professional facial steamer?


Portability and Easy Use

You will want a machine that is lightweight and portable. Wheels enable you to transfer the unit’s location. The machine should enable you to get into a comfortable position by moving up and down to the right level. Some units let you sit down but require you to bend your neck and back, and doing that for 20 minutes of steaming can be painful for those with neck and back problems. However, do remember that it can take a lot of work to stay beautiful, even when you have the best facial steamer to assist you in the process.


Steam Settings

Many facial steamers on the market come with both hot and cold settings. Most models come with an adjustable steam arm that lets you direct the steam to any part of the face. One affordable facial steamer has the ability to produce oxygen ionic vapors for cleaning and sterilization. Check out models that use a hot-and-cold 2-step system, which is pretty useful. The hot steam opens up the skin pores to let the impurities out. The cold mist closes the pores, boosts blood circulation and hydrates the skin.


Convenient Features

Look for the best professional facial steamer with a timer setting, so you can choose the length of time for every treatment. The machine should preferably have a safety shutdown feature to prevent overheating. A facial steamer with lamp mount and trolley provides everything you need for the treatment. Most models enable addition of aromatherapy essential oils to the distilled water, which can help your skin type get optimum treatment. Models that have independent switches for ozone, steam and power are very convenient.


Top Professional Facial Steamers in 2019


Spa Luxe SL-300B


The Spa Luxe SL-300B Professional Facial Steamer offers great value for money. Many professional facial salon owners love it for being able to provide all the functionality of a high-end steamer minus the high price. This is an herbal facial steamer that features an integrated herb basket with a revolving, multi-directional spray head, which ensures that every part of your face gets proper treatment during the steaming process. The adjustable arm is approximately 25 inches long, enabling easy client access.

The spring loaded adjustable stand enables easy positioning to the right level. The sturdy rolling 5-spoke caster base enables easy transfer to any convenient location where AC access is available. The facial steamer has a 30-minute timer and independent steam and ozone switches, for convenient use. The steam it produces smells like your favorite essential oil, giving you a pleasurable facial steaming experience. The steam is also micronized and is able to hydrate the skin well due to its optimal absorption.

The flexible steamer head lets you take a most comfortable position and direct the herbal-scented vapors where you need them. The Spa Luxe SL-300B Professional Facial Steamer stands taller than most steamers. It heats water up very quickly, so you can immediately get great skin treatment.

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Jocasta Professional Facial Steamer


Any esthetician will surely love having the Jocasta Professional Facial Steamer in their salon. This machine has an ozone combo that enables clients to enjoy superb facial steaming. Offering the best means of cleaning and sterilizing the skin, the oxygen ionic vapors restore the facial complexion’s youthful elasticity and vitality. The facial steamer has two switches. One is used to switch the unit on, while the other is used for running the ozone functionality. This is a convenient feature.

The steam can be set to run without the ozone function. When the water level gets way below normal, the automatic shut-off feature activates. The steam promotes better blood circulation. The machine heats water up quickly, enabling immediate client treatment. It will not drip. The stand makes treatments easier. The twistable arm facilitates comfortable positioning for the customer, so they can just lounge back and enjoy the benefits of the steam.

This machine is even beneficial for clearing the sinuses so you can breathe better. The jar has a huge capacity of 1.7 liters, for greater amount of steam produced and more treatments with just one load. The powerful steamer’s ozone functionality is superb. The unit is lightweight and easy to put together.

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Silver Fox FM-601


The Silver Fox FM-601 Professional Facial Steamer has all the basics of a facial salon device. It has a fixed arm and rotating spray nozzle to enable it to adjust to your client’s position. The machine is designed for aromatherapy facial treatment. You simply take the cap off from the spray nozzle, drop in some essential oils, replace the cap, and it’s ready to go. The machine has a convenient top-fill water reservoir.

The power on/off switch is independent from the ozone on/off switch. The pull handle lets you move the steamer easily back and forth without having to touch anything that’s hot and that can burn your hand. The stand has a spring-load height adjustment. Simply loosen the collar to move the unit up or down, then you can lock it into position. The stand also has a sturdy five-caster rolling base so you won’t have to worry about the machine ever falling on top of your client.

It takes around five minutes for the water to get hot and boiling. For people who’d rather not hear a ticking till the end of the session, the unit has an automatic shut-off feature that activates when the water level gets too low.

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When you’re in the market for a good-quality professional facial steamer, get either the Spa Luxe SL-300B Professional Facial Steamer, with its integrated herb basket and a rotating, multi-directional spray head, or the Jocasta Professional Facial Steamer Offering that provides the best means of cleaning and sterilizing the skin.



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