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Finding the best printer under 200 can be a challenge. To find a good one you need to go through a lot of reviews and buying advice. But we did the job for you and wrote this short but comprehensive guide to help you find the best possible printer under 200. We made the effort to gather all the information possible, from expert review sites, sales figures, owners’ feedback and we analyzed the value for money offered. As a result, out of all the products that we looked at, we concluded that the Brother HLL2395DW printer stands out the most in its category. It can output great quality text and graphics, it has the ability to connect to many devices and it offers the possibility to print on both sides of a sheet. Maybe you can’t find our first recommendation for sale, and if that is the case, you should have a look at the next product on our list, the HP W2G51A printer.



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Printers used to be bulky machines that you could only find in offices, but nowadays they are a lot more affordable and compact, and different brands have come up on the market, each offering certain capabilities. If you want to get a good printer under 200 for yourself, here are some guidelines to help you choose it.



All-in-one printers

Printers can do more than just their basic function – they can be used for faxing or scanning purposes. Although sending a fax is not so important nowadays for a printer, it being able to scan papers fast is essential, especially in the office environment. This is not only important for the environment, but it makes it a lot easier to archive information in digital format.

There are some printers that offer a basic scanning function. They allow you to scan, but you need to feed them the pages one at a time, by hand, and that can be time-consuming. Instead, you should be looking for the printers that will let you feed them a large number of pages at once to be transformed in digital format.

Using your printer to fax can be important too, especially if you’re using it for your daily work. Faxing is a more complicated process that implies plugging your printer into the phone line and that process adds more hassle. Additionally, you would need to keep the line free whenever you fax something. So if you don’t desperately need to fax things daily, getting a printer with this capability isn’t necessary.


Networking capabilities

In today’s offices, printers can easily be shared between more people by simply connecting them to a computer through the USB port. Other computers in the same network will have access to it. But that is not enough for everyone.

You might be at home and want to quickly use your laptop or phone to print something. Thus you need your home printer to be capable of connecting wirelessly. Furthermore, if the printer doesn’t offer networking capabilities it’s most likely that it’s not a quality one.

Wireless devices make things a lot easier – you only need to plug the printer in the power socket and it’s ready to go. After that, you can use quick ways like Google Cloud Print to print from devices with the Chrome browser installed.



Laser versus inkjet

Most reviews of printers under 200 say that if you expect your prints to mostly consist of graphics, texts, and photos, you should consider an inkjet printer. These devices can print a lot of things, from paper to CDs or plastic cards.

However, when using inkjets, colored prints come out a lot slower than black and white ones. Most such printers can output between 3 and 13 pages in a minute. If you’re in a hurry, inkjet printers come with the advantage that they require almost no warm-up and they can print to their highest standard right from the start.

When you intend to print black and white documents on a large scale, you should definitely choose laser printers. They give a lot more quality to the resulting pages, compared to inkjets, but they are not great when you want to print a photo or a graphic.

Laser printers can make it difficult for the user to print different sized pieces of paper, such as greeting cards. However, they come with the advantage that they print a lot faster compared to their counterparts.


Following the guidelines that we presented, we have chosen some of the best printers under 200 and showcased them below so that you get to save time and money and enjoy a great pick.


Brother HLL2395DW


Whether you’re looking for a printer for your household or for your small office, this model will do the job needed. It’s a printer that offers good output quality for both graphics and text. You can feed it a wide variety of paper sizes and it has a lot of connection capabilities.

On the downside, it doesn’t come with faxing possibilities and it doesn’t offer an automatic system to self-feed the papers. However, it offers WiFi connection and WiFi direct support. It is thus a great option if you are looking for wireless possibilities. Furthermore, it can be accessed through mobile devices and it works with a lot of online printing services.

For quick copying and scanning, this printer is equipped with a flatbed scan glass. It incorporates a system capable of duplex printing, meaning that it can print on both sides of a page. If you want to consume less ink while printing, it has a toner save mode available.

Setting it up is straightforward and the only work that needs to be done is pulling off some strips of tape that cover it, and inserting the toner package. The instruction sheet is not so comprehensive and you might have some difficulties with learning how to use it if you’re a beginner. The touchscreen is colorful, small and responsive enough so you can select the printing details needed or connect to WiFi.

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This printer is aimed at those people whose home is also their office. That is due not only to it being the smallest in its class but also the least expensive. It’s a pretty basic printing machine, with monochrome capabilities and it only has an input tray capable of accepting A4 papers or a few smaller sizes.

Because its purpose is to do the basic functions of a printer, it doesn’t offer things such as duplex printing or a flatbed scanner. What it does offer instead is fast printing, at a speed of 19 pages per minute. It has the efficiency that is usually associated with laserjet printers, and the economy to add to it.

It’s so compact that it occupies a desk area just a bit bigger than an A4 paper. Although there are not a lot of features to it, this printer does have WiFi capabilities and the ability to connect to phones through a very responsive smartphone app. This makes installation easy and offers possibilities such as scanning and printing from the cloud.

Three buttons are present instead of an LCD display and that is not necessarily a disadvantage if you don’t want complicated prints. It makes no noise while in standby mode, but it’s a bit noisy when actually printing. Fortunately, it prints fast so it won’t annoy you.

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Canon LBP162dw


Offering a good range of printing quality and features, this laser printer is a good choice for a home office or a micro business. It’s best suited for graphics purposes. It isn’t the fastest printer in its category but it offers decent speed for both simplex and duplex printing.

Measuring 10.8 by 17 by 16.5 inches, and weighing 34.1 pounds, this device is compact enough to fit on a desk. The monochromatic LCD display includes a keypad that can be used for entering WiFi passwords or PINs for password-protected printing. In addition, it comes with standard function buttons and a four-way rocker switch.

It can hold up to 151 papers and it has an automatic duplex capable of autonomously printing on both sides of the paper. When discussing connectivity, we can note that this printer can be coupled with a computer or laptop via USB cable, or it can connect to LAN via WiFi or Ethernet. It also supports mobile printing and works well with a myriad of printing services.

In terms of output quality, it offers some great graphics and average text quality. Although the details in the text aren’t great, they are readable, even when the font is small, so there is no issue with that.

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