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Your backyard is another place you must take care of. Aside from the garden, patio, and inside appearance of your home, you need not to exempt the back yard. In order to clean your back yard perfectly, the use of the best pressure washers reviews is highly recommended so you can choose the perfect one. This post can help you to choose the pressure washers that are most reliable and effective.


AR North America Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer


Best Pressure Washers reviewsOne of the best pressure washers you can use for cleaning your home in a short time span is the AR North America Blue Clean electric pressure washer. This machine is equipped with Total Stop system which allows the user to manipulate the pressure washer with the presence of the trigger gun. You can perfectly clean any area of your home from garage doors, floors and driveways that are prone to dirt and dust with the 1.5 GPM 14 Amp. Also, the 1.900 PSI engine helps in the cleaning process. This AR North America Blue Clean electric pressure washer is considered to be the star of the best pressure washers reviews this year.

“I received this pressure washing machine as a new house gift. It is quite the tool that lacked from my backyard. Now I use it not only on my car but also to wash the pavement around the house or various carpets. It has different nozzles and spears to do just that.” Per Pedersen

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Karcher K 5.540 X-Series electric pressure washer


The Vario Power Spray consisted in the features of the Karcher K 5.540 X-Series electric pressure washer has a great function in the cleaning process. The spray lets you clean the area convenient because it can provide the finest pressure needed. The product also has an added water-cooled induction motor allowing you to clean 50% of the area more precise. The item is really incomparable from other device that’s why it is considered to be one of the best pressure washers this year.

“Karcher has been developing its gardening tools for years. They are notorious for providing good quality products. Backed by its guarantee this model makes no exception from that. Thanks to its long hoe it can reach difficult spaces around your house and because of its high pressure no stain lasts for long under its exhausting power.” Magdalena Guedsgedottir

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Simpson PowerShot PS4240S pressure washer


The features of this model give it the ability to be known and appreciated by many U.S families. The features include the thermal relief valve and customizable unloader. Another, the ceramic pistons and triplex design are also present in the pressure washer which are all helpful to produce quality cleaning. The product also provides strong pressure push-ups with the 4.200 Honda GX390 commercial gas engine. You can also have the ease to move the Simpson PowerShot PS4240S model anywhere you want because of the 13-inch premium pneumatic tires.

“We bought this powerful gas fueled washer for our construction sites. It is very easy to move around and has a tremendous blowing power. Comes in handy whenever there is something to wash away weather there is cement, oil or different construction materials. A great investment indeed for those in search of a professional washing tool.” Construction Company 

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Power Boss 020309 pressure washer


The Power Boss 020309 models are the leading choice for U.S families in cleaning various areas of their homes. You can do your job in a minimum time because of the features this product exhibits. Its characteristics include 25-foot hoseand 4 quick-connect spray that are all present in the model. Furthermore, the product has the, cleaning detergent (1 gallon) that helps to remove dirt in anything you put inside the pressure washer. Aside from the functions it provided for every user, the stiffness and toughness of this pressure washer model make it as one of the best choices this year.

“My cousin and I own a small car wash. It is situated in the country side and we are used to wash anything from tractors to cars or cycles. We bought 5 Power Boss washers and all work great. Our employees got used very fast and they look like bees while handling them around. We also got a serious price cut for this serious order.” Joseffina Hapoja

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Simpson MSV2623-S pressure washer


Aside from the affordability of the Simpson washer, it became famous because of the functionality and features it has. With the 10-inch pneumatic tires, you can have the ease to transfer and use the item any time of the day for your cleaning habit. The ability to clean any surface of your backyard can be done perfectly with the innovations exhibited in the product. The innovations included are the detergent siphoning tube and thermal relief valve which are consisted in the unloader system of the Simpson MSV2623S Megashot PSI premium gas.

“I got this device 3 weeks ago and I’m very pleased with it. It does not only do the washing patio job but also used it for some painting tasks. It’s easy to install and ready to use in no time. Their support system has some delays but all in all proved to be ok.” Gabrielle Massel

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