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What to Consider When Buying a Top Pram Stroller


Purchasing a good quality pram stroller is essential for parents who want nothing but the best for their babies. However, picking the right pram stroller can easily transform into a veritable nightmare, once you start feeling like you are getting lost in the myriads of possibilities, features and so on. To make order in this chaos, we put together a buying guide that will help you decide on the most convenient item. Followed by a list featuring the top rated pram strollers 2019, this guide will help you save money and time on your next purchase.

Best Pram Stroller


No matter how cute a certain model looks like, do not fall for the appearance of a pram stroller. Since they allow the baby to lie flat and the parents to watch over them all the time, pram strollers are much appreciated. However, they should have the most essential safety features installed in order to be considered by safety conscious parents. For instance, a 5 point harness is pretty much a requirement in this day and age, when you want to make sure that your baby is well protected all the time. Several accessories, like a rain canopy, and extra blankets can keep the child happy and secure all the time, regardless of weather.



A pram stroller can often be heavier than regular strollers, but this doesn’t mean that they should weigh a ton. Try shopping for models that are not bound to break your back when you need to transfer them into your home or out of there and into the street. Also, the folded pram stroller must be able to fit in your vehicle, in case you need to use your car.



Let’s not forget that the most important person who needs to say the verdict in regards to the best pram stroller 2019, is actually the baby. If your baby is not comfortable in the pram, they will not hesitate to let you know of it loud, although not so clearly, since they cannot yet talk. Search for a model that comes with comfortable padding, various seating positions and a good size basket so you can have everything the baby needs at your fingertips.


Top Pram Strollers in 2019


Now that you know everything there is to know about what aspects to look for in a pram stroller, it is time for us to introduce you to the most popular models of the moment. Because they are a great choice for both kids and parents, they are much praised, and they are a solid recommended buy.


Roan Kortina Classic


1.Roan Kortina Classic Pram StrollerIf you want your baby to feel comfortable all the time when you take them along for a stroll in the park, then you will not go wrong with the Roan Kortina Classic Pram Stroller. This model features very comfortable suspensions, so your baby will not feel a thing while you are walking on bumpy terrain. The air pumped wheels contribute to the overall smoothness of the ride, and your kid will sleep soundly, without a worry in the world.

The bassinet is very spacious, so it can accommodate babies who are growing faster than others. A 5 point harness ensures that the baby cannot fall from the bassinet. The seat is adjustable, as is the footrest, so comfort is assured, as well.

The wide array of accessories is also worth talking about. An all weather cover is included, and the hood is adjustable, depending on weather and your own preferences. The best pram stroller reviews praise the fact that this model comes with its own diaper bag, so you will never be caught on the wrong foot, when certain accidents happen and you are away from home with your baby.

For parents, this is a very comfortable model, because of its adjustable handle.

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Contours Bliss 4-in-1 Stroller System


2.Contours Bliss 4-in-1 Stroller SystemHaving more than a simple pram stroller is always a gain, and the Contours Bliss is a veritable stroller system that will help you in many different ways. The stroller can be used as an infant car seat carrier, which will make moving the baby in and out of a car nothing but a breeze. It can also be used as regular pram stroller for infants, but also as a takeaway infant carrier and as a toddler stroller, which means that this model is a really good investment.

The stroller reviewed here grows with your baby. From the first days of life, when an infant car seat and the travel system for it are absolutely necessary, to the time when your baby grows to become a toddler, and needs a different configuration, the Contours Bliss is the ideal choice.

When you need to store away the stroller, the simple folding mechanism helps you out right away. Keep in mind that the front wheels can be locked in place, when you ride on uneven surfaces, so your baby remains comfortable. Also, the handle bar can be adjusted for individuals of different heights, so the model is comfortable for you, as a parent, too.

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Inglesina CLASS11VER Classica


3.Inglesina CLASS11VER Classica PramIf you want your baby to travel like royalty from the moment they set foot in this world, there is hardly a better choice than the Inglesina CLASS11VER Classica Pram. With a look inspired by the pram strollers used by the British aristocracy during the 19th century, this classic model will make you and your baby stand out everywhere you go. You don’t have to worry that the pram stroller will look too conservative, either; its design was perfected in Italy, and only the best materials were used in its making.

Featuring perfect comfort, outstanding style and dependable safety features, the Inglesina CLASS11VER Classica Pram is a much recommended buy by the best pram stroller reviews. With a spacious bassinet, an extra rain cover for gloomy days and a matching diaper bag, this stroller will serve your baby from birth until they are three years old.

Everything about this stroller spells luxury. The steel handle is plated with chromium and it is padded with soft leather, for your absolute comfort. The privacy curtain is made of organza, so no one can stare at your baby, whenever you are in the mood to go for a walk in the park.

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