Best Power Washer for Home Use


How to Find the Best Power Washer for Home Use


While a garden hose is perfect for watering your plants, it lacks the pressure you need to effectively clean outdoor surfaces. A power washer can easily remove dirt and pollen from decks, patios, and even the side of your house. The best pressure washers┬ácan also be used to effectively remove loose peeling paint. There are several power washers to choose from and it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you need. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you’ll be able to confidently choose the right pressure washer to keep your home and patio sparkling like new.

A.Best power washer for home use


When you are looking for the best power washer for home use one of the first aspects to consider is the type. There are two types of power washers that are designed for use at home, and each includes its own advantages. Electric pressure washers are perfect for smaller jobs, and are extremely effective at removing stubborn grease and oil. Electric models are also priced lower, though it should be noted that these pressure washers are not designed to clean larger areas. While gas powered models might be priced higher, you do have the advantage of being able to clean larger areas quickly and efficiently.



While the best pressure washer for home use will be lightweight and durable, it should be noted that not all models are constructed from high quality materials. Electric pressure washers should be lightweight and portable so you can easily clean smaller areas around your home. Gas powered models should include a durable steel frame, along with a reinforced hose that can handle high pressure. You also want to make sure that the engine features overhead valve or cams to ensure a long lasting and dependable performance.



There are several features to consider that includes a quiet and efficient design, which can be especially important if you are considering a gas powered model. You also want to make sure that the included air hose is reinforced, and flexible. The spray wand should also be easy to connect, along with being able to release a powerful stream of water. You also want the pressure washer to include several convenient spray tips.


Most Reliable Power Washers for Home Use in 2019


While we can’t choose the right power washer for you, we can show you the top models. These pressure washers are designed for use at home, and are also affordably priced. Designed to be easy to operate and affordably priced, maybe one of these models is exactly what you need to keep your home and patio looking like new.


AR North America AR383 Power Washer


1.AR North America AR383There are several reasons why you will love this power washer that includes its lightweight and durable construction. This electric pressure washer is designed to be easy to carry around your home, and you will appreciate the reach you get with the 30 foot power cord. Compatible with most home outlets and incredibly easy to use, you won’t mind cleaning stubborn grease from you grill or quickly washing off your patio.

This 14 amp electric pressure washer is convenient to operate, and is capable of supplying you with plenty of power to easily hose down smaller areas. Capable of 1,900 PSI, you also have the advantage of its efficient water saving design. This pressure washer uses 80 percent less water than a regular garden hose, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

You also have the advantage of the 20 foot hose, along with the attached reel which keeps it conveniently out of your way. The adjustable nozzle makes it easy to release the right amount of pressure for the job, along with the detergent when needed. With the included one year warranty this might be the perfect power washer for your small jobs.

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Sun Joe SPX3000 Power Washer


2.Sun Joe SPX3000This versatile electric power washer is perfect for any of your small cleaning jobs around your home. With the ability to generate up to 2030 PSI you can easily remove stubborn dirt and grease, along with tar, mildew and even rust. Safe to use on vehicles and boats without damaging the finish and still powerful enough to remove rust, there is very little not to like about this pressure washer.

You have the advantage of being able to attach and switch between two types of detergent while you are cleaning, so you can finish even faster. You will also appreciate the convenient storage reel for the hose, along with the durable back wheels. Easy to use and maneuver around the yard, you can easily wash everything from backyard grills to siding with this lightweight power washer.

With a 14.5 amp motor you have plenty of power, and the 35 foot power cord lets you easily move around your yard. This pressure washer also features a 20 foot hose, along with a 34 inch wand that is perfect for cleaning high places. With 5 included spray nozzles and automatic shut off, there is very little you can’t clean with this electric power washer.

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Karcher K 2.300 Power Washer


3.Karcher K 2.300Tested and proven to clean more efficient with its innovative nozzles, you can easily finish your outdoor chores with this power washer. Considered one of the best for its powerful cleaning ability, you will also appreciate at its lightweight and easily portable design. With a company that promises power and performance, you know that you are getting a reliable and durable pressure washer.

This electric power washer is capable of up to 1,600 PSI which lets you quickly remove everything from grease and rust from outdoor equipment, to mold and mildew off of your siding. The powerful spray wand is able to release up to release more pressure without pumping, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to connect your garden hose.

You also have the advantage of the safe design that includes a protective lock on the trigger that prevents curious children from accidentally spraying themselves. The wand also lets you adjust the pressure while you are cleaning, and the included switch makes it easy to change from soap to plain water. Lightweight, efficient, and durable, this might be the only power washer you will ever need for your home.

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