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How to Select the Best Power Tiller


Gardening projects can be made easy with the use of the right tools. A power tiller is a great device to have in your tool shed, because it easily prepares the soil for new plants, without having you work hard for it. Forget about shoveling all day long and getting on your hands and knees to plant your veggies. With the help of a good power tiller, you can get the job done in no time. Read the following buying guide and various best garden tiller reviews to see which model fits your gardening style best, as this will save you a lot of time and money when you are shopping for gardening equipment.

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Power tillers are split into three major types: front tine tillers, rear tine tillers and mid tine tillers. Front tine tillers are recommended for smaller gardens, and they do not emit as much exhaust emissions as other models. A mid tine model is more recommended for people who suffer from medical conditions that do not allow putting too much strain on their backs. Rear tine tillers handle hard soil with ease, and they are usually a good choice for large gardens, where their power is much needed.



You will find many different power tillers on the market. Gas operated models are common, but they are noisy, while electric tillers are quieter. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while taking care of your garden, solar powered models are also readily available. Last, but not least, there are models that work on batteries, and they are appreciated for their convenience. However, as many best power tiller reviews show, they are less powerful than gas models, so they are not ideal for softening hard soil, for instance.



No matter how powerful the engine of the tiller is, if the blades are not strong enough to cut through the soil, all that power will just go to waste. The power tillers now sold on the market are split into three categories: Bolo blades, meant for digging deep into the soil, Slasher blades, ideal for flowerbeds, and Pick and Chisel blades that deal well with hard soil.


Top Power Tillers in 2019


Power tillers come in many types, as you can easily see. To make your shopping for a good power tiller easier, we decided to read through the best power tiller reviews available online and identify the best models that gardeners prefer at the moment. Check the next models and see which is the best fit for your gardening projects.


Earthwise TC70001 Electric


1.Earthwise TC70001The Earthwise TC70001 is a great power tiller for those who have a smaller garden in their care. Lightweight and easy to handle, this tiller is exceptional in regards to dealing with tasks that are more difficult than what you would think it would be capable of dealing with.

For instance, while more powerful models are recommended for digging through hard soil, you will be surprised how well this lightweight model can handle this type of soil. One of the top rated power tillers 2019, the Earthwise TC70001 is an electric powered cultivator, and it helps many people in dealing with their gardening projects fast and easy.

You will not have to worry that this electric power tiller will go out of control, because it has a very simple shut down function. The moment the handle is released, the engine is cut right away, so the risk of accidents is dropped to a minimum.

With an 11 inch cutting width and 8-1/2 inch cutting depth, the Earthwise TC70001 is more than enough for a small garden. The dual blades are made of steel, so they do not have any trouble cutting through hard soil, making customers consider this model the best power tiller 2019.

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Sun Joe TJ600E Electric


2.Sun Joe TJ600EAnother convenient model that you will like having in your set of gardening equipment is the Sun Joe TJ600E. Weighing just 17 pounds, you will not feel like breaking a sweat when you are handling it around your garden.

The 6.5 amp electric engine is powerful enough to make this tiller a handy tool for all your gardening needs. With 4 steel blade tines, it makes sure that no soil is a match for your power tiller. With 14 inch cutting width and 7 inch cutting depth, it does not go as deeper as the model described above, but it covers a wider area quicker. In case the soil in your garden is not particularly hard, this model is the best power tiller 2019 for you.

One of the greatest things about the Sun Joe TJ600E is that it comes with a folding handle, which means that you will easily be able to find a good storage space for it.

Designed for gardeners with smaller gardens in their care, this is a good tool at a convenient price. The power tiller is also safe; no accidental start ups can occur, because of the safety switch it comes equipped with.

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GreenWorks 27072 Corded


3.GreenWorks 27072Another good and reliable electric power tiller, the GreenWorks 27072 comes equipped with superior engine power, so it can handle even the most difficult tasks in your garden. The electric start makes it more convenient than gas powered models, for which you need to know how to mix gas, and deal with the frustration of trying to get them started several times until you finally succeed.

An aspect often mentioned about the best power tiller reviews in regards to this model is its flexibility. Tilling width can be adjusted between 8.25 inches and 10 inches, while tilling depth can be adjusted up to 5 inches. In case you have various plants you need to prepare the soil for, achieving the exactly desired depth is made easy by using this particular machine.

We must also mention that the GreenWorks 27072 comes with rotating tines, which means that there will be no patches in your garden left uncovered. In terms of performance, there is nothing more you can wish for from this power tiller.

The model is also convenient to store away, as it comes with folding handles. Since it occupies so little space, you will never have to bother about not having enough room for a new, reliable tool in your tool shed.

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