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Top power amplifiers in 2019


More and more people are looking for reliable amplifiers that can modulate the sound of your music players. With the use of the best power amplifiers reviews, you can easily choose the one you’re searching for in order to achieve the quality of sound you want to hear making it more enjoyable and pleasant.


AudioSource AMP-100 stereo power amplifier


Best Power Amplifiers reviewsAudioSource is a renouned brand that has a history of over 20 years in this nieche. Frequency, response, gain, noise and distorsion are interdependent parameters for any audio amplifier. Sound enthusiasts can now use a 2-channel (2 x 50 watts) AudioSource AMP-100 Stereo Power Amplifier that provides 150 watts RMS bridged mono power, a stereo, priority ovverride pair of inputs and balanced noise control. Thanks to its versatility this AudioSource model can idealy be used in a 6.1 or 7.1 channel system, as a rear-channel or second-zone amplifier. The easy to use interface has 2 simple volume and balance knobs with a A/B speaker selector. A great price-value ratio, a 2 year warranty and basic features that an amplifier must have make it into an affordable choice for your future sound system.

“I’m a huge fan of electronic music. I like to listen to sharp highs, deep lows and fine effect every time I put on a set. This amp manages to extract the juiciness off my speakers and provide me just that. Paired with my 2 channels JBL I get the right amount of sound power.” Howard Thim

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Marantz AV7005 audio video pre-processor


For a better audio experience, the use of the Marantz AV7005 audio video Pre-processor is very beneficial. This product has the 1.4 3D ready 6 HDMI inputs that have the connectivity function. The input comprises of two selectable outputs and 1 front input allowing you to have an ease in the process. You can also connect your iPhone or iPod music with the amplifier in the presence of the USB input. This Marantz byproduct will provide you with quality sound best for your listening habits.

“I can say this is a top of the line audio station. It has all you can imagine! Can be connected to various media devices and with hundreds of audio outputs. It also provides a good sound clarity and power. Fits well in my multimedia corner and got no problem with it ever since I received it.” Andre Jolicoeur

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Onkyo A-9555 digital stereo amplifier


Considered as one of the headlights best power amplifiers reviews, the Onkyo A-9555 Integrated Digital Stereo amplifier is now known all over the world for its efficiency and competence it provides. Along with functionality come the vector linear Optimum Gain volume circuitry system, digital technology and pure stream power supply which is really advantageous. The Onkyo stereo amplifier has also 2 outputs and 6 inputs, selector knobs and aluminum volume providing you the ability to control the whole product.

“I bought a used Onkyo amp from Amazon because of the price difference and the good reviews it got. I can say that I made a bargain because it works perfect. I also got a warranty but was no need to make use of it. It has an impressive look, great functionality and sharp sound output.” Gabriel Considen

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Marantz PM6004 integrated amplifier


Along with the fashionable structure of the Marantz PM6004 amplifier black version, it also comes with reliable and efficient features. The features include the detachable power code, remote system, triple layer bottom chassis and the direct source mode that is really essential and useful. The remote system allows you to control this device with greater ease and comfort. The product is powered by a 70 W and 100W per channel with the presence of double-shielded Toroidal transformer.

“I am a media store owner and also a web reviewer. I like to try various products and express my knowledge on the internet so that others make an idea of what they are buying. I can recommend this product for those in search of a smart, efficient and durable product.” Magnus Karlsen

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Parasound 2250 power amplifier


The Parasound 2250 power amplifier received various positive comments from its users since the time it was developed by its manufacturer. The product has several advantages and features which provides the listeners with impact that are head-turners. With the modernity and functionality it exhibited, the needs and demands of the listeners were satisfied. It has the 250 and 400 watts per channel producing clear and vivid sounds. The mono operations A/B speaker terminals make you choose from the varieties of channels of the Parasound amplifier.

“This is quite an old one but does its job right. It hasn’t got all the new invented functions of modern amps but provides extreme power thus keeping it safe for the speakers. Used it with several brand name speakers of various powers of up to 700 watts and didn’t encounter any problem till now.”  Joel R. Arnold

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