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If you’re searching for the best portable photo scanner, this short yet full of information guide can be of great help. It contains many buying options and a comprehensive guide that will educate you on the topic, all so we can make sure your money is well spent. We went through expert opinions and advice, to bring to your attention only options that could make your life easier, especially if you need a gadget that you can use daily. One product that stood out is the Doxie Go SE. This is a compact machine that packs a lot of power. It can scan photos in a matter of seconds, it is easy to use and, more importantly, the end-results are accurate and appealing. If you want an equally budget-friendly option, the Flip-Pal mobile could be what you are looking for to solve your scanning needs.



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A device from this category can help photo buffs and archivists digitize their prints, so they can access them even while they are away. Most scanners provide handy features, such as high resolution, zoom, and fast speeds. When looking for a good portable photo scanner, make sure it comes with some sort of software to help retouch scans and also remove scratches. To learn more about these products for sale, read this guide in its entirety.

The right features

Cheap portable photo scanners are available in an extensive range of prices and with modern capabilities. As a rule of thumb, low-cost models are limited to just scanning photo prints. Many do an excellent job at this and are budget friendly. But if you want a little more, go for products that have a higher price tag, but which can deliver versatility.

Most scanners feature advanced and basic modes, which you can access by pressing a button or via the provided apps. The basic mode should be effortless to use since it automatically selects the settings for you, while the advanced one lets you customize settings to your liking.

Many types of products also have dust and scratch-removal capabilities, both nifty additions to have if you own beat-up photos. The dust feature works well and without draining the battery, but effective scratch removal still has flaws, as the technology is young and needs maturing.


Is a sheet feeder essential?

If you plan to scan files on a regular basis, especially those longer than two pages, you should browse for a sheet feeder. Having to open a chunky flatbed lid and then set a page in place carefully is an unpleasant but undemanding chore. But having to repeat that process ten times for a ten-page document is a tiresome task.

Some sheet-fed scanners, even if more expensive, can also handle thicker originals, like the precious health-insurance ID cards, portable photo scanners reviews tell us.

If you’ll mostly be scanning less than two pages at a time, a manual sheet feeder is all you need. If you are scanning extended documents on a daily basis, however, you should invest in an automatic document feeder, which will minimize your efforts.

Pick the ADF capacity depending on the number of pages you think you’ll scan in a week.  Some ADFs can even handle stacks of business cards as well, no matter their format or how colorful they are.


Resolution and other concerns

If you mainly plan on scanning text documents, models with a low resolution of 300 dpi would fit best. However, if color photos and flyers are your priority, consider buying a 600 to 1200 dpi scanner. You should also estimate how often you will put it to good use.

You could pay attention to the software the product uses. For example, there are devices that can help you edit the photos you scan, which offer optical character recognition or OCR, automatic text indexing, the convenient ability to create searchable PDF documents, and many others.

It is all about learning what you need from a machine like this and going for it, without worrying about features that you’ll never be going to use. You can also invest in other accessories for your cheap and efficient mobile scanner to make your life easier.



Top portable photo scanners in 2019



Down below, you have what could be the perfect portable document scanner for your needs, if you pay attention to the options and their specs. We selected those products based on buyer reviews and their price, so you won’t end up overspending for something that is not worth it.



Doxie Go SE


Preserve your memories with the help of this product. It’s a small and compact piece, which you can carry with you anywhere you go. The most enjoyable part is that it comes with a rechargeable battery so that you won’t waste money on disposable ones, thus also helping the environment.

Buyers also seem to enjoy its minimalist design and the fact that it is intuitive and easy to use, even by seniors or those who are not good with gadgets. The scanning tool doesn’t need a computer to work, which is a plus. It can scan documents, photos, posters and even flyers.

It’s this versatility that propelled it to the top of many lists, along with its speed-  it takes it only eight seconds to scan a color page, an impressive feature that not many products can brag about. You’ll also enjoy its compactness, and that it doesn’t need a lot of space when stored.

The model comes with an included memory slot, and it can scan up to four hundred pages per single charge. The piece also can store up to 4000 pages before it needs to sync, which is just as simple and effortless as using the product itself.

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Flip-Pal mobile


Good quality usually comes with a steep price. But that’s not the case with this model. It can scan everything, including fragile documents, color photos, memorabilia and even magazines. And all the files will be stored on the provided SD card for convenience.

The product is battery powered, and it doesn’t drain it fast, as it has a long battery life even if you use it intensively. The StoryScans software transforms your documents into digital files at high definitions, without supersizing them, so you’ll always have free storage.

Its patented flip-and-scan technology is a pleasure to use and not counterintuitive at all. Furthermore, fragile documents are handled safely, and even tiny documents can be digitized with the product’s help. The included EasyStitch software reassembles multiple scans of larger papers automatically, just like a puzzle that puts itself together.

It will deliver crisp files, without any quality loss in less than seven seconds, at 300 dpi. This speed is impressive, and so are the rest of its features. Colors, fine detail and dimensions are true to the original, and there’s no interpolation. Moreover, the scanning process is quiet, which is something that most buyers appreciate when it comes to this unit.

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Vupoint Solutions


This portable scanner comes with a color LCD and an auto-feed dock. You can also install a free app so you can upload your scans to any cloud-based service like Google Drive or Facebook. Moreover, you can do this via Wifi, without having to connect any cable.

If you need storage, the device features a microSD card slot where you can insert one that is up to 32GB. To use the scanner, all you have to do is turn on the device and drag it across the photo you want to digitize, and its quick sensor will do the rest of the work for you.

When docked, the sensor feeds and scans documents automatically using its auto feed feature, even while the scanner charges. This way, you will have increased quality, control, and ease of use. Plus, your files will have an enhanced resolution of 1200 dpi.

Its integrated USB port allows the user to connect the scanner to a PC via the USB cable to view and edit the scanned digital files, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. As a bonus, you also get an Optical Character Recognition editing software that lets you convert scanned documents into text.

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