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Top portable grills in 2019


Let’s start the party, right in the middle of nature, on a mountain slope or in the backyard with grilled food. Men and women of all ages love to eat hamburgers, stakes, chicken wings and many more, especially during outdoor gatherings or special weekend cookouts. Well, whenever friends or family members decide to go on a hike it’s important to have with them a reliable grill that can become a reliable source of food. Getting information from some of the current best portable grills reviews is an important step in discovering the most efficient model, with the right features needed to prepare delicious food.


Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip


Best Portable Grills reviewsIf you are going on a road trip and you want to want to eat something delicious after you’ve settled in then Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip portable grill should accompany you. This 36-inch grill combines efficiency with convenience which delivers a 285 square inch of cooking space, ideal for people that love to be a bit creative with the food. The model reunites the full burning heat of two 10.000 BTU burners that will cook the meat evenly. Due to the independent knobs you can reduce or increase the temperatures. The grill has two cast-iron grill grates, coated with precision in porcelain thus adding extra convenience.

“There is nothing like grilled meat  and because I wanted all my picnics to have such delights, I bought the Coleman 9949-750 portable grill. It has a large enough cooking area so I can cook a lot of meat at a time for the wole family and I also like the little tables which are very helpful.”  John Russel

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Weber 386002 Q 100


As most of the latest best portable grills reviews showed, in great details, Weber 386002 Q 100 is a great way to prepare delicious food, with that special grilled flavour. Anytime you want this grill will help you cook in style. Made out of cast aluminum, this grill has a cooking space of 189-square inch cooking area which more than enough to prepare tasty stakes, hamburgers or sausages. The model delivers an impressive 8500 BTU heat from the stainless steel burner which keeps the food uniformly heated. This portable grill works on 14.1 ounce or if you prefer better 16.4 ounce LP cylinders.

“ I suggest getting the Weber 386002 Q 100 portable grill if you like your meat to be cooked in the right way. I have it and it does wonders for me helping me make the tastiest sausages or other meat products. Another thing you might like about it is that it has an affordable price.” Andy Jackman

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Weber 1520


If you want cooking precision, reliability and high quality while you cook, then Weber 1520 portable grill is the answer to all your problems. This Go-Anywhere grill is the ideal way to improve the fun level in any campsite by providing tasty food. The grill has an impressive 160 square inch cooking area and a solid triple nickel-plated cooking grate which allows you to cook quick and very easy. You start off the portable grill with ease by pushing the ignite button, thus saving you time from using matches. The model also comes with Weber cookbook in order to expand the cooking process.

“This classic looking grill is a very reliable one and I tell you this from experience because I have been using it for some time now, for home BBQs and for picnics. My main reason for buying it was because it was portable and I could easily take it with me.” Brad Norris

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Cuisinart CGG-180T


A growing number of the current best portable grills reviews, drafted by thousands of satisfied users and even cooks, underline the efficiency of Cuisinart CGG-180T portable grill, a model very popular in the US. This portable gas grill comes with a sufficient 145 square inch grilling area and also with foldaway legs which it ideal for cooking outdoor and implicitly enjoying delicious grilled food. The model can be used with ease to cook around 8 burgers, 8 stakes, fish, vegetables or chicken wings every time you need to. It embodies the force of a 5.500 BTU stainless steel burner that evenly heats up the meat.

“I was looking for a portable grill for me and my family and when I came across  this grill from Cuisinart, I simply had to have it. The modern technology and look are combined with classic grill features which make an excellent final product.” Eddy Burnley

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Weber 10020 Smokey Joe


Once you take Weber 10020 portable charcoal grill with you on a camping trip or simply at the beach everyone will be near you. On this powerful grill you will be able prepare delicious food, from stakes, burgers, fish and ending with chicken, vegetable and many more. The model has a sturdy glass reinforce nylon handle that gives you the possibility to easily remove the lid. Furthermore you also have to know that the grill comes with porcelain enamelled coating that prevents with ease the appearance of rust or progressive fading. On this grill you will cook like a pro!

“A classic looking grill was what I wanted for myself and this is precisely what I got with the Weber 10020 Smokey Joe. A very important feature about it is its protability, for me being essential, because I like a good old fashioned BBQ at the edge of a forrest, with the freshest air possible.” Henry Walters

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