Best Portable Folding Bed Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best portable folding bed money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best portable folding beds on the market by looking at owner feedback, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Forfar stood out through quality and outstanding features. Holding up to 260 pounds, this model can be used by many people and it is its usefulness that recommends it above all. It can be easily set up as a camping bed, so, if you are planning a trip to the great outdoors, it would be nice to have one such great item in your luggage. You can fold it and carry it around as it is, or you can use a carry bag. Made to last, this is a sturdy model that you will surely love. If the Forfar is out of stock, you could also consider the VIVO COT-V01 as the second best option.



Buying guide


Portable folding beds are an easy solution for the times when you have someone over and sleeping arrangements have to be made on the spot. They are, however, much more versatile than we give them credit, since some models can be used for camping, as well. When it comes to portable fold up beds, there are so many choices available on the market, that making the right choice may feel quite difficult. Always take your own needs and preferences into account when you are selecting a new product, and take into account the following advice.

1.Forfar Camping Bed Portable

Weight capacity

One of the most important aspects you should take into consideration when you are shopping for this type of bed is how much weight it can hold. The frame of the bed should be made from a sturdy material, such as steel, in order to support a person with a larger weight. You will find many models on the market that can support up to 260 pounds, and they are considered a common choice. In case you plan to take the folding bed on trips and you know that it will be used by someone who weighs more than this, you should take your time and look around for a model that can support more weight. A durable frame, as mentioned a bit earlier, is paramount, and you may have to make a compromise, since frames made of stronger metals tend to be heavier, too. As long as the bed folds up and can be stored inside the trunk of your car, it should be no problem, but this is something that you should keep in mind, nonetheless.



For outdoor or indoor use?

It is important to know what kind of portable folding bed you want to purchase. Do you want a model that you can take camping? Or do you want one that can only be used indoors? You would be surprised to learn that there are so many models available that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The fabric used for the ones that are supposed to be used mostly outdoors should be more resistant to stains and also a bit resistant to water, since it may have to withstand some action from weather elements. For kids who want to sleep over to their friends’ house, a simple cot that unfurls could be the best choice. The best models available even have a waterproof base, so they can be placed anywhere. More complex models can even be turned into a sofa and they are very stylish, but, as you may well expect, these are only for indoor use. A portable folding guest bed can come in many shapes and sizes. The cheapest do not have a headboard and they must be propped against a wall, so that guests can enjoy a more comfortable sleep. Roll up beds are quite popular, too, and they are inexpensive, plus you can take them out camping, and place them inside a tent, if you want. Portable folding bunk beds are available, and you can use them when your kids have more friends over. The possibilities are truly endless, and picking a model should always be based on what kind of portable folding bed you need. If you only need one for indoors, you can get a more expensive one, like a folding sofa, or bunk beds, but, for outdoor use, it is recommended to go for cheaper yet durable models, since they may have to withstand some wear and tear.

2.VIVO Cot


Do not forget about comfort when you are getting a foldable bed. Even if this type of bed is intended for temporary use only, you should go as far as to sacrifice comfort. Foam mattresses are relatively inexpensive, and they can be found on portable beds, so comfort is not difficult to achieve. From all the models available for sale, you should pick the ones that can provide comfort, even if they are supposed to be placed directly on the floor. A thicker mattress should do the trick, if there is no frame to support it.



Top Portable Folding Beds in 2019


Folding beds provide convenience by extending comfort outside the bedroom. The best thing about it is that it is extremely portable and can be brought almost anywhere. Aside from that, because it is portable, it saves a lot of space when not in use. It can be a guest bed for visitors who wish to stay overnight. There are many benefits to a folding bed and almost every household has one. Because it is a very useful object, different folding beds are made according to specific use and style. There are hundreds of options to choose from, which can be confusing for the average buyer. A little research can be helpful, like reading the best portable folding bed reviews. For those who don’t have the luxury of time to do this, we have compiled a list of the most interesting items on the market.





1.Forfar Camping Bed Portable

The Forfar is one of the most popular portable folding beds on the market and consumers really love it. The cot is very comfortable and, when you are done with it, and you want to head back home, or take all your supplies to a different camping spot, nothing is simpler than folding this model. Made of sturdy materials, the camping bed is capable of holding up to 260 pounds, so it can be used by many people. You can take this camping cot with you on any kind of trip, be it camping, hiking, or simply traveling away from home.




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2.VIVO Cot

A model for adults, the VIVO COT-V01 is made of good quality aluminum and polyester resistant to water. The legs are made of steel, to ensure proper stability and sturdiness. People weighing up to 250 pounds can use it without a worry. Because the bed sits 18 inches above the ground, you do not have to worry about small insects crawling under your blanket. A carrying bag is provided to buyers, for maximum convenience. Setting up this camping bed is straightforward and takes very little time. You can take this camping bed on trips or use it for guests when they decide to stay overnight at your place.




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Sleep Master Traveler Elite


Best Portable Folding Bed ReviewsFolding beds are not usually generous when it comes to cushioning, but the Sleep master traveler Elite Folding guest bed is definitely an exception. The mattress is thick enough to almost feel like an actual bed. When the bed is folded up, the mattress stays securely locked with a clamp. The bed’s lightweight and rather compact construction makes it easy to transport and store. It is a very impressive folding bed for the money.




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Milliard Lightweight


The Millard Lightweight Folding bed may not the best portable folding bed in 2019 but it is right up there with the popular high-end folding bed brands. This bed has a reliable frame made of durable materials, which supports a very comfortable mattress that is 4 inches thick. It is very easy to spread out and fold up after use. It is surprisingly light considering its very solid frame, not to mention a rather thick mattress. It is a little too expensive for a folding bed but the quality is worth it.




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Linon Luxor


The Linon Luxor Folding bed may not be very popular in the top portable folding bed reviews, but it is the perfect folding bed unit for those who are looking for budget models. The steel frame is sturdy and lightweight. The mattress that comes with it may be reported as a memory foam but, according to a number of people who experienced the product, it doesn’t feel like it. The mattress issue, aside, the bed looks great and the price is very reasonable for its quality.




Buy from Amazon for ($104.69)





Trademark Innovations Portable


The Trademark Innovations Portable Camping Bed and Cot may not be very impressive as a guest bed, but that’s because it is basically designed for camping. For camping beds, comfort is sacrificed for portability, but this folding camping bed tries to balance both. It is strong enough to support 260 pounds of weight. This model is not as great as the previous folding bed units but it is actually more than what can be expected from a folding bed at its price point.




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iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed – no longer available


The iBed in a Box Hideaway guest Bed is the best portable folding bed in 2019 in terms of price and quality. It offers the comfort and convenience that a portable folding bed is intended for. The size of the bed is just enough for the average person. The bed frame is sturdy and stable enough to support more than average weight. Its compact structure makes it really easy to setup for use and fold after. All these features are available at a very affordable price.




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