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Fishing is a sport, a passion and a hobby, shared by millions of people around the world. The intensity and relaxation combine in a unique way whenever friends go together to fish. Well, there is a sure way to fish better experience, used with confidence by professional fishermen. What could be their secret you might ask? Well, the answer is simple: fishfinders. Using a professional and accurate fishfinder represents the best way to obtain a good capture with every fishing session. Once you manage to read some of the current best portable fishfinders reviews you will be able to find the model best suited to your requirements.


Norcross HawkEye F33P


Best Portable Fishfinders reviewsIf you are searching for those great fish banks then use with confidence Norcross HawkEye F33P portable fishfinder, your own personal treasure map on the water. Ideal for big or small fishing expeditions, HawkEye F33P combines the latest developments in portable fish finding technology, guaranteed to guide to the best places to fish. With an ultra-wide and reliable 45 degree sonar beam angle that provides great depth readings from 1.5 to 99.9 feet which is quite impressive. In addition to its accurate data, Norcross HawkEye is operational down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, including trollable and mountable sonar sensor.

“ I love going fishing everytime I have the chance and after having this reliable fishfinder, I am even able to catch more fish than before. All the data it is able to retrieve allows me to see what is going on beneath the waves and where the fish are.” Henry Frost

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Garmin Echo


Some of the best portable fishfinders reviews, written by professional fishermen and amateur ones, underline the efficiency of Garmin Echo model which is equipped with a high quality target tracking technology. In a detailed 4-inch grayscale display, you will see new and ready to “attack” fish banks. Affordable, efficient and accurate, Garmin portable fishfinder comes incorporated with HD-ID target tracking technology, which allows you to watch the separation of images. The sonar will give the response of a scan that reaches by up to 600 feet, which is ideal for most freshwater lakes. You will have a secret fishing trick that will help you fish more!

“The sonar on this fishfinder is absolutely amazing, managing to show the terrain and the fish up to 600 feet. With it I have a complete picture of the underwater world and I catch much more fish than before. A fisherman should have the Garmin Echo as a central piece of their fishing gear.” Richard Oss

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Hummingbird 120 Fishin’ Buddy


Get in your boat and set your sights on a lake nearby and fish while being accompanied by Hummingbird 120 Fishin’ Buddy portable fishfinder, a model very popular in the United States of America. This powerful portable fishfinder gives you the ultimate experience in fishing, due to its ergonomic clamp mount design. With a detailed monochrome display and also reliable Side Finding sonar you will be able to precisely pin point the location of fish banks and thus return home with a sizable catch. This portable fishfinder will work for 30 hours straight of continuous operation. Furthermore Hummingbird fishfinder has an impressive 240 feet depth sonar reach.

“I decided to get this portable fishfinder because I read some great reviews about it. I put it to work and what the reviews say about it is absolutely true. It is a clear advatage to have it in my boat and the number of fish I catch now lays testimony to that.” Jake Barry

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Hummingbird 408460-1


More and more of the latest best portable fishfinders reviews emphasize on the fluid functionality of Hummingbird 408460-1 model, used with confidence by thousands of amateurs or professional fishermen. You will see on the 5-inch high resolution display the 12 level greyscale. Hummingbird 408460-1 portable fishfinder has a dual beam 82/200Khz sonar with an impressive 300 watts RMS power output, which helps you see exactly where the fish banks are without any problems whatsoever. Other important features of this portable fishfinder includes Freeze Frame that shows you exactly where is the fish, Real Time window and also echo enhancement system.

“If you want a reliable portable fishfinder then check out the one I own, the Hummingbird 408460-1 , with its ability to show me exactly where the fish banks are. My advice to other fisherman is to have this fishfinder in their boat because they are extremely helpful.” Alan Cole

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Lowrance 000-10236-001


It’s time to fish in style with Lowrance Elite-5 portable fishfinder! Use this secret tool of fishing and enjoy the benefits. This portable fishfinder technologically equips you to find the hot spots, clearly and without any restrictions. Incorporating the precise DownScan imaging innovation display crystal, Lowrance give you colourful images of the water where the fish banks are. Due to the presence of Thermoclines Exposed or Fish Truly Revealed, Lowrance 000-102336-001 portable fishfinder will give you clear images, showing you where the predator fish and baitfish are. In addition, Elite-5 DSI transmits around 4.000W peak-to-peak/500 RMS power, which reaches depths of 200 feet/61 meters.

“This fishfinder even has a maping system, telling me where I am and at the same time saving the location where I find important  fish banks. The decision to get it was a great one from my part and if someone wants one they should get it cause it is very effective.” Warren Hogh

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