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Top pogo sticks in 2019


Sometimes for a parent it is hard to know what to get for your little one, so he/she will play happily always. Recent statistics show that many people from the States are opting to buy pogo sticks for their children, no matter the gender. Children consider jumping with a pogo stick a fun activity. The best pogo sticks reviews identify the best models and if you check the list below, you will be able to read a short description of the most successful pogo sticks.


Flybar 800


Best pogo sticks reviewsA great gift for your child can be Flybar 800 pogo stick, which is both fun and durable. This pogo stick jumps higher than most of its rivals, maximizing the fun. It can even be used by full grown adults because the frame proves to be very resistant. The optimum weight for it is between 80 and 180 pounds, so some parents can give it a go as well. You will be able to adjust it accordingly with the aid of single pin piston. The key to its great functionality is the elastometric spring system.

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Super Pogo 1505


This pogo stick is not for children because it has a sturdy frame and it manages to support a weight from 120 pounds to 210 pounds. Adolescents or adults can have use it for fun purposes, trying to do different tricks with it. The capabilities it has can only be achieved with the aid of a solid metal construction, which is even reinforced with clamps and steps. Its tip is made from a special kind of rubber called Nitrile, which the manufacturer describes as being virtually indestructible. The top pogo sticks reviews hold it in high regards and give it high marks for safety.

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Flybar Foam Master


Fybar Foam Master pogo stick is a lot of fun if you decide to buy it for yourself or make it a gift for others. Most of its metal body is covered in foam, adding to its durability. The foot pads are non-slip, so there is no chance you can injure yourself by slipping off the pogo stick. No assembly is required and children tend to love jumping up and down with it. Also keep in mind that its maximum weight is 160 pounds. We considered this model one of the best pogo sticks in 2019.

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Air Kicks Large Jumparoo Boing! II


Give your kid the chance to jump two feet of the ground with this pogo stick. Because it is all built from metal, durability is one of its key features, so your child will play with it until he outgrows it. The metal spring is fully encased by the metal frame, thus it can’t deteriorate. The handle is equipped with comfort grips and this way your child won’t feel uncomfortable. These top features make this model a favorite of the best pogo sticks reviews and of children all over the country.

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Air Kicks Jumparoo Anti-Gravity


If you want to put a smile on your son or daughter’s face, you should seriously consider getting Air Kicks Jamparoo Anti-Gravity pogo stick. The patented jumping jax technology is the secret to its excellent jumping capabilities. Also, the rugged rubber t-springs allow it to jump to 2 feet up in the air, for a maximum amount of fun. The innovative base design means it is much safer than standard pogo sticks because the contact surface is much wider.

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