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Top pocket multi-tools in 2019


There are millions of adventurous people that are now searching for the best trips and routs in order to enjoy the thrill of nature. There are also handymen that love to fix things around the house and love to be prepared for anything. For such individuals there are professional pocket multitools, designed to provide the right assistance in various circumstances. Reading some of the best pocket multi-tools reviews represents the quickest way to find the best model, capable of becoming a useful addition to your home. With a professional and handy pocket multi-tool you will be able get any job done faster than running in the tool kit and searching for larger tools.


Leatherman 831207


Best Pocket Multi-Tools reviewsIt’s important to be ready for anything, irrespective of your location. This is where Leatherman 831207 pocket multi-tools come in handy, helping you get out of sticky situations through the multitude of tools present in the basic package. Convenient and carefully designed, Leatherman pocket multi-tool is ready to accompany you everywhere you go. This powerful multi-tool from Leatherman comes equipped with a 420HC clip-point knife blade, a carabiner and bottle opener, spring scissors. Furthermore in this multi-tool you will also find a nail file, tweezer, a powerful flat Philips screwdriver and also a stainless-steel scale, helping you be prepare for various situations.

“Having a multi-tool in my pocket all the time, helps me be prepared for any unforseen situation my job throws at me. I got this Letherman multi-tool because it is the best on the market and it also comes at a very resonable price. If you are a do it yourself kind of man like me than this should be in your tool belt.” Johnny Donnoly

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Leatherman 831426 Wingman


The current best pocket multi-tools reviews, drafted by thousands of satisfied handymen underline the efficiency of Leatherman 831426 Wingman, a model ideal to use with confidence. This go-to tool is perfect for various projects around the house or when your camped somewhere in the woods. Leatherman 831426 includes blades, blade edge, small, medium and Philips screwdriver, pliers, needle nose, file, wire cutter, wood saw, bottle opener, can opener, ruler and also a wire stripper. Leatherman Wingman multi-tool helps you to solve any predicament. With a modern and sleek design this pocket multi-tool will certainly impress your friends.

“When I first laid my eyes on the Letherman 831426 I knew straight away that it had to be mine. Everything about it is a real man`s dream. I feel suitably prepared for anything with it by my side. It is no surprise why I only read great reviews about it.” Roger Jackson

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Gerber 31-000750 Bear Grylls


Created after a close collaboration between survival expert Bear Grylls and Gerber, 31-000750 pocket multi-tools comes with 10 reliable stainless steel and also weather-resistant components that never disappoint you. This pocket multi-tool includes two full-size blades that go with ease in your pocket. Gerber 31-000750Bear Grylls multi-tools includes: pliers, knives, drivers, tweezers, wire cutters, Phillips screwdriver, and lanyard ring, bottle opener for easy and more complicated projects. Lightweight, easy to use and loaded to the tools need to survive in any environment, Gerber 31-000750 pocket multi-tools will always be there for you to provide the right assistance.

“The 10 different tools that come with this multi-tool have helped me so many times in the past and have made me realise how much help they trully are. Since I have such a good record with it I must recommend it to whoever is intrested in getting it.” Walt Sanders

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Leatherman 831429 Sidekick


Leatherman high quality and efficiency can’t be denied, and the Sidekick pocket multi-tools respects the guidelines set forth by the engineers. Receiving great feedback from the latest best pocket multitools reviews, Sidekick comes with all the basic tolls that you might need at a given time and more importantly at an affordable price. You will find 15 tools in the stainless steel construction from Leatherman. The tools that you can use include the following: wood and metal file, small and medium screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, ruler, can and also bottle opener, a lanyard ring and a Hex bit driver.

“What more can anyone want from a multi-tool, because my Letherman has 15 tools from which I can choose from when I need to get something done. For me this is the ideal tool to have around with me, anywhere I go on a working site.” Henry Worthington

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Swiss+Tech ST53100


Swiss technology brings a solid combination of force and precision. To this end ST53100 pocket multi-tools makes absolutely no exception, bringing to light high quality and efficiency during construction projections. This stainless steel multi-tools from Swiss+Tech has a quick-release and reliable self-locking mechanism which can fold with ease in 19 professional tools. Cool, no? Well, let’s see now that tools you can safely use anytime and anywhere: 2 hex wrenches, six screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutter, stripper and crimper, hand drill, bottle opener, file, 2 accurate ruler and also 2 ruler extensions. This is probably the reason so many people consider ST53100 pocket multi-tools extremely handy.

“I decided to get this multi-tool cause it presents me with a huge number of possibilities, more than its rivals and it also has a very compact design so I can put it in my pocket and take it wherever I want. My advice to others is to get this multi-tool if given the chance.” Daniel Schulz

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