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Fitness aficionados can all agree that plyometric boxes are great helpers when it comes to losing weight or simply staying in shape. These items are so popular that even some gyms use them for aerobics or weight loss programs. If you want to get one, you surely want to pick the best plyo box of 2019. Yet how to know for sure that it’s the best, when you’re shopping for it online?

One of the easiest ways of finding out is by reading the best plyo box reviews. People’s opinions are usually unbiased, which is why you can trust them. Remember, time spent on reading reviews and product descriptions is never time wasted! It’s a great way of saving money, which would otherwise have been spent on an average product.


The first thing to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy one of the top rated plyo boxes of 2019 is its size. By size, we’re both referring to the size of the landing surface and to the height of the entire plyo box. The best piece of advice you could base your decision on is the following: try to avoid a plyo box that comes with a fixed height.

Your own body might be going through changes particularly if you’re a woman and you might want to tone your movements down a notch. Moreover, if you intend on purchasing the plyo box so that more members of your family use it, try to pick an adjustable model, so that everyone is comfortable with the product.



Plyo boxes are generally made of three types of materials: wood, metal or plastic. While each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, the whole idea behind choosing a plyo box is its durability. The shorter the box, the more sturdy it is. When you use the item, you’re inadvertently applying a certain amount of pressure on the landing surface.

Consequently, if the plyo box were not made to be durable, the landing surface would crack or easily deteriorate.



Cheaper models can cost around $50, whereas more expensive and sturdy ones can make you spend up to $200.


Top Plyo Boxes in 2019


Regardless of your choice, it’s important to know that your personal preferences matter the most. Choosing a good and dependable product can happen only after you’ve browsed through the best plyo box reviews, and we have done so ourselves.

After having consulted the opinions of many buyers, we’ve concluded that the following three models are top-quality plyo boxes.


Stamina X Adjustable Height


Although it’s a little pricier when compared to other models, this is by far the best plyo box of 2019 we have stumbled upon. It comes with adjustable height and a durable, non-slip landing surface. It is quite important for people who are exercising to fall on a surface that isn’t slippery, because otherwise they’d go through unfortunate accidents.

The model adjusts to 4 different heights. This is one of the sturdiest plyo boxes out there, considering the fact that it comes with heavy-duty steel construction. Moreover, people wanting to lose weight can largely benefit from owning this item, because it even comes with a workout guide.

Yet another neat thing about this Stamina X model is the fact that users do not need to assemble it once it’s delivered at their homes.

The product has received some of the best plyo box reviews. There are many buyers who claim that it’s a safe device. Multiple customers state that they have experienced no issue when working out with this model and that they’re most impressed by the compact size and easy adjustment it features. Other individuals emphasize the fact that it helps them save space, especially since fitness devices take up quite a lot of room.

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Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric


Compared to the model we were mentioning above, this one is a fully wooden one. It’s ¾ inch thick and comes with assembly screws. It’s a little cheaper than its Stamina X counterpart, but does come with fixed height, which means it’s probably perfect to use for people with high resistance to physical effort. It’s the perfect choice for step-ups, box squats and even box jumps.

To make sure that the users don’t go through uncomfortable experiences, the manufacturers have sanded the edges of this one. This feature provides both comfort and safety at the same time. Moreover, the box features an internal bracing so that it’s strengthened and perfectly safe to use.

The Rep 3 in 1 model is also remarkably easy to assemble. It seems that it does not take more than 15 minutes to put it together, and if you are experiencing any issue, you can always check out the manufacturer’s website and see an instructional video.

Let’s see what actual buyers had to say about this one. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, it would be difficult to think that this item hasn’t received some of the best plyo box reviews out there.

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Fuel Pureformance Adjustable


This model is by far the cheapest one we have stumbled upon. It might not be dirt cheap, but it surely comes at an affordable price for the features it has. It might not look like the most performant exercising tool at the first glance, but this little guy will help you get your training done and feel like you’ve been born again.

It’s being used by athletes all over the world, to improve performance and increase both speed and agility.

The neat thing about it is the fact that it comes with three adjustable heights: 14”, 18” and 22”. The landing surface is non-slip.

In order to prevent any accidents, the feet of the plyo box have been constructed using rubber. The item comes with a friendly size and can be made to fit narrow spaces.

Buyers claim that this one is also among the most sturdy and stable products of its line. According to the same individuals, the model is perfect for people doing their exercise at home. Moreover, if you live in a not so roomy apartment, it could also be a great idea to get this plyo box.

As already stated, the item is remarkably easy to put together although there have been people mentioning it would’ve been a great help if some of the screws had been colored differently than others.

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