Best Plunge Router from Ryobi Reviews


Generally, woodworkers can do plenty more tasks in the workshop using the best plunge router available on the market. There are very few things in woodworking you can’t do with a router. You can make mortise and tenons and raised panel doors, you can use the machine to plane and do edge profiling, the list is endless. With a plunge router, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of shapes that can be placed onto an edge to give them  an impressive appearance.

Depending on what you’re doing, you can choose the perfect router to fit the job. It is best to make a purchase after a decent amount of research to ensure you’re getting genuine value for money.


Motor Power Rating/Variable Speed Control

Try not to get a model that comes with less than a 2 HP rating. Yes, you will need all that power to eject bigger bits through some stocks. With sufficient power, you will also be able to use the machine for a wide array of applications. Some Ryobi hand tools offer as high as 10 amps and variable motor speeds between 15,000 and 23,000.

Remember that spending extra on a machine with variable speed control is always worth it. When using small bits, you might do fine with a single-speed machine. But working with larger speeds may require using a slower cutting speed. Adjustability is a cool factor in such instances. It helps prevent the bit from getting burned. Top-of-the-line machines boast an electronic feedback system that can sense the load and adjust the speed accordingly, keeping the rpm consistent in the selected range. This ensures precision and repeatable accuracy every time.


Bit Adaptor Function

To fit most woodworking needs, you want a Ryobi plunge router that features a ½-inch collet with ¼-inch adaptor and can accept a variety of bits. For effortless one-wrench bit changes, make sure the unit has a spindle lock.

1/2 – inch bits are pricier and are also not easily available, but offer greater stability and are able to route with less vibration or chatter compared to ¼-inch bits. Also keep in mind that a ¼-inch bit can adapt into a ½-inch collet, but this is not true the other way around.

With a machine that features bit adaptor function, you can just have a single bit to handle tasks that require varying collet diameters.


Adjustable Depth and Ergonomic Handle

Thanks to AccuStop micro-adjustable depth, Ryobi routers stop easily to the selected cutting depth. In addition, the depth gauge, not only the power switch, should be within easy reach of your thumb so you won’t have to remove your hand from the grip.

Ergonomic handles reduce user fatigue. Some models feature a large, pistol-grip handle that your dominant hand holds, while your other hand goes around the motor housing of the router to keep the unit stable. Other models come with two handles found on opposite sides of the machine’s base. Choose the style that feels comfortable in your grip, as this ensures longer usage of the tool and also minimizes discomfort and stress to your hands and wrists.


Top Plunge Routers from Ryobi in 2019


Ryobi ZRRE180PL EVS Plunge Router


1.RYOBI ZRRE180PL Factory-Reconditioned 2HP Peak EVS Plunge RouterThis model belongs to the small plunge routers line available from Ryobi. It features a ½-inch collet with a ¼-inch adaptor, which allows the tool to work with a variety of bits to fit plenty of woodworking requirements. Users say they have routed large work pieces successfully without changing the router settings on this power tool, and without the unit bogging down while the depth of cut remains exactly the same as when they started. This is thanks to the AccuStop micro-adjustable depth stop that makes it easy to adjust the cutting depth and that also ensures repeatable accuracy.

The router features a soft-start electronic variable speed of 10 amps plus a range of 15,000 to 23,000 rpm to suit a variety of routing applications. The machine works with less vibration compared to other models and is also much quieter, as well. The soft start feature allows you to ease into the cut without plenty of jerk from too high a torque. The said feature also allows you to start at the center of your work piece instead of the edge, a capability that you will surely appreciate when you have to do high-precision routing tasks.

The RYOBI ZRRE180PL Factory-Reconditioned 2HP Peak EVS Plunge Router offers more than enough power to do the job. This machine is perfect for lettering work and executing intricate shaping. It features a spindle lock that enables effortless one-wrench bit changes. The handles are ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue. You can use the machine for extended periods without worrying about discomfort to your wrists and hands.

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Ryobi ZRRE180PL1G Base Plunge Router


2.RYOBI Base Plunge Router in GreenOutfitted with a two-horsepower, ten-amp variable speed motor, this RYOBI Base Plunge Router in Green provides versatility and ease of use. The variable-speed motor lets you match the speed of the router to the bit you use, so you can utilize the machine for a variety of applications. Engineered with soft-start feature, the machine allows you to ease into the cut minus the jerky motions that disable smooth execution at the beginning, which can be also be a bother when you want to start the routing task in the middle of the work piece. Offering up to 25,000 RPM, the machine lets you use the speed you want to suit the task at hand.

The AccuStop micro-adjustable depth stop lets you execute cuts with precision, as you can simply set and adjust for repetitive plunge cuts with superb precision up to two inches. The ergonomically designed handles also ensure comfortable use at every angle. The ½-inch collet and ¼-inch adapter accept a variety of bits. The package ships to you with the router, the 1/2-inch collet and ¼-inch adaptor plus the operator’s manual to ensure you can use the unit out of the box. The depth gauge is within easy reach of your thumb, enabling you to do adjustments without having to remove your hand from the handle.

The RYOBI Base Plunge Router in Green is a tool that no woodworker can do without. It enables you to be as creative as you want and to optimize your skills so you can do mortise and tenons, edge profiling, lettering, and plenty of other tasks with ease.

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To enable the avid do-it-yourself individual to complete woodworking applications with ease, the RYOBI ZRRE180PL Factory-Reconditioned 2HP Peak EVS Plunge Router and the RYOBI Base Plunge Router in Green are must haves. These hand tools provide the power you need to suit any woodworking application, while offering versatility and hassle-free usage.


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