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When it comes to professionals, proper work equipment is mandatory. Engineers, mechanics and construction workers understand full well that without good pliers set tasks become harder and harder. Working as a mechanic for over 20 years made me quite a specialist in matters of reliable pliers. I decided to compile the best Pliers Set reviews on 5 major products, selected from a long list of 60 models. After 50 hours of extensive research and tests, I noticed that these products can respond well during various tasks. A good plier set needs to vary in pieces, so that users have at their disposal what they need to get things done!


Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Set in Handy Tool Roll


Best Pliers Set reviewsSearching for the best Pliers Set in 2019 can take a while if you are not properly informed. If you want a reliable set that won’t let you down, use with confidence Channellock TOOLROLL-3. With this set, you will have access to the following pieces: 9-1/2-inch 420, 10-inch 430 tongue, groove pliers, 6-inch 526 slip joint plier, 8-inch 3017 long nose plier and 7-inch 37side cutter plier. You should know that these pliers were designed to last for a long, long time. Each piece features PermaLock fastener which eliminates bolt and nut failure. You should know that the pliers were designed with high-carbon C1080steel for enhanced performance!

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Irwin Tools Vise-Grip 2078712 GrooveLock 8-Piece


It is important to have access to a professional plier set, capable of making your job a whole lot easier. According to the best Pliers Set reviews it seems you could opt with trust for Irwin Tools Vise-Grip 2078712 GrooveLock. Are you ready for exceptional performance during various tasks? Irrespective of your work surface, the 8 piece set of professional pliers from Irwin Tools will enhance your working precision during each project. The set includes the following pieces 8-, 10-, 12- inch GrooveLock pliers, 10-inch wrench, 8-inch long needle-nose pliers, 6-inch slip joint pliers, 8-inch linesman pliers and 6-inch diagonal cutter.

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Irwin Tools Industrial Tools 2078714 Mini Pro


With a top rated Pliers Set in 2019 you will be able to perform different tasks with more precision. A professional pliers set that seems to be used by thousands of American workers comes from Irwin Tools, Industrial Tools 2078714. Each piece was designed out of nickel chromium steel for enhanced durability and proper strength during each job. The set also includes a carrying case, made out of chrome vanadium. The pliers are made with ProTouch grips which offer you a comfortable way to work and less hand fatigue. The set includes 5-1/2” needle nose, 5” bent nose, 4-3/4” lineman, 5-1/4” long nose, 5-1/4” flat nose and 4-1/2” standard diagonal.

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GearWrench 82108 7 Piece Standard Master


It is important to find the best Pliers Set in 2019 in order to work better than ever during various construction projects. You could opt with confidence for GearWrench 82108 7 piece pliers master set. This powerful set includes the following pieces: 8” end nipper, 9.5” tongue and groove plier, 8” linesman pliers, 7” diagonal cutting plier, 8” slip joint plier, 8” long nose plier, 12” groove joint plier and 7” diagonal cutting plier. The pliers set was designed with a round inside edge for enhanced comfort during each work. Furthermore each plier comes equipped with “Finger tipping” texture grip!

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Thorsen 24-524 20 piece


In the toolbox of any professional worker you will find a reliable pliers set. In the present, you have the possibility to invest in a high quality pliers set. Get to learn more things about Thorsen 24-524 pliers set. This model comes with 20 advanced pieces that skilled hands can use in order to construct different things easier than ever. Now, this particular set includes the following pieces: 3 leverage pliers (diagonal cutter, linesman and also long nose) and also 17 high end pliers for different applications (groove joint, linesman, long nose, slip joint and cutter styles). Each piece comes with ergonomic handles.

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