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Top pitching machines in 2019


Baseball is American’s favourite sport where passion, skills and pure will to win come together and forms something truly special. There are millions of professional players in the US alone that train in order to become better and better at the game. Still, every professional training pitch requires certain tools that can upgrade the player’s existing skills. One of the most important training utility that people need to have is the pitching machine. To this end, reading some of the best pitching machines reviews represents a solid step in finding the most efficient model, from the many available on the market.


Louisville Slugger UPM 45


Best Pitching Machines reviewsOfficially named the Pony Baseball and Softball League pitching machine, Louisville Slugger UPM 45 will definitely improve the game of any player. This precise pitching machine helps batters to upgrade their batting skills by creating the right conditions for a good practice Portable and requiring no electricity, UPM 45 is the ideal pitching machine for games and practices. The lever action of Louisville Slugger delivers consistent speed and location to all the balls thrown. You can use the pitching machine for throwing pitches, outfield and also infield drills: fastpictch balls up to 45 miles/hour and practice baseball up to 60 miles/hour.

“I love baseball and I want my son to turn professional in the future, because he has the gift. I bought this pitching machine cause I feel it is a wonderful piece of american engineering and with it my son can practice even in the backyard of my home, so he improves all the time.” Scott Smith

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Franklin Sports MLB 6696S3


Franklin Sports MLB 6696S3 pitching machineToday, most of the best pitching machines reviews underline the efficiency and fluid functionality of Franklin Sports MLB model, which is increasingly, used in youth baseball camps across the US. This powerful pitching machine manages to throw ball pitches every 10 seconds, always keeping the batter on his toes, ready for more thus training with greater enthusiasm. The batter will see the red light that flashes when the pitching moment is at hand, thus having the right time to calculate his moves. You should know that Franklin Sports MLB machine comes with 6 white AERO-STRIKE baseballs which can be used with confidence.

“In order to get some extra batting practice for my oldest son, I purchased this pitching machine to set up in my yard. The extra practice pays of because I can see improvements in my son`s batting. This is a great tool for batting practice, without  a doubt.” Luke Owen

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Franklin Sports MLB 14071


Franklin Sports is the brand that keeps on creating high quality training instruments which can be used with confidence by any coach. To this extent 14071 pitching machine comprises with elegance the love for the game with every coach’s training strategies for batters. Ideal for practice training, you need to set the machine to the designated angle in order to deliver: fast, soft pitches or ground balls and even pop flies. Franklin Sports 1471 comes with a tri-pod style base and also firm ground stakes that manage to prevent and tipping. As you will soon discover, this pitching machine is optimal for building confidence and skills in various young players, which show interest and talent for the game.

“My kid loves baseball so I got him this pitching machine for his birthday. He likes it so much that he trains at least 2 hours a day, even after his normal baseball training. I still make him do his homework even if he seems more set on baseball.” Alan Gerard

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SKLZ Lightning Bolt


The best pitching machines reviews written by coaches and professional ballers underline the great effects that SKLZ Lighting Bolt model has on batters during training. This pitching machine is lightweight and useful during trainings, designed to improve contact with the ball. Hitters will focus on hitting the training balls thus progressively developing their instinctive visual processing, hand-eye coordination and concentration. As you already these are the ingredients of any true batter! This model from SKLZ can automatically pitch small practice balls 25 feet at 30 miles per hour with a 5 second delay between all the programmed pitches.

“A very useful device for baseball training is the SKLZ Lightning Bold pitching machine, which makes my son improve his batting. He loves this game so I had to get him something which would help him get better and better.” Sam Butler

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SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss


It’s time to train and win games! Well, after practicing with SKLZ Catapult pitching machine things will definitely change. The pitching machine can be used for both offensive and defensive parts of the game, letting the players experience better the development of baseball. SKLZ Catapult pitching machine features spiral ball funnel that can hold by up to 8 regulation size baseballs, tossing balls at every 8 seconds. You can customize every aspect of the pitch. This pitching machine from SKLZ works on 4 D batteries or if it is plugged to a source of power.  With SKLZ technical expertise, your training sessions will receive a major boost.

“The development of my son as a baseball player is important to me because he likes doing it and I think this is the first step to making a great career. This pitching machine makes him improve his batting and I can see he is getting better as each day passes.Mark Otten

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