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Top Pie Plates in 2019


Baking pie has become a tradition for many cultures all around the world. Aside from being a gastronomic delight, it also serves as a symbol of bondage among family members, neighbors, friends, and friends, as it is being shared during different occasions. Baking pie is very easy as long as the proper tools, such as the pie plate, are available. For those who are looking for affordable and high quality pie plates, the best pie plate reviews posted online have some really good recommendations to consider.


HIC Ceramic Rose’s Perfect


Coming from the best pie plate reviews ceramic is the best material to use for baking pies. The HIC Ceramic Rose’s pie plate is an aesthetically pleasing pie plate that has adorable fluted edges that gives it an attractive scallop shape. This plate is designed with the consideration of the requirements of culinary experts and pastry chefs around the world. A lot of home bakers recommend this pie pan to their friends because of its outstanding quality and durability.

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Fiesta Deep Dish Baker


The Fiesta Dish Pie Baker has a subtle design but its baking performance is very impressive. It is a product designed by one of the best dinnerware manufacturers in America, which means it has a reliable and professional-grade quality. This is a very safe and lead-free pie pan that has a very durable glaze, making it ideal for everyday use. It has a very thick bottom which is designed to cook the pie evenly. It is very easy to clean every after use.

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Good Cook Ceramic


One of the most inexpensive pie pans on the market is the Good cook Ceramic pie plate. This simple-looking pie plate has a red glazed exterior and a flared edge that creates an attractive scallop shaped pie. This is an oven to table pie plate with a very generous size that is perfect for the whole family. It has just the right thickness which creates an evenly cooked pie. Considering its very affordable price, this pan is certainly the best pie plate in 2019.

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Libbey 55826 – 9.5 in 2 pc Deep


While most of the pie pans in this list are made of ceramic material, the Libbey 55826 Deep Pie plate is made of very durable glass. Aside from its durability, this pan allows even cooking of pies – whether it’s single or double crusted. It has handles that make it easier to transfer from the oven to the table. Because of its transparent design, the baker can make sure that the bottom of the pie is cooked evenly before serving it to the whole family.

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Pyrex Portable


Pyrex is a popular kitchenware brand and it is also the maker of the best pie plate in 2019 that is sold at a little over $10. The Pyrex pie plate portable is a 9-inch glass plate used to bake pies for picnics and other fun family events. It has plastic cover which is BPA-free – ideal for outdoor events. The cover locks securely with its easy-to-lock lid that can be fastened all the way to the base. There are multiple handles for this pie plate, making it easy to carry and transfer from the oven to the table.

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