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How to Buy a Top Rated Pet Kennel


You can easily take your pets with you when you travel and keep your furry companions safe with a portable kennel. Designed for your convenience and your pet’s safety, there are plenty of kennels for you to choose from. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will help narrow down your choices so you can choose the best pet kennel in 2019.

Best pet kennel


Whether it is a dog or a cat the best pet kennel reviews agree that it is important to consider size. The kennel should be wide and long enough for your pet to comfortably stand or lie down, but not too large that the animal looks lost. You want your pet to be comfortable but still feel secure, especially if they are not used to traveling. Extra large carriers can add to your pet’s anxiety while kennels that are too small can be uncomfortable and even harmful to their health.



The best pet kennel reviews state that you want to carefully consider the construction of the carrier. The kennel must be strong enough to support your pet’s weight, and you can usually find this listed in the product description. The materials should be approved as safe for your pet’s health, and most kennels are constructed from durable plastic and steel. Sturdy wire doors keep active pets safely locked inside while allowing plenty of ventilation and a view of the outside. Some pet carriers use recycled materials in the construction which have the added benefit of leaving a small footprint on the environment.



There are a few features to consider when you are choosing a pet kennel that can include collapsible handles and removable tops. Handles make it easy to carry the kennel with your pet inside, and locking lids that can be removed are always appreciated when you are dealing with nervous animals. Securely latching doors ensure your pet stays safely inside, and padded bottoms will provide a comfortable place for your cat or dog to lie. Included warranties can give you additional peace of mind, and pets will appreciate extra venting in the back and on the sides.


Top Pet Kennels in 2019


Even though we can’t choose the right carrier for you, we can show you the top rated pet kennels for 2019. Designed to be safe for cats, dogs, and almost any other pet, maybe one of these kennels is exactly what you need to travel safely with your furry companion.


Petmate 21231


1.Petmate Two Door Pet KennelIt is easy to see why this is one of the top selling pet carriers on Amazon, especially when you consider its affordable price. Designed for use with dogs and cats, you will love how easy it is to take them to the vet or on vacation with this convenient carrier. It is also designed to meet most standard airline safety requirements, though we do recommend that you check with the airport before booking your flight.

This pet kennel is constructed from durable hard plastic and is resistant to bending and cracking. The two doors feature combined steel and plastic wires to ensure plenty of visibility and cooling air flow. The sturdy doors are easy to securely close, and the front one uses a latching system for added safety. With a door on the top and in the front, it is easy to safely get your pet in and out of this carrier.

You will love the stylish colors that make this pet carrier stand out from the others, and your furry companion will appreciate the included water bowl. The retractable handle is designed for comfort, and makes carrying the kennel convenient and easy. Perfect for owners who love to take their pets with them, this kennel might be just what you need.

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Petmate ultra vari


2.Petmate ultra vari Pet KennelTake your cat or small dog with you on vacations or safely make it to the vet with this durable and stylish pet kennel. It is designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind, and is also convenient and easy for you to use. Meeting all of the requirements set down by IATA and the USDA, this pet kennel might be exactly what you are looking for.

You will appreciate knowing that 25 percent of the materials used in construction are recycled, and its sturdy design is resistant to bending or cracking. The kennel also features plenty of ventilation, which is always an important consideration. The study wire front door gives your pet a clear view of the outside, and the side and rear vents ensures a continuous cooling air flow.

The sturdy top is securely fastened to keep your pet safely inside. The front wire door also latches tightly closed to prevent it from accidentally swinging open. Designed to comfortably fit animals measuring 10 to 14 inches high, this kennel could be just what you need to safely travel with pet.

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Petmate Aspen Pet Porter


3.Aspen Pet Porter Pet KennelThere is very little not to like about this small pet carrier, including its adorable and stylish design. It comes at an extremely affordably priced, and is designed to keep cats and dogs under 8 inches safely contained when traveling. Constructed from high quality materials and designed in the United States, it’s easy to see why this kennel is a favorite with many pet parents.

Designed for smaller animals, this American made pet kennel features a safe and durable construction. The sturdy kennel is constructed from materials that are rated safe for animals and approved for their health. The durable wire door features a “quick latching” system which ensures that it stays securely closed when you are traveling. The wire construction also ensures plenty of visibility, along with a continual flow of air.

Your pet will also appreciate the side vents, which help to keep nervous animals relaxed and cool. The pet kennel also features a retractable handle for your convenience, along with a sturdy shoulder strap. Convenient for owners and safe for pets, this kennel might be the perfect choice for you.

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