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How to Buy the Best Pet Car Seat


Having your pet riding in the car with you can be a very enjoyable experience, or, on the contrary, a veritable nightmare. Much like kids, pets need to have proper comfort and safety ensured, while you are taking them over for a ride. The best pet car seat reviews focus on certain aspects that need to be met when you are shopping for such an item, and the following buying guide will make things easier for you, by listing all the important considerations to keep in mind, along with the most popular models.

Best Pet Car Seat


Your pet can get hurt, too, in case of accident. You need to make sure that your little furry companion will not end up injured and that it will have a comfortable ride when following you in your travels by car. A harness is usually a must to make sure that your pet will travel in perfect safety; the pet car seat you purchase should come with a connection strap that can be tied to the harness. This way, your pet will be in perfect safety. Some models only attach the seat to the seat belt, and they are a good option, too. Depending on your preferences, you can find one according to your liking.



Remember that your pet should enjoy your travels together just as much as you do. Opt for a car seat made of good quality fabrics that are soft and comfortable on the inside, so that your pet will instantly fall in love with the seat, and will enjoy riding in a car with you. Some models are made of high quality foam, so they are very soft and comfortable.


Ease of maintenance

No matter how great a car seat for pets looks like, do not forget about the ease of maintenance. The covers should be easy to remove and wash in a washing machine, with minimum effort from your part. The best pet car seat reviews particularly praise those models that come with removable covers for easy washing and maintenance.


Top Pet Car Seats in 2019


If you are shopping for the best car seats for pets, you have come to the right place. The following selection of models feature only those pet car seats that have managed so far to convince pet owners that they are the best option possible. Comfortable and stylish, they are a good choice for any loving pet owner.


Snoozer Lookout


1.Snoozer Lookout Car SeatThere are so many things to look after, when you decide to bring your four legged companion with you on a trip by car. Safety and comfort come first and they need to be catered for, even if your dog is very small. Made of comfortable foam, the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is an ideal choice for pet lovers.

The interior is made of a fabric that resembles lamb wool, offering your pet outstanding comfort, but without the unpleasant downside of real wool that can get dirty and smelly with ease.

The safety of your pet is not neglected. Considered by many the best pet car seat 2019, this particular model comes with a connection strap that will connect with the harness your dog is equipped with for maximum safety. Just like you enjoy the safety benefits offered by your seat belt, your dog will benefit from the same advantages.

If style concerns you, you should know that this model comes in many different fabric options, so finding one that is ideal for your car is not difficult at all. For your pet to travel in perfect conditions, consider including the Lookout Travel Rack that can hold the necessary food and water for your pet while you are both on the road.

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K&H Manufacturing 7632 Bucket Booster


2.K&H Manufacturing Bucket Booster Pet SeatWho says your pet doesn’t like watching out the window while you are traveling by car? This booster pet seat will elevate your adorable pet so it can watch out the window and enjoy the view.

The safety of your pet is ensured by the two security leashes that can be adjusted for the best position. In case you want to travel with your pet on the front seat, this is easy to achieve since this car seat is designed to work for both the front and the back seat. One of the top rated pet car seats 2019, this booster seat is loved by many pet owners, and it enjoys plenty of positive reviews from buyers, so it is worth taking a look.

You will also love the ease of maintenance for this model. The cover is removable and can be washed so you can maintain it clean and free of any pests that may hide in your dog’s coat. Sold with a one year limited warranty, the K&H Manufacturing Bucket Booster Pet Seat is a cheap, reliable purchase that both you and your pet will enjoy. To keep your dog safe and comfortable, opt for this very viable choice.

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Kurgo Skybox


3.Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster SeatThe first thing you will notice about this booster seat is its stylish appearance. And, if that is not enough to convince pet lovers with safety and comfort for their companions on their minds, you should know that this great looking seat is easy to maintain, provides the best comfortable conditions for your dog and it also comes with an adjustable seat belt that will keep the dog secure in case of accident.

Regardless of where you want your pet to travel, in the front with you, or in the back, you can position this car seat anywhere you like. On top of it all, your dog will love it, because the seat helps the pet sit in an elevated position, allowing it to stare out the window and enjoy traveling with you.

Created for dogs weighing up to 30 pounds, this seat works well for small and medium sized breeds. When you need to put the seat aside, the model collapses with ease and you store it away until you need it next time. The liner can be removed and washed in your washing machine, while the pad can be reversed, so that the seat always remains fresh and clean, ready for your dog to use it.

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