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Top Pencil Sharpeners in 2019


Those days are long gone when students had to waste time sharpening their pencils manually in low grade plastic pencil sharpeners. Not only did they create a mess, but also wasted a lot of productive time in a classroom. After going through numerous best pencil sharpener reviews, I present you with the five most recommended electric sharpeners. These are designed to give the perfect smooth tip without wasting time and over sharpening the pencil. They reduce clutter and mess on a student’s desk by having a large shavings reservoir in which all the shavings are stored and emptied at once. To find out more about their features, read below!



School Smart Vertical


Best Pencil Sharpener reviewsBy the time I finished reading the best pencil sharpener reviews, I was convinced that be it for your home, school or office, the School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener is the solution. Sold as a single unit, it is quite durable and easy to use. It has a nice contemporary design, very untraditional and quite fast and highly effective. A large shavings receptacle attached to the unit stores all the waste and is easily removable. The helical steel blades and the auto-stop mechanism ensure that a smooth tip is obtained without any over-sharpening.



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School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty


This electric pencil sharpener consists of a helical steel blade which works it’s magic to give you the desired sharp tip. A heavy duty motor attached to the body with an auto-reset device which is designed to prevent any overheating. It has a low and wide foot print which prevents any tipping over. A removable and easy-to-clean shaving receptacle ensures safe and smart operation. The remarkable features like the auto-reset and auto pencil stop makes it the best pencil sharpener in 2019.



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Stanley Bostitch QuietSharp6(TM) Classroom


The Stanley Bostitch QuietSharp sharpener has a super duty motor which ensures stall-free operation. It incorporates the “tip saving” technology which prevents over sharpening and thus extends your pencil’s life. Needless to mention, it has a high capacity shavings tray. If the shavings tray has to be cleaned, the motor is shut down automatically and the user can remove it to clear out the shavings. It operates noiselessly, irrespective of the heavy duty motor in use. With the 70% faster sharpening technology, it eliminates over sharpening as well as shortens the long line of kids waiting, making it one of the best pencil sharpeners in 2019.



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Westcott Axis iPoint Evolution


As a past Winner of the “Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award for Classroom Products”, it is no doubt a top rated pencil sharpener in 2019. The multi-hole dial feature can accommodate various pencil sizes and the 10-blade technology makes sure that you get the perfect tip every time. No pencil gets over sharpened thanks to the sharp sense technology incorporated within the machine. After the pencil is sharpened, the auto-shut off feature turns the blades off. A large shavings reservoir also accompanies the sharpener to store all the shavings.



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X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty


It is quite hard to believe but the X-acto has been designed by teachers. It has a 120 V capacity heavy duty motor which makes the machine run. You no longer have to worry about the noise since it operates noiselessly. It is engineered for smooth, quiet operation. The unique blade produces a sharp, but slightly rounded point, best for artists and smooth writers. Carbon steel sharpened blades and the sturdy manufacture and assemble of the product makes sure that it is not only durable but also everlasting.



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