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Fitness represents an important and reliable way to become healthy and fit. Due to our contemporary lifestyle which revolves on the principle of “busy, busy, busy”, keeping our health seems to be a struggle onto itself. More and more people can’t sleep, due to their sedentary life and lack of physical exercises. This is where the pedometer can provide the much needed assistance in recalibrating your life. Getting reliable information from the best pedometers reviews will help you find the most efficient model, and thus improve the quality of your life. This tiny device has the required characteristics which can impose positive effects on your life.


Fitbit One


Best Pedometers reviewsFitbit One pedometer will upgrade your fitness capacity, transforming your body into a source of health. Once the pedometer kicks in, you will be able to sleep better, eat smarter and feel energized. This device tracks your steps, calories burned and distance during the day and when night comes, it measures your regular sleep cycle thus providing signification insight in your body’s functionality. The health data registered by the pedometer can be uploaded wirelessly on your computer, thus helping you adjust your future physical endeavours. With a silent alarm the pedometer will also wake up when morning’s run needs to be done.

“I want to keep in shape even if my work takes up a huge amount of my time and this is why I have bought the Fitbit One pedometer. Now I keep perfect track of how many calories I burn per day so I regulate my schedule accordingly.” Natasha McWilliam

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Omron HJ-112


An impressive number of the best pedometers reviews emphasize on the capacity of Omron HJ-112 model to become a constant walking companion, capable of helping you improve the quality of your life. Everything you do, the pedometer will record, step by step by step. Using the Omron 2D smart sensor technology this model measures steps with accuracy, thus letting you know the state of your daily physical activities. This pedometer can store the data collected during the week, which can be uploaded on your pc. You should also know that the model comes with 6 efficient tracking modes: steps, aerobic steps, distance, calories burned, time and fat burned.

“Such a great little device to keep track of how much fat I burn in every day, so I know if I am keeping my optimal weight or not. It is easy to use and the display is large enough to show the figures in a very visible way.” Patrick  Peterson

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Fitbit Zip


It’s important to monitor your health and track with precision your physical endurance during the day. Today’s Fitbit Zip pedometer will help you to monitor steps, calories burned and distance, and then automatically syncs the collected data to your computer, tablets or even smartphone. You can even set goals, earn progress badges and view the current physical progress, thus taking you closer to an important goal: getting fit and healthier. This pedometer from Fitbit is rain, splash and sweat proofed thus letting you work out even thou water comes into the mix. It’s more than just a simple fitness device, is a reliable instrument for a better life.

“I keep it strapped to my belt even when I am working, just to track how much distance I’m covering. When I am home and in my spare time I take advatage of its options so I keep track of how much calories I burn when I run in the evenings.” George Hamilton

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Omron HJ-113


A growing number of the latest best pedometer reviews, written by satisfied joggers and even personal trainers, emphasize on the great operating system and precise data obtained by Omron HJ-113 pedometer, a model very popular in the US today. This device incorporates Dual-axis pocket technology which measures with accuracy steps, distance covered, aerobic steps fat grams and calories burned during physical exercises or simple walkthroughs. The pedometer has a solid 7-day memory, a silent alarm and clock that automatically reset the data collected. You will be able to control better the way your body reacts to the daily choirs and activities.

“This is one of the most useful little devices around for keeping in shape. It is not even expensive so I just had to have it in order to keep better track of my progress when I’m running. I like also the fact that its memory can store data from 7 days back.”  Matt Campbell

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Omron Hip HJ-321


If you want to have by your side a reliable fitness assistant that will never leave your side and provide clear data then Omron Hip HJ-321 model is the device you need. This highly advanced pedometer uses smart sensor technology that will precisely keep count of every step you make without any restrictions at all. Featuring Tri Axis technology which allow you to place the pedometer on your hip, bag or pocket, this device has 4 tracking modes of monitoring: steps, aerobic, calories burned, distance covered. With this important data you will be able to develop the confidence needed to become healthier and implicitly feel a lot better than ever before.

“I just plug it in to my laptop and chart the results of my evening running sessions via the USB port. I feel very good and healthy now that I can be aware of how much fat I lose in a week. If you like to take care of your body than having this device is a good idea.” Richard Rock

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