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What to Consider When Trying to Buy a Top Patio Awning


When shopping for a patio awning, things can get pretty confusing. Since there are so many models available, choosing the right one may seem difficult, given their various features. The following guide is designed to help you identify the best patio awning 2019, so you can rest assured that your money will not be spent in vain.

Best Patio Awning


The first thing that you need to take into consideration when you are shopping for a patio awning is its type. The most common is the standard type that is made of an aluminum roller with brackets attached, along with a gearbox and a winding handle hook. These awnings are very simple and they do the job, but they do not come with too much protection against weather elements, which is their biggest downside. Half cassette awnings are a better choice, and they are more durable; they can come equipped with a motor and a remote for ease of use. Full cassette awnings are the most sophisticated, and, as their name tells you, they allow the awning to be rolled and protected in a cassette against any weather elements.


Electric vs manual

In case you decide for a half cassette or full cassette awning, be aware that you can choose between one that operates based on electricity or manually operated models. The electric models are obviously, more convenient, in terms of operation, but they need batteries or cords and an available power socket. For many, the manual solutions are considered a much better alternative from this point of view.


Ease of installation

Another thing you should not forget when you are shopping for such items is ease of installation. Most models today come with own set of instructions and they are generally easy to install where you want them to be placed. For the ideal protection against sun rays and weather elements, a patio awning can be the perfect solution.



You don’t have to spend a small fortune on a good quality patio awning. Many of the best patio awning reviews from users suggest that there are plenty of viable options sold for decent prices.


Top Patio Awnings in 2019


Are you looking for the perfect patio awning for your backyard? Then you may want to take a look at the following selection that brings together the most popular models homeowners prefer at the moment. Choosing any of these three will not disappoint you at all.


Aleko 10x8Ft Sand


1. ALEKO 10x8 Feet Patio AwningAs mentioned earlier, a lot of people prefer a manually operated awning instead of an electric one, because they do not have to worry about electric cords and batteries all the time. ALEKO is a company specialized in providing home owners with the best and most economic solutions for coverage and protection.

This 10×8 feet patio awning is loved by many consumers and there are plenty of the best patio awning reviews that praise it. Numerous benefits can be drawn from picking this model over others. First of all, operating this awning is very simple: the model opens and closes in under one minute without any glitches.

The ease of installation is worth mentioning. The model has pre-drilled holes, so you can attach the awning without experiencing any problems.

For the best protection against UVs and rain, you will surely love the ALEKO 10×8 Feet Patio Awning. A hand crank makes operation a breeze, installing one in your backyard is incredibly easy and you get all the protection you need. Because it opens and closes so smoothly, you will not have to worry that the awning will be exposed to weather elements. Whenever you do not need it, you can simply close it.

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Aleko 13x8ft MultiSstripes Green Feet


2.ALEKO 13x10 Feet AwningAnother great deal for the price, the ALEKO 13×10 Feet Awning is a recommended choice for anyone who wants to ensure that their family and their guests are well protected against extreme weather, while still enjoying a bit of fresh air outside.

You can totally change the look and purpose of your patio with the help of such a simple accessory. Like all the patio awnings created by ALEKO, this one is very sturdy and it offers you the best solution for redecorating your patio in a purposeful manner. This awning does not only look cool, but also provides 130 feet of coverage with great ease, and the good news is that it does not need any electricity to open and close. The simple hand crank is, indeed, easy to operate, and you will only have to open the awning when the need arises.

For the rest of the time, the awning will remain folded and protected against weather elements. Many homeowners hate having to change their patio awnings all the time, because the fabric fades due to the harsh action of UVs or rain. With this model, ranked among the top rated patio awnings 2019, you do not have to worry about such mishaps.

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Outsunny 01-0138 Patio Sun Shade


3.Outsunny Patio Sun Shade AwningMeasuring 10×8 feet, this patio awning offers the best sun shade for your needs when you want to relax in the backyard or you have friends over. The incredible versatility of the Outsunny Patio Sun Shade Awning is on top of what recommends it as a solid buy. You can place this awning anywhere you want, on a wall, or above a door.

The model comes with its own pre-drilled holes and the mounting package that will be delivered to you with your purchase makes installation a breeze.

A 63 inches long hand crank serves as the operating method, and it is a much more economic idea than an electric model. You simply operate the hand crank and the awning opens; you do the same thing when you want to fold the awning and protect it against capricious weather. You will never have to leave your patio awning to face the elements, since it folds so easily.

Manual operating awnings are the more convenient solution, when compared to electric models. While the latter offer some advantages, the fact that you will not have to pay at all for operating this model weighs heavily in balance.

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