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Top Panini presses in 2019


Using a Panini press is the perfect way to elevate a sandwich. Heating a Panini with a microwave will ruin it. Using a normal oven will also provide an inadequate texture and will also take more time. The proper way to make such an exquisite sandwich is to use a Panini press. It is fast and it makes the most delicious fast food according to most Europeans. Buying this type of appliance can be difficult with so many different products available on the market. We’ve sorted through most products by closely analyzing user feedback but by also reading most of the best panini press reviews. As a result, we’ve managed to put together a list of suggestions which might help make up your mind a whole lot easier.


Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo


The BSG520XL is so good it can easily be used in restaurants and bistros. Destined mainly for home use though, this Breville appliance is currently a very strong contender for the title of the best Panini press in 2019. This 1500 watt press uses non-stick materials which are also scratch resistant. The upper plate comes with a ribbed design which will leave the Panini looking perfect with those grill marks specific to this type of sandwich. The same upper plate is also capable adjusting to four different height settings which will allow you to cook some really consistent sandwiches.

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IMUSA GAU-80102 Electric Panini and Sandwich Maker


This particular device has received a lot of positive feedback form people who have been using it for a while. According to some of the best panini press reviews, the GAU-80102 is an affordable product which offers great value for money. It is fitted with nonstick surfaces which means cleaning it will be effortless. It also means your food will look great every time. It uses a 1400 watt power source which will get the job done fast but without using too much energy. It incorporates an LED indicator which lets you know if things get too hot. It is destined for everyday use and it is built to last.

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De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Press


DeLonghi’s CGH800 is the most complex device on this list. It is very fast and very efficient because of the double-sided contact cooking plates which not only allow you to make a great Panini but also allow you to create some amazing grilled vegetable dishes. It toasts and grills and it is very precise due to the adjustable thermostat which lets you stay in complete control. It can be used for different types of meat as well, with the added benefit of having a special grease and oil cup which fills up becaues the tilted design of the lower plate. This way nothing will get burnt.

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Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler Grill and Press


When looking for the best panini press in 2019, you will have to consider a few features. All those features can be found in a handful of appliances including Cuisinart’s GR-11. This affordable device opens up to provide a double cooking surface which means it will cook food faster. It is designed for more than your basic Panini. It is also great for burgers and steaks which get a unique taste and an amazing look to them.  It is easy to clean because of its dishwasher plates and it can be adjusted at a certain angle to allow grease to drain while cooking.

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West Bend 6113 Nonstick Countertop Grill and Press


The 6113 looks and acts pretty much the same as the GR-11. It is less expensive though probably because West Bend is not such a popular brand as Cuisinart. As far as features and efficiency go, this is basically in the same ball park. Both of its grill plates are built with non-stick material and both are dishwasher safe. The angle of the appliance offers a slight slope so as to facilitate grease drainage. It is easy to clean, fast and comes with a cool-touch handle so as to keep you safe at all times. Just as the previous devices, this is also one of the top rated panini presses in 2019.

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