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How to Purchase a Top PA System


Any performing musician needs a PA, public address or sound reinforcement system to deliver sound from him to the audience. The best PA system reviews can make you see that different brands and models vary from one to the other. The best thing to do is to consider the important aspects of a good PA system.



You can easily purchase a PA system that can handle your specific needs. Conventional units have separate components that make up the entire equipment package. They can be composed of: dedicated power amplifier/s; outboard signal processors; a standalone mixing board; several individual monitor speaker and PA cabinets. These types need plenty of transport space as well as provision for storage and onstage setup.

Portable, compact PA systems are ideal for frequent transport and modest amplification requirements, as well as crowded performance venues. There are even complete PA systems with all the necessary equipment housed in a single unibody only. Some exceptional all-in-one top PA systems 2019 are on the market. They can deliver plenty of power and handle just about any purpose in a single, small package.


PA Capability


When purchasing a power amplifier for your best PA system 2019, you will need to consider how much you really need. Boosting low level signals from the mixer to channel them through the speakers, a power amp’s job is highly important. Wattage is the parameter for its capability. With the right choice of power amp, you wouldn’t have to compromise on sound quality.


Around 60 watts is good for simple folk music in a medium-sized venue, while 250 to 750 watts is fine for a jazz or pop group and 1500 watts is fine for a rock band. More complex venue layouts, sophisticated acoustics elements and indoor/outdoor locations and music with inherently plenty of dynamics can require relatively greater power. That’s where headroom has to be considered. Go for an amp with twice the wattage of the speaker to ensure a clean signal to the speakers.


Live Sound Mixers


Your mixer balances electronic signals from microphones and instruments. It also processes and mixes them together before channeling to the monitors and PA speakers. Ideally, your mixer should allow more things to be routed through it. Thus, the best PA system 2019 with more channels is better in the long run.


Top PA Systems in 2019


As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of products highlighted in the best PA system reviews, which makes it difficult to make a choice.However, don’t despair. In the paragraphs below, three exceptional units are described to help you make a decision and enable you to choose the right product for you.


Hisonic HS120B Portable PA System


Featured in the best PA system reviews, the Hisonic HS120B integrates a VHF wireless microphone system and a powerful 40-watt speaker into a single portable PA system. The speaker produces clear and loud sound even in a noisy setting. The built-in VHF wireless mic system has an additional microphone input jack for the headset microphone unit.

The speaker has a built-in high-capacity and long-life rechargeable battery that makes the equipment perfect for outdoor purposes when there’s no AC access. Just charge up the battery using the supplied power cord when battery level runs low. Or use the power cord and the included 12v/DC adapter when AC power is available. The PA system comes with a handheld microphone plus one body-pack transmitter for use with the lapel mic and the headset mic.

You can choose to utilize one of the three microphones at a time to suit your needs. The audio input jack allows you to play music with the speaker by plugging in a CD player, MP3 player or iPod, or a cassette player. This versatile and portable PA system is widely used by teachers, studio instructors, auctioneers and other professionals. The PA system comes with a carrying bag for convenient portability.

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Powerwerks PW50 Portable PA System


Lauded in the best PA system reviews, the Powerwerks PW50 blends convenience and quality performance in one complete and highly portable package. Working well in a variety of applications and settings, the PA system amplifies instruments, vocals, keyboards, audio devices drum machines and more. The relatively tiny system is surprisingly loud and clear despite the diminutive 7.5-inch x 18-inch by 6.5-inch dimensions.

The 50-watt PA system is adequate for a venue with 25 to 50 or more patrons, depending on the ambient crowd noise. Compact and lightweight, it is just under 15 pounds. The two speakers and the high-frequency driver provide just the right balance between midrange and high sounds. The balance allows vocals to cut through the mix while reducing unwanted frequencies.

The rigid corners and heavy-duty steel grill ensure durability and strength. The high-frequency driver creates crisp and faithful reproduction of articulate speech and treble frequency. This PA system works well on a typical speaker stand. The Powerlink Circuit allows interface of two or more units to function as one PA system. This expands your audio delivery as you grow professionally.

The system also enables connection of an MP3 player for accompaniment via the 1/8-inch jack on the unit’s back.

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Pyle PWMA860i PA Speaker Sound System


The wireless and portable Pyle PWMA8601 PA Speaker Sound System works great for crowd control situations and social gatherings. It offers convenient access to reliable audio output while giving freedom of wireless mobility. You can also connect your supported iPod or iPhone via the built-in 30-pin iPod dock so you can play your favorite sounds, all while keeping your portable gadget charged.

The awesome 500-watt system powers the three-inch compression tweeter speaker and eight-inch woofer for projecting your audio and voice with full power. The ported enclosure design ensures delivery of extra punch to the bass. The supplied VHF wireless microphone operates at a maximum distance of 100 feet. Easy portability is ensured by the castor wheels and telescoping handle of the amp.

The PA system runs on a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need to repeatedly buy replacement fuel cells. When battery level is low, simply plug to charge with the supplied AC adaptor. You will be notified that the power is on, the unit is charging, the wireless microphone is on or the battery is low through the four multi-color LEDs. The bass and treble controls allow you to customize the sound to your liking.

Add voice effects when utilizing a connected microphone by using the echo adjustment knob on the amp.

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