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An Expert Buying Guide on Ozone Facial Steamers


A facial salon is not complete without the best Ozone facial steamer among its equipment collection. Customers need a good facial steaming treatment every now and then, and what better way to achieve that than with a good unit that does what it’s supposed to do: open up the pores to let out the bad elements from the innermost layers of the complexion. This will also facilitate the easy assimilation by the skin cells of the prescribed skin medications to treat imperfections and ensure effective treatments.

But what are the essential considerations to think about in purchasing such a product?

A. Ozone Facial Steamer

What to look for when buying an ozone facial steamer?



A professional facial steamer offers UV sterilization by producing ionic vapors that facilitate the task. Aside from helping soften plugs in skin pores, a good machine of this type enables easy removal of dead skin debris and dirt. It can stimulate blood circulation in your skin, making it look refreshed. A facial steamer will also enable deep cleansing, making the outer layer of the skin softer, rehydrated and rejuvenated. Professional ozone facial steamers also help open up blocked sinus and nasal passages, enabling you to breathe easier.

The warmth of the steam helps detoxify the skin, delivering water, oxygen and nutrients to the deepest layers. Exfoliating then becomes easier.



The best facial steamer of this type has a separate Ozone switch, which enables you to choose the level of treatment you prefer. This is especially useful if you’ve just had ozone treatment recently, or prefer vapor steaming instead. Although ozone steaming takes just six to eight minutes for normal skin, those with oily skin may need from eight to twelve minutes. Those with sensitive skin require three to five minutes of exposure, while people with dry skin require five to seven minutes. The time variations can be limiting to some people, so having a separate switch is convenient.


Safety and Mobility

The unit should automatically switch off when the water level becomes low, to ensure protection from overheating. Some units offer natural aroma and herbal therapy by enabling the operator to safely add essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, patchouli, or lemon. A timer enables customization of treatment duration. More importantly, the machine should be easy to operate, be easy to move about with casters, and have an adjustable arm and height.


Top Ozone Facial Steamers in 2019


Icarus Jocasta Salon Spa Facial Steamer


1. Icarus Jocasta ProfessionalEasily becoming the best Ozone facial steamer for many salon owners and operators, the Icarus Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer provides skin professionals with an amazing means to upgrade their services. The machine produces oxygenated ionic vapors that provide the best means of cleaning and sterilizing the skin. This can promote effective treatment and efficient blood circulation, making your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The machine has an adjustable height, so it can be raised to a 32-inch level up to 41 inches high. This means greater convenience, since it will not be the customer who does the adjusting but the machine itself. As a safety feature, the Jocasta Steamer has auto shut-off feature, which switches the machine off when the water level turns low. The separate ozone switch enables independent activation of power and the ozone production feature. The steamer can run even without the ozone function, which is convenient.

The twistable arm allows the operator to position the component to the desired option. The jar has a capacity of 1.7 liters, ensuring less frequent refilling. The machine has a run time of 30 minutes, so customers can enjoy the benefits of their treatment in the time prescribed for their purposes.

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Salon Sundry Tabletop Ozone Facial Steamer


2. Salon SundryThis remarkable portable facial steamer is a device that you can use at home. It provides 450 watts of heating power to produce steam, enabling you to take full advantage of the numerous benefits of facial steaming. Get better blood circulation in your skin, while promoting rejuvenation of the skin cells. This machine gets rid of deep-seated dirt and impurities that clog the pores by opening those pores up gently through the warm steam. It also enables easy absorption of moisture, nutrients and other essential elements by the skin cells.

Using this machine enables a more effective exfoliation process, enabling the skin to shed off old skin cells and let new ones come out. Users will notice a tremendous difference in the texture and overall health of their complexion. The sterile UV ozone production cleanses the skin cells very gently, without stripping away essential skin elements to ensure supple and younger-looking skin. The beveled nozzle minimizes annoying drips and distracting hissing with its anti-drip design. The tank can be filled from the top, eliminating detachment that can cause messes and ugly spills.

The Salon Sundry Tabletop Ozone Facial Steamer has a compact, space-saving tabletop design that allows you to place it on the counter during use, and push it into a corner when not.

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Esthology Professional Salon  Ozone Facial Steamer


3. Esthology ProfessionalThe Esthology Professional Salon Multi-Function Ozone Facial Steamer has all the features of a high-end model but without the heavy cost. It has a 5 diopter Magnifying light, which enables the salon esthetician to perform the required treatment on the customer’s skin with greater precision. The magnifying bulb provides effective lighting for intense viewing of problem areas on the skin for thorough inspection. The lamp can also be used as a light only, a magnifier only or a lighted magnifier.

This machine provides exceptional steam production by converting distilled water into pore-declogging and purifying heated vapor or steam, which also relaxes the facial muscles. The large glass water reservoir is made for years of use, and has an empty jar capacity of 27 ounces to its upper fill line. This ensures less frequent refilling. The steamer is easy to fill and use, thanks to the top-mounted water inlet. It sprays about 24 ounces of water per hour, ensuring optimized usage and treatments.

The Esthology Professional Salon Multi-Function Ozone Facial Steamer provides premium UV sterilization via the nozzle that houses a high-quality, long-life, UV bulb. The UV rays from the bulb sterilize the steam that is channeled through the arm, ensuring effectiveness of treatments.

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