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Top mp3 players in 2019


Millions of people around the world listen to music, jazz, rock, country and pop songs thrive in their hearts. The coolest way to enjoy all of your favourite tunes wherever you may go is by using an mp3 player. On the market there are thousands of mp3 players, different models from which you can choose. If you like to run, travel or hike then you need a professional mp3 player, designed to help the user listen to music, in high style. Fortunately, the market has an impressive number of models, all designed to accommodate all personalities and personal desires regarding quality and mobility. Reading the present best mp3 players reviews can shed a light during the selection process.


Apple iPod Nano


Best Mp3 Players reviewsAccording to recent statistics, Apple iPod Nano has millions of satisfied users from all over the world, sharing their audio preferences in style. This ultraportable model from Apple has a 2.5 inch Multi-Touch display which allows you to control all the features. Play songs; select them in accordance to your preferences. This model has 5.4 mm thin, making it the thinnest iPod ever released on the market. The device has a 16 GB storage capacity, letting you play around 30 hours of music. Delight in the fact that this device comes with specially designed Apple EarPods, working with Mac and also PC.

“A reliable mp3 must have a high memory capacity so I can add a lot of songs to it and must be small enough so I can easily carry it anywhere with me. Apple have outdone themselves with the iPod Nano and I enloy having it with me very much.” Frank Oatis

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Apple iPod Touch


A growing number of the present best mp3 players reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users, underline the efficiency of Apple iPod Touch, a model that needs no introduction. Today’s most popular portable mp3 player, available in black and white, running on the powerful iOS5, packed with over 200 features will certainly enhance the whole audio experience. You might be on top of a mountain and your favourite song could still play. In addition to the elegant design, the device features iMessage, Twitter integration and also a user friendly Notification Center. This iPod will certainly improve the way you enjoy songs, irrespective of your location.

“Touchscreen technology in a mp3 player, what can anyone want more. I love the Apple iPod Touch and this is precisely the reason why I got it. No other mp3 has so many options to choose from, making me very proud that I have this marvel of technology.” Chris Bolt

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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ mp3 player


If you are looking for a high quality mp3 player, designed to help you listen to music without any problems, then you have to take a closer look SanDisk Sansa device. You will just love the way sounds hear. On the 4 GB memory, this tiny but mighty player permits you, to listen to around 1000 songs, in stunning audio clarity. Still, due to the expandable memory card slot, you have the possibility to put more song on. This device received the August 2009 CNET Editor’s Choice award, making it more than just a simple mp3 player, but an integrant part of your life.

“The 4 Gb memory and the very modern design were the deciding factor when I decided to buy this mp3 player. I couldn’t ask more from it, allowing me to listen to my favorite tracks everywhere I go. All in all I believe this is a very good portable audio device.” Will Michels

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Apple iPod Touch 5th generation


If you look at the latest best mp3 players reviews, one model receives high marks and great positive feedback from thousands of users: Apple iPod Touch. This 6-mm ultrathin player comes with a reliable 4-inch Retina display which allows you to control all the aspects of the device. This Touch player has a precise 5-megapixel iSight camera which gives you the possibility to take photos or even record videos in a crystal clear 1080p resolution. You should also know that the player incorporates a solid face 1.2 megapixel FaceTime camera. So, 40 ours of music on the 32 GB memory is at your disposition.

“I know Apple is such a succesful company but when I saw what the iPod Touch 5th generation could do, I knew they outdid themselves right there. I bought it and it is absolutely magnificent, I listen to my favorite music and also have the possibility to take photos and record Full HD movies.” Sarah Sanders

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Apple iPod shuffle


Apple iPod shuffle is one of the tiniest and coolest mp3 players out there, blending with ease in the personality of the user. The model comes with built-in buttons and also a precise VoiceOver which gives you complete access to all your favourite songs or videos. This high quality mp3 player has a sleek and a powerful anodized aluminum aspect that it easy to hold and use. The shuffle from Apple has 2 GB that delivers around 15 hours of battery life once you press play. It’s time to jog while listening to all your favourite songs, placing you in the mood to enjoy life.

“Small, effective and very stylish, these are the 3 words that for me best describe for me the Apple iPod shuffle. The huge battery life is what I was aiming for when I was looking for an mp3 and I got it in a nice pink color.” Amelie Walters

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