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Top Mountain Bike Helmets in 2019


Apart from the bike and shoes, mountain biking also requires a few other things that are needed to be completely set for the activity. One of these is a particular head gear that will protect the bikers in an event of an accident and whatnot. There are helmets that are particularly designed for mountain biking and the best mountain bike reviews have enumerated quite a list of some interesting items. Our team has consolidated all of the consumers’ feedback and was able to come up with a list of the highly rated products on the market.


SixSixOne Recon Stealth Helmet


The SixSixOne Recon Stealth helmet features the Recon stealth that integrates the Boa retention system for a more precise fit. The in-molded construction using lightweight materials provide a lasting comfort even for long hours of use. Its multiple vents allow proper ventilation to keep the head cool especially when cycling during hot days. Because of its quality and design, it received a lot of great feedback in the best mountain bike helmet reviews.

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Fox Men’s Flux Helmet


Offering reliable protection and maximum comfort for all bikers, the Fox’s Flux Helmet for men has become the best mountain bike helmet in 2019. The helmet is well-vented with all 20 ventilation points for proper airflow, keeping the head cool when biking during hot days. Its removable padding is added both for comfort and protection. This helmet is very easy to fasten. With its unique cinch system that has no dial, it is very easy to tighten when necessary.

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Giro Feature


Comfort and protection are basically the purpose of helmets, and it is exactly what the Giro Feature Mountain bike helmet is made for. This helmet has a shell made of high quality polycarbonate that has an EPS liner. This in-mold shell provides additional protection as well as a more comfortable fit. There are 12 vents that are intended for internal channeling of airflow for excellent ventilation. Plus, the adjustable visor is a very convenient feature which is unlike any other helmets.

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Giro Hex


Featuring a uniquely rugged style, the Giro Hex mountain bike helmet has certainly impressed a lot of buyers. This helmet has integrated the new Roc Loc 5 fit system which allows faster and easier fastening of the helmet using only one hand. This is a very ideal helmet for hot weathers because of its excellent ventilation system. The in-mold shell fits snugly and comfortably. It is made of lightweight and extremely durable materials that are guaranteed to bring comfort and protection.

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Fox Head Men’s Transition Hardshell Helmet


The transition Hardshell helmet has an outer shell which is made of very hard material for maximum protection while the inner shell has a very comfortable lining made of suede microfiber. The inner lining of this helmet is designed to provide comfort as well as additional protection to anyone who wears it. It has 11 venting ports that allow excellent air flow for proper ventilation. The helmet looks great and it fits nicely. With its super lightweight construction it almost feels non-existent. Its design is inspired from the best mountain bike helmet in 2019.

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