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Woodworking is a tough job and requires a lot of skills which not all of us have. If you are a professional woodworker then you surely know the importance of high quality tools in order to get the job done in a proper manner. One thing in particular every woodworker has to have is a mortiser, which is useful for a large number of applications. The best mortisers reviews identify a number of models which have some excellent features, thus woodworking will seem not that difficult.


Powermatic 1791264K Model 719T


Best Mortisers reviewsPowermatic 719T has got some positive reviews from professional woodcutters because it performs at the highest level. The whole frame is made out of cast iron, making it extremely stable and will ensure that this mortiser will be durable as well. It is versatile, so you can work in many different positions for a huge number of cuts. You can even tilt the table or fence from 0 to 35 degrees, giving you an even bigger number of possibilities. There is no doubt this is one of the best mortisers in 2019.

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Steel City Tool Works 25200


A mortise which has an affordable price and can even be bought by amateur woodworkers is Steel City Tool Works 25200. Its ½ HP motor manages to have some impressive performance ratings, having a spindle speed of 1725 RPMs.  Another excellent feature is the ergonomic 6 position reversible handle. It is also equipped with a pinion fence which allows you to make smooth and accurate adjustments. Large work pieces will be dealt with without any problems by this mortiser.

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Powermatic 1791310 PM701


Another option you can go for is  Powermatic PM701, which has a reasonable price and some great features to aid you in your projects that involve cutting thick wood pieces. You can take advantage of the left or right hand operation to make more precise cuts. It its package you will receive also a ¾ inch chisel brush, a chuck key, a chuck extension adapter, plus the actual handle. Assembling it is not difficult at all and it will only take a few minutes. We end up by recommending this model from Powermatic.

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Jet 708580 JBM-5


Jet 708580 JBM-5 has been well received by the best mortisers reviews because it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its features. First of all, it has a ½ HP motor, which can work at speeds of up to 1725 RPMs. Only top quality materials go into its construction, to make it very stable and durable as well. The different parts are actually made from steel and iron. The manufacturer places a lot of faith in its mortiser and it even grants it a 5 year warranty. The features have convinced us to place it on our list.

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Delta 14-651 Professional


You won’t be disappointed by the capabilities of Jet 708580, which will help you do the various jobs you intend to do with different sized wood pieces. The base is made out of cast iron, which helps the mortising machine to be very stable. You will manage to work on pieces of all sizes because Delta 14-651 has an adjustable rack. The pinion fence allows you to lower or raise the piece to your are working with, for better cutting possibilities. This model is recommended by the top mortisers reviews.

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