Best Mobility Travel Scooter Reviews


Top mobility travel scooters in 2019


A lot of people who are suffering from limited mobility have found the use of mobility scooters a delight. A mobility scooter allows people who do not have the freedom of movement, but are not confined to a wheel chair, to move around and go from one place to another. With the help of mobility scooters, they can move and navigate around the house without the assistance of anyone. Over the years, manufacturers were able to enhance the features of mobility scooters to add comfort and convenience to their customers. For those who are having trouble choosing the perfect scooter, our team has found a few highly recommended units from the best mobility travel scooter reviews.


Go Go Ultra SC40X 3-Wheel


Best Mobility Travel Scooter ReviewsGo Gon Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel scooter has just been introduced on the market but it certainly is turning a few heads. One thing about the Ultra X travel scooter is that it is not too light that it looks like it will fall apart easily, but also not too solid and heavy. All its parts are made of durable materials that make it lightweight, stable and secure. The seat, however, is not as comfortable as expected, especially for really tall people. But all in all, it is a rather impressive mobility scooter sold just for the right price.

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Lexis Light Folding Lightweight Tzora Classic


This scooter is the most expensive one in this list, but just one quick look at it and the price will be justified. The scooter looks net and organized, with all its parts just at the right places. It has four wheels for more stability and smoother maneuverability. The seat is very comfortable. This scooter is not too wide so as to prevent access from smaller spaces. It is light enough to be carried by a little kid, which makes it really portable. All these features make it the best mobility travel scooter in 2019.

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Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel


Another product from Pride Mobility, sold at the same price range, is causing uproar in the top mobility travel scooter reviews because of its impressive engineering. The Blue Go-Go Ultra X travel mobility scooter has about the same features as the red model. It is made of lightweight materials that put together in a smart design that makes it easy to maneuver. This scooter is very portable as well. However, it can be tough to ride over rough surfaces like gravel and grass.

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Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scout Travel


Still at the same price range with the other two products from Pride Mobility, the Spitfire Scout travel power scooter certainly sets out to wow the buyers as it is engineered for maximum convenience and additional comfort. It does take some time for assembly but once the scooter is put together, it stays strong and solid for a long time. It can be upgraded to 20 amp batteries for more power. This scooter has the speed that other mobility scooters don’t.

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Drive Medical Phoenix Compact Portable


The Phoenix Compact portable travel power scooter is a popular 4-wheel mobility scooter on the market. Its convenient and compact design has benefited a lot of customers. The seat can be adjusted to a comfortable height to accommodate tall or short people. It is also wide and comfortable and the swiveling action contributes to more flexibility. The battery can be charged separately and lasts longer than an average travel mobility scooter battery.

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