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Top Mobile Scanners in 2019


Mobile scanners have provided convenience to hundreds of offices, schools, and business establishments in a lot of different ways. It offers a better way of organizing and archiving important documents. Automatic synchronization and storage is also provided by the scanner’s ability to connect to the internet and utilize different apps such as Cloud and Dropbox. Here are some of the well-discussed mobile scanner units that were posted in the best mobile scanner reviews online.


Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 CLR USB (PA03610-B005)


The name that has dominated the best mobile scanner reviews is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100. Its featherweight construction makes it the best mobile scanner in terms of portability. The space-efficient dimensions allow it to fit practically anywhere. Despite its rather compact size, it can be used to scan full-size documents, business cards, and other paperwork that one usually encounters in the office. Fujitsu has designed an ultra-mobile ScanSnap scanner model with useful functions and impressive scanning properties.

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Doxie Go – Rechargeable


When it comes to smart scanning technology, the Doxie Go mobile document scanner certainly has the most advantage. It features a well-recognized ABBY OCR technology which functions by recognizing the text printed in the documents and converting it into multi-page searchable PDFs. It includes a Doxie app designed to synchronize the scanned files from one computer to another, or even to mobile devices as well as cloud storage. Aside from its comprehensive software technology, it also comes at a compact size that allows the user to take it on-the-go.

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Flip-Pal  model 100C


Putting together a combination of simplicity, versatility, accuracy, and mobility, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner model 100c offers a unique technology of scanning, enhancing, and storing photos, documents, and other important files. Its patented flip-and-scan technology can process photos and scan them even if they’re still attached in the album or frame. And with its easy stitch software, it can reassemble multiple scan and create a larger version of the original file. The highlight of this particular mobile scanner is image quality and it is efficient enough to deliver what it advertises.

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Brother DS-620 Color Page Scanner


One of the defining features of the best mobile scanner in 2019 is speed – and it is exactly what the Brother DS-620 mobile color page scanner is designed for. Aside from its lightweight material construction and neat design, the DS-620 boasts of its 8 ppm scanning speed for both black and colored documents. The two-sided scanning property even adds more speed through simultaneous scanning. Even with its super-fast scanning speed, this scanner does not sacrifice the quality of its printed documents.

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Epson WorkForce DS-30 Document & Image Scanner


One thing that buyers should look for in the best mobile scanner in 2019 is powerful software for scanning technology. Epson WorkForce DS-30 offers the most comprehensive software for a mobile scanner. It is practically engineered for business purposes, which is why it has full-function flexibility and it offers the convenience of automatic synchronization with popular cloud services. It enhances the quality of pictures and texts in all its scanned files and produces a soft copy with professional quality.

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