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Top mirrorless cameras in 2019


Mirrorless cameras are the new hot thing when it comes to photography. They are compact but very efficient. They provide versatility and incredible results while still managing to keep their price tag lower than the ones that come with DSLRs. Choosing the perfect gadget will be difficult especially if you’ve just begun learning about photography and all related things. We’ve sorted through pages of user feedback and we’ve analyzed most of the best mirrorless camera reviews in order to put together a list of recommendations.


Sony NEX-6L/B mpact Interchangeable Lens Digital


Best mirrorless camera reviewsThis really compact gadget is the perfect piece of equipment for both amateur and professional photographers. It can fit in your pocket but can also deliver some stunning images through its 16MP sensor. It has interchangeable lenses which is a feature which will come in useful as soon as you need to upgrade your device. It records in Full HD, it uses a Wi-Fi connection to share and download pictures or apps and it has a bright XGA OLED viewfinder. It is considered by most of the top rated mirrorless camera reviews as one of the most efficient devices of its kind.

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Nikon 1 J4 Digital Camera


If you are on the market for the best mirrorless camera in 2019, you might want to check out Nikon’s J4. It is one of the most compact gadgets you will find today. Even so, it still manages to incorporate a NIKKOR lens large enough to work meet even the most demanding of requirements. The 18.4MP sensor delivers impeccable image quality and it is enough even for professionals. This camera is capable of high-speed continuous shooting which will allow you as a photographer to capture some really interesting moments. It can record in Full HD and it can immediately share videos and images via Wi-Fi.

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Canon EOS M compact Systems Camera


The EOS M is as the name states it, one really compact gadget. If you are into photography but you’ve just started this is what most of the best mirrorless camera reviews recommend. It has a large 18MP sensor capable of capturing detailed images which come out crystal clear also because of the Multi Shot noise reduction technology. It films in Full HD and it comes with an autofocus function capable of tracking moving objects. It can be upgraded by using Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses and it is compatible with all major storage hardware including UHS-I cards.

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Pentax Q Black Kit


This is a low budget camera which is perfect for amateur photographers. If you are a traveling enthusiast, there is no chance of finding two or three other devices as efficient and as affordable as the Pentax Q. it comes with a decent 12.4MP CMOS sensor capable of producing images with very low noise levels. It can be used with five different lenses and it can record in Full HD at a 30fps frame rate. It is very compact, pretty durable and easy to figure out even by those who have never used a camera.

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Samsung NX300


Samsung have been among the first to test out the mirrorless design. Because of that products like the NX300 are now a bit more advanced than others. It is undoubtedly a strong contender for the best mirrorless camera in 2019 title. It has a 20.3MP sensor which is pretty much the best you can get. What is over that does not really improve the quality of your pictures. It comes with smart technology which allows you to connect to social media sites for quick uploads, it offers access to your e-mail account and it also uses a remote viewfinder feature which will allow you to use a wireless device such as a smartphone to visualize that the camera sees in front of its sensor.

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