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Top Mini Projectors in 2019


A complete high-tech home theater system is one of the best luxuries that a family can have. However, acquiring a complete set can be too expensive. It’s a good thing mini projectors are available and they are a more affordable option. Buying mini projectors for home use can be quite a daunting task. Fortunately, the whole search can be simplified by looking for suggestions in the best mini projector reviews. Our team is dedicated to provide convenience for interested buyers by evaluating the feedback given by other customers. Some of the interesting products on the market are listed here for buyers to consider.


AAXA MP-300-03 LED Android Projector


Best Mini Projector ReviewsWith only a few months being out on the market, the AAXA MP-300-03 LED mini projector is already recognized for its processing power that renders full length movies with high resolution and stunning megapixel digital detailing in pictures. Incorporated with its dual core Android 4.2 processor is 1 GB DDR RAM plus 4 GB of onboard storage. Its wi-fi feature allows the AAXA MP-300-03 projector to deliver full-features video streaming. All these features sum up to create the best mini projector in 2019.

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Aaxa KP-600-01 P300


The KP-600-01 projector is one of the pioneering models of the pocket projectors designed by AAXA Technologies. It has a compact structure that houses a powerful optical engine designed to deliver 300 peak lumens for a 1280×800 HD resolution. This projector features a Vibrant Color LED technology built to provide more than 15,000 hours of high quality viewing experience. It is very easy to set up and the battery performance is more than expected.

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AAXA P4 P4X Pico


One of the most discussed items in the best mini projector reviews is the P4 P4X Pico Projector from AAXA. This whole projector is smaller than an average person’s palm. It may have a super compact design but it has a 95 lumen LED light engine that produces stunning picture for 858×480 native resolution. The built-in speaker is useful enough for a small, quiet room and the battery works for a little over an hour. For a pocket projector at this price point, the P4X’s specs are quite impressive.

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Based on the discussions on the top mini projector reviews, it is difficult to find a model that has 90% of the features expected in a decent mini projector at less than $300. The FAVI RioHD-LED-3 Mini projector is one of the few models that dared to defy this observation. The 640×480 native resolution may be inferior with the other products in this list but it still works just fine with the lights on or windows open. The cooling fan can be noisy and it can only be controlled through a remote.

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New Arrival Portable Mini HD Wireless WiFi DLP


In terms of portability, this Mini HD DLP projector is definitely a champion as it is almost just as big as regular-sized smartphones. But when it comes to viewing quality, it is obviously inferior in all aspects compared to the rest of the products mentioned in this list. It works great for all the devices that it is compatible with, especially for smartphone. It may be too far from the best mini projector in 2019 but its picture quality is pretty decent for a projector at this price point.

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