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A real American handyman has in his garage or tool shed a makeshift working area where all the magic happens. Some of us go one step further than others and even do their own pieces for their work and for this they need a milling machine. If you do want to invest in such a device you should make sure it is reliable, doing a professional job and being durable. The best milling machine reviews will present to you the models which will help you a lot with your work.


Shop Fox M1111 Mill and Drill


Best Milling machine reviewsLooking for a professional milling machine can be stopped once you have come across the Shop Fox M1111 which will surely impress you with its long list of features. It works like a charm mainly because of its 1 HP brushless DC motor and its solid construction. Work on different materials easily because you have the option of setting the machine at certain speeds which range from 100 to 1750 RPMs. If we also count the over 14 inch headstock movement there is no doubt this is one of the best milling machines in 2019.

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Grizzly G8689 Mini


A very popular milling machine which you can invest your money in is the Grizzly G8969 which because of its success is seen as one of the best milling machines in 2019 by handymen all across the US. You will have the chance to use its variable speed control which will allow you to be very versatile when it comes to your work. Also you can tilt its head 45 degrees left or right for even more flexibility. To keep you safe it also comes with a safety shut off switch.

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Grizzly G1005Z Mill/Drill


The Grizzly G1005Z milling machine is very user friendly and will give you many opportunities when trying to cut a work piece down to size, shape it as you would like or drill through it a certain sized hole. Because its head can swivel 360 degrees you will manage to perform various complicated tasks with it. For power it uses a 1 HP motor which is capable of running at different speeds making the best milling machines reviews recommend it.

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Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill MF 70


The Proxxon 37110 micro mill machine is reasonably priced while most other similar machines are at least 2-3 hundred dollars more expensive. Even though it has a compact size it still packs a mean punch having a 1/8 inch motor which can run at speeds from 5000 to 20000 RPMs. Only top quality materials go into its construction like cast iron for its base and with the compound table and vertical column being made out of aluminum. The top milling machines reviews see it as a solid investment which has a lot of benefits for you.

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Shop Fox M1036 Micro


This micro milling machine from Shop Fox will prove to be a very good choice for a real do-it-yourself American which has some very good capabilities and an affordable price tag too. You will be able to drill with it up to ¼ inches in depth and you will be able to cut different materials down to size and turn them into the right piece for the task you are working on. Don’t underestimate the power of the 0.2 HP motor which can be pretty resilient.

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